Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • @dmcmaster you could use a spoiler tag, that's like one of the best moments in the game

  • I need to watch a video on Dante, because he just isn't clicking with me like Nero did, and now I've hit a humongous brick wall. That or just restart the game with that fight in mind and be really stingey with my gold orbs.

  • I just beat the game. I played on easy mode, which was probably a mistake. One thing that became rather frustrating for me was how often the game would pause the action for a cutscene, both story cutscenes and the level-preview type cutscenes. This became rather draining pretty quickly. I really enjoyed the combat and kept wanting to get back into the action. After beating the game, I am now playing on Son of Sparda mode, which already seems like a big improvement as battles seem to last longer and there are more enemy types in the battles.

    For those who have played through the game on both easy and normal: how great is the difference between these modes?

  • Played Normal and now about halfway thru a SoS play thru.
    I'd say it's a pretty nice jump up, especially since there are some situations where your tackling enemies you didn't normally encounter with certain characters. The high speed teleporting demon springing to mind as I only recall encountering it in Dante's mission's in normal. I also think I've seen some enemies use a few new attacks, that or I just didn't trigger them in normal.
    Also enemy health is upped a bit along with the number of enemies per encounter.

  • Also fun fact if you taunt [Redacted] he taunts back

  • This is the EX Taunt
    Youtube Video

  • I have another question regarding how people are playing Nero:

    When Nero, how often is everyone using the "Exceed" power? Do you use it constantly in a battle? Sometimes it feels like I just constantly press the exceed button along with pressing the sword attack button. I haven't been able to get the timing down correctly I guess.

  • @holographics I use it often. My timing isn't always perfect, but I can pull it off about 75% of the time. I do know it's easier to pull off compared to 4 (the special edition made it slightly easier). I highly recommend using void mode to practice your timing. It's still helping me.

  • @brawlman
    Yeah the timing is way easier now, and for the better I think. Also you can even do small revs in the middle of swings now and "run & rev" now. Making the Exceed abilities easier to pull off which then means you can incorporate them more frequently into combat

  • Just finished it yesterday. Man is it a great game. Arsenal is so wide and combat is just amazing with a lot of depth. Since I had 100k of red orbs at beginning thanks to deluxe version, I just upgraded Exceed to full with Max-Act. It is really easy to pull off compared to DMC4. I should've tried some moves in the void because I had trouble executing some because I couldn't find the right timing.
    I could easily see Jones having not too much trouble beating it if he's playing it.
    @DMCMaster because of the hair right? had the same vibes

  • If it is like 4, you should be using Exceed almost constantly.

  • Apparently in the PC version [Redacted] has a fully playable move set

  • @dmcmaster who?

  • @Bigdude1
    You damn well know who

  • @dmcmaster o u talking Final boss?

  • @bigdude1 yep

  • I beat Dante Must Die Mode two nights ago. [Ultra Mega Redacted] is a pain in the bitch to fight. I had to use a red orb continue on M19 and 2 gold orbs on M20. I'll try for a better score later.

  • My copy just arrived today, anything I should know before jumping in? I'm kinda nervous since I haven't played an action game like this for a while. Closest was God of War, but I imagine it's a different beast.

  • @bam541 Start with Devil Hunter. It's pretty easy and Human I would imagine would give no challenge whatsoever not to mention less orbs. Currently playing Son of Sparda and the difficulity is very nice on it. Get used to the moves you learned first before starting to chaining them too much. Get at least Combo B or C and other stuffs you think fits your playstyle. It's good to stock red orbs for later use. Learn to time pushing L2/Left Trigger on each melee hit to build exceed or push it on to charge it(don't mash but hold about half second, release and repeat).

  • @bam541 Use void mode and try moves before buying them. That way you get used to them.