Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • @brawlman I'm honestly blown away by that neat detail, it would be so cool if they actually made a new Capcom logo screen with that synth rendition.

  • I’m just gonna throw my hat in the ring with this God of War talk.

    I’m 50-50 on it. It was a great game no doubt but my complaints are less about it’s storytelling and a lot more about the XP progression system. Despite how video gamey they red orbs were in the original trilogy, I felt like a badass monster out the gate in 1-3 whereas GOW 2018 only picked up for me when you unlock “both weapons” and you are very upgraded. It gets speedier and more aggressive at that point. I also didn’t like the looooong sections like the Ferry world.

    With all that said, and relating it back to PlayStation 5, God of War 2018 is all setup to be frank. The end hints at shit getting CRAZY CRAZY in the next game. Not that they couldn’t have gone bigger with GOW on PS4, but between new hardware and narrative, GOW II on PS5 will obviously be on a huge scale. I’m willing to put money on that.

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  • Just bought it, it's on sale on the EU PS Store.

    I might not get to it immediately, still gotta finish FF VII, but probably next week.

    It'll be my first DMC game so I'm curious how I'll like it.

  • Incase no one saw it there's a new DLC arm for Nero that's free.

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    Monkey Business

  • Started playing it last night, it's my first Devil May Cry so the video recapping the story so far was very appreciated!

    I played through the first couple chapters and I feel like I'm struggling with the controls, I can't reliably pull off the moves I want, but I'm still pushing through and getting decent marks. That's something I never liked in Bayonetta, completing a level and being slapped with a big "D" takes away the feeling of achievement, like I didn't really win. But I'll get over it. Having the Void to practice is a very cool feature and I'll make use of it to improve.

    The story and banter is enjoyable, although I find the voice of Nico very odd, like her accent is forced and inconsistent, also much deeper than her appearance would suggest. is it just me?

    But I can tell it's gonna be a fun ride. The first boss fight was great (although I'm not sure I was fighting him the "right" way), and I'm intrigued with where the story's gonna go!

  • @axel You'll get better with practice. The flaw with how you gain style points is worse compared to past games. Style points are based on a cumulative score scale for whatever reason. Also, certain enemies are worth more style points than the others. For example if you got a consistent SSS in one section, but only got to an A, it will hurt your overall average. Why they decided to do it this way is beyond me and really stupid. Some fights with regular enemies, if possible, you are better off skipping or avoiding altogether to maintain your high average.

  • Other than the spectacular presentation I was kind of disappointed with this game. Good just not great.