Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • Here is some extra gameplay with an interview from Itsuno himself.

    Youtube Video

  • I wonder how they are going to do style ranking. Go back to dmc4's score system. For those that don't know the scoring for that game was combo points, time, and orbs collected. The reboot did the same thing minus the orbs, and your score is based on how many Collectibles you got before the end of the stage. If you got all them all Souls that it was an automatic S rank for that criteria.

    I think the style meter is going to look like this:


  • One last video for now. This is more of an analysis, but this one is very detailed and thorough. The guy caught plenty of stuff I missed.

    Youtube Video

  • Here is something a little extra. Someone got a screenshot of the controller layout. Cant' wait for Tuesday at GamesCom. Too bad, I'll be at work.

    DMC5 Controls

  • One thing I didn't like about Bayonetta was Y/TRIANGLE was attack. It feels so much better when it is X/SQUARE.

  • @dipset Well good news, odds are the controls are customizable. They have been for the series since DMC3. That is something, among other things, the series has over Bayonetta.

  • Hmm I know its a demo but I feel like L1 will be devil trigger (as it has been) with L2/R2 being other things like Nero's time stop move. Do wonder if they will make sprinting you click the thumbstick for now, along with adding quick item use to the Dpad (For Nero anyway)

  • @dmcmaster I have a funny feeling Nero won't get his devil trigger until halfway in to his campaign. Remember, his arm got sliced off. L1 will be probably be similar to Lady's explosive gauge in DMC4: SE.

    Sprinting should be automatic like they did for 4's updated version. I highly doubt they'll do that stupid upgrade where you can get more orbs faster again. They should do what DmC and Bayonetta did, and have your combat currency atomically come towards the player.

  • swear I saw a few enemy's from 1 and 3 (well one I know is from DMC1)
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Scissors ghost is mai waifu.

  • @dmcmaster Called it too. I got some longer gameplay footage.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Both videos are so far the best showcases of gameplay of someone being good or decent at the game. I didn't bother with the Gamespot one, because whoever was playing; were acting like it's DMC2 at the last 2 or 3 minutes.

    A couple of things I called (spoilers for those that liked to be surprised):

    * Slow-mo kill at the end of a fight just like DmC or Bayonetta freeze frame.

    * An announcer for the style ratings.

    * Level layout is a compromise of past DMC games and DmC.

    * A return of the classic menu sound effects.

    @El-Shmiablo Ha, ha! Ghost stiffy!

  • @el-shmiablo
    That reminds me of a crappy romantic comedy that I think stared Deadpool as Ryan Reynolds

  • One last video for now. It shows off some of Nero's buster moves.

    Youtube Video

  • One more time, baby! Some more footage of the same stuff, but someone actually pulling off SS and SSS combos. Though for some reason, the game gives him all A rankings, despite not using auto-mode (I neglected to mention this on the IGN video) or barely taking any damage. Taunts are also back!

    Player's first time

    Youtube Video

    Boss fight

    Youtube Video

    Taunt Heavy Gameplay

    Youtube Video

  • just found a 4chan "leak" about DMC5 dated a few weeks ago that so far seems pretty damn accurate.
    Although most interesting is that DMC1-4 getting a singular collection (which would be nice to have a physical copy of DMC4SE without having to import coming to everything including Switch, and oh Dante joining Smash and Bayonetta 3 (as a extra boss apparently)

  • With dmc5 coming,i just realized that it means more than just gettin a new dmc ...

    We might get some new devil may cry: the stupid files too !! :D

  • 0_1535106712982_1535034053944.png

  • @el-shmiablo Oh games journalists, short sighted and full of yourselves as always. The funny thing is DmC (2013) had the dynamic music as you got a better combo rating. The music would get louder at Anarchic, and lyrics (provided if the track had them) would kick in at Savage or higher. These critics were praising the reboot for doing that, while complaining about what DMC5 is doing. Wow, they're really stupid and hypocritical.

  • @brawlman Isn't it a bit absurd to lump all "games journalists" together as if they're one uniform hive mind? By that token, do you consider EZA to be short sighted, stupid and hypocritical? I would imagine not.

    And I also imagine that the journalists who praised this feature in DmC are not the exact same people who now criticize it, but that would go against your narrative of "LOL games journalists amirite", wouldn't it?