Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • Demo is up on the xbox one

  • @sleepychino69 I know, sucks. I don't have a XBO.

    Also, here is V's theme.

    Youtube Video

    It's not bad, but something I wouldn't pop in the car that often.

  • Eh,its a nero demo.a few street fights ending with berial 2.0..and sadly cant upgrade anything,cuz its a demo.

    Walking around feels off,but the rest is pretty much like dmc4,so its still fun! :D

  • Here are some last videos for the moment. After this, I'll be going dark for a while on video content as not to spoil myself. That means avoiding youtube as well.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

  • Only one week left...I'm hyped!

    I must have played through the demo about 8 times now. I've only really played the first and second DMC games, but I am excited to get back into this series.

  • I'm so excite, but my broke ass is going to have to hold out on this one for a while. Oh well. I'll live vicariously through Combo Mad compilations.

  • Launch Trailer with a spoiler, one that we've all known since the first trailer
    Youtube Video

  • @dmcmaster Does it count as a spoiler if you have seen the very first trailer?

  • @el-shmiablo No worries dude. Everyone has life and responsibilities. The reason I could afford a copy was because I paid off my pre-order mostly in the late summer and early fall. I ordered the Deluxe Edition. Sucks that you have shell out an extra $10.00 for content that should be in the game to begin with. It's a minor gripe, but I hope Capcom does not get crazy with it like last generation.

  • @brawlman
    Maybe depends on how knowledgeable of DMC someone is I guess.

  • @brawlman babbys just eat all of the monies. :(
    To be honest though, I'm kinda glad I can't afford new games. It is forcing me to go through my backlog and complete some shit I never go around to finishing.

  • Youtube Video

    I've been on the fence about this game mostly because I never played any of the previous ones, but I think this review sold me on it!

    I'd really like to commend Ben on his writing, this was a very thorough, clear and articulate review. Great editing too (Ian?) Overall I think this is one of the best reviews EZA has produced, I love how they're all clearly improving at their craft, awesome job guys!

  • Agreed. The review can sell this game to anybody. It still feels like a review instead of a sales pitch but he details everything possible with the combat and explains why it is challenging and interesting. My brother gets 2 free games with his GPU. I'm trying to convince him to get Resident Evil 2 and DMC5 but he might go with The Division 2 instead. I just wanna reap the benefits of free games since March is Sekiro month.

  • Banned

    Sweet, I just got my key! Right on my birthday! Really looking forward to coming home from work in ten hours. I don't normally do this, but I think I'm gonna drag my PC to the living room for this. I set up my PS4 controller with a Bluetooth dongle a few days ago in preparation.

  • @ezekiel Happy birthday. Enjoy your time with it. Won't get my copy until next week but I'm in no rush since vacation is coming soon

  • @ezekiel Happy Brithday, man! I get my copy tonight a 9 Eastern time.

  • Banned

    I haven't grinned with pleasure so much at a game in a long time. Love the cheese.

    I also love that you can now shoot while running and the way using the arm while moving forward now launches you into a leaping punch.

    The dodges look so freaking cool.

  • Been watching some combo videos. Love that they took inspiration from the reboot for some of Nero's new moves. Can't wait to play it myself.

  • Banned

    I got up to mission 5 yesterday night. Fairly happy with it so far. I just wish it had slightly fewer cutscenes.

    I wish I didn't have to drag my PC to the living room again today, but playing it on a monitor is nothing like playing it on a TV. Been thinking about building a second PC so that I can use this one in the living room for Japanese controller games. I mostly play Japanese games now anyway, and most are better on controllers. As I said in another thread, Japan is crushing western console devs. It's why I prefer my Switch over my PS4. The God of War reboot, The Last of Us and Horizon don't even come close to what Capcom, FromSoftware and Nintendo are doing.