Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

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    Boy this sure is a nice page descriptions of the new Devil May CrWAIT A MINUTE


    U WOT M8



  • @el-shmiablo Yes! They're bringing back that minor Co-op feature from DMC 3. Only this time, it won't be so minor.

  • Hmm online in DMC Could be interesting. although I have a feeling it's limited to Bloody Palace

  • @dmcmaster If it has full campaign co-op, this is automatically my GOTY.

  • @el-shmiablo
    Like I said probably Bloody Palace or maybe something like RE6 where certain chapters have coop segments?
    Anyway Capcom looks to be off to a damn good start next year.

  • @sacred-arfaid Why do you say that? If it's about Trish or Lady, I prefer there new designs here, over 4's; which I was okay with. The main problem with there last designs was that Capcom was trying hard to appeal to the Dead Or Alive/ Ninja Gaiden audience. Trish got an increased boob size, and Lady was wearing an outfit that did not fit her character. While Lady's costume is still over-the-top, it's nowhere near the level of her outfit in 4. Her costume in 3 is still top-tier. Trish is actually back to her practical chest size in 1.

    As for Dante and Nero's "trashy/dirty" fashion; it's Capcom trying to slightly appeal to the DmC (2013) crowd. Their new costume are still better and look cleaner than Reboot!Dante. I do admit that Dante's new costume is rather plain looking compared to his past outfits. It's like he wasn't planning on doing much, and the worldwide demon attacks happens, so Dante throws on whatever he has in the closet. Given the scenes in the trailer, that might be the case.

  • The general style of this game puts me off. I guess it's more western/realistic. Whatever it is, I'm not fond of the facial feature and hair of the characters.

  • For a moment there,watching the trailer,i thought they changed the color of the eyes and removed her scar. It's still the same, but damn its barely noticeable.

    alt text

    I know the old box leak said, 3 playable characters,but i wanna play as lady too ._.

  • In the last year or so i grow a small hate towards some games that force's you to play the game with another NPC,i call it "the naughty dog effect",hope this game doesn't have that.

  • @a7x458 To be fair, the Devil May Cry series already done something similar in 3. Vergil would team up with Dante when fighting Arkham, and if a second controller is plugged into the PS2 that player could play as Vergil. And then at the end of the credits for 3, Lady would fight with you.

    Bayonetta 1 had a brief moment of this in the beginning and near the end of the chapters. Bayonetta 2 did a similar thing, but it was slightly annoying with Loki (still better than the missions where you had to protect Cereza). There is a chapter where you fight with Rodin in hell, which is awesome, because you get to see how powerful he is. He kills a majority of the demons in one or two hits. You fight one of the mini-bosses with Jeanne at the prologue chapter.

    There is also when you're in the past fighting with Bayonetta's mother, Rosa, too.

    Overall these type of games seem to do it fine and DMC5 won't be an exception. These sections will most likely be brief anyway just to change up the pace. At most, probably 5 to 8 minutes.

  • 13 minutes of Dante gameplay. [re-uploaded]

    Youtube Video

  • I had to do a double check, but that is Nelo Angelo armor as a basic enemy right?

  • @dmcmaster Yep, the Nelo clones are a weak knock-off. Slow, tanks damage, and hits hard. They look to be an elite mook or mini boss of sorts in the style of DMC1.

  • @brawlman Vid got taken down?

  • @mbun Goddammit. It's probably because the video wasn't rendered that well. Hopefully, it will be re-uploaded tomorrow.

  • Youtube Video

    Gamespot - 20 minute video.

    This one is a different video, but in Japanese.

    Youtube Video

  • The outrage over the microtransactions for this game is fucking riduclous.
    Like goddamn son just don't buy them. They did the EXACT same thing for 4SE and nobody batted an eye. Hell, I bought that shit because I'd already played 4 to death on PS3 and just wanted to style on bitches without having to grind it all out again.

  • @el-shmiablo I will only care if I play DMC5 and find it agressively grindy, as if they made it worse to force people to spend money.

  • @inustar I believe they said it was going to be extremely similar to DMC 4SE, which as someone who completed it earlier this year, can easily say it wasn't intrusive at all. You can easily make it through the game and obtain most skills without having to spend an extra cent - so if their communication is accurate, it'll be the same here.

  • @sabotagethetruth More or less this. I don't like it either, but I saw it coming. Capcom did DLC for the reboot with costumes and weapon skins. I am getting the deluxe edition, but only for the Mega Man cannon. I like the cover too.

    From what dualshockers said, there should not be too much worry.

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