Devil May Cry 5 (XBO/PS4/PC)

  • @dmcmaster o u talking Final boss?

  • @bigdude1 yep

  • I beat Dante Must Die Mode two nights ago. [Ultra Mega Redacted] is a pain in the bitch to fight. I had to use a red orb continue on M19 and 2 gold orbs on M20. I'll try for a better score later.

  • My copy just arrived today, anything I should know before jumping in? I'm kinda nervous since I haven't played an action game like this for a while. Closest was God of War, but I imagine it's a different beast.

  • @bam541 Start with Devil Hunter. It's pretty easy and Human I would imagine would give no challenge whatsoever not to mention less orbs. Currently playing Son of Sparda and the difficulity is very nice on it. Get used to the moves you learned first before starting to chaining them too much. Get at least Combo B or C and other stuffs you think fits your playstyle. It's good to stock red orbs for later use. Learn to time pushing L2/Left Trigger on each melee hit to build exceed or push it on to charge it(don't mash but hold about half second, release and repeat).

  • @bam541 Use void mode and try moves before buying them. That way you get used to them.

  • My first DMC game. The series never appealed to me and to be honest I had almost zero interest in this game until very close to the release day. I then randomly had an urge to play something different and after seeing excellent reviews decided to pick it up on release day.

    I just finished it (played it on Easy) and it was pretty darn fun. It took me a while to get used to the controls and figure out what worked against certain enemies, so I am glad there was a more accessible mode for a noob like me. A few of the bosses near the end pushed me to use a revive orb mostly because I'm not that patient or committed to mastering their patterns. I could see myself replaying on the harder difficulties now that I am more familiar with how to play the game and putting more effort into precision.

    Even as someone who knows nothing about DMC I thought the story was fairly interesting. I can appreciate how over the top and committed to its style and attitude are even if those particular sentiments don't entirely resonate with my taste. I thought Nico was a superb NPC and she filled so many contextual support roles while presenting an interesting and exuberant personality. The main cast was predictably edgy and melodramatic but she reminded me it was all just crazy fun.

    One complaint that I have is that after a while I got kinda tired of running around a bloody scab tree thing or whatever it is. After a while the level design just seemed a bit irrelevant and felt like meaningless hallways in between monster arenas. It makes sense given the situations and timeline of events but it kinda lessened my desire to play for very long per session.

  • @thepressuredrop I agree playing it in chunks. Surroundings aren't that much of important in any of the games since the combat is and always have been the main focus. The things you learn to do especially on harder difficulity where enemies at least do something and fighting against a bunch of them at the same time is where it shines. And when you have unlocked more skills it definitely goes really crazy on chaining those moves. Can't really fault them on environments because it stays consistent unlike DMC4 where areas changing isn't natural for them.

  • @thepressuredrop Congrats to you! Best of luck to you on the harder difficulties. I advise you to learn Royal Guard (one of Dante's 4 styles) while on Normal mode or using void. It makes certain bosses easier to dealt with once you get rhythm and timing down. Also, if you're interested in the HD collection, I recommend you start with DMC3 first, then 1, and 4. Skip 2.

  • @brawlman
    Hell any difficulty will be easier with Royal Guard, just fought Cavalier Angelo on SoS and think he only landed 1 hit on me the entire fight.

  • So dataminer have found something called "Ladies Night " in the code, with multiple references to Lady, Trish, and Lucia (?), and I've got a strong feeling [Redacted] will be some kind of unlock for Bloody Palace.

  • Cavalier Angelo was really fun playing with RG. Had trouble time it right since that was the 1st time I used it so I screwed up a lot in that fight

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    I should write up a bit on this as I finished it before flying out to the meetup.

    The quick thing I'll say is I had a blast playing the game, loved how wacky it was and even dug some of the story beats even if it is mostly nonsense. Dante and Nero are an absolute blast to play while I wasn't huge on V personally as I just found it felt extremely button mashy.

    Plan is to come back at some stage and play on Son of Sparda as the highest difficulty was just too easy I felt.

  • Bloody Palace is out now!

  • Finally got around to actually starting the game, just finished mission 3. It's pretty great so far! I didn't realize how much I missed this series, there's a unique feel to the DMC games that is very much present here. I might be able to blast through this game in the next couple days, so I'm all set for the weekend.

  • Whew, finally finished the game. The middle part felt a bit dragged out for me, but man the last few levels made up for it. Great ending! Enjoyed the story overall, it never slowed the gameplay for me which is crucial in these kind of games. The character interactions are great, especially anything involving Dante.

    I'm really impressed by how fun each character are gameplay-wise. Dante has got to be my favorite character to play here (switching around styles and weapons on the fly is just too fun), although Nero's relatively simple choice of sword, revolver, and mechanical arm speaks to me the most. I wish you can switch around the devil breakers freely, that would make it way more fun for me. I never really got the hang of his exceed mechanic (wish I'm good enough for that). Trying to equally divide my concentration to three things when playing with V is a exciting change of pace. You can button-mash more with him though, which is still fun but takes the excitement out a bit.

    This is not just the comeback that the series needed, but also the one that might give the older games a run for it's money. Bravo, Capcom.

    Also, I need to say that I love the synth music part that opens as Nero's arm is shown every time the title screen starts, and the little neat detail of how the glass is broken at the end of each level changes depending on which character you're playing.

  • @bam541
    Glad you enjoyed! This is a comeback for DMC and Capcom as a whole. All they need to do now is not fuck up Street Fighter 6, and bring back some of the other IPs that hadn't used since the 90s/early 2000s.

    The synth music you hear is actually the classic Capcom jingle from the 16-bit era.

    Here's the link:

  • @brawlman I'm honestly blown away by that neat detail, it would be so cool if they actually made a new Capcom logo screen with that synth rendition.

  • I’m just gonna throw my hat in the ring with this God of War talk.

    I’m 50-50 on it. It was a great game no doubt but my complaints are less about it’s storytelling and a lot more about the XP progression system. Despite how video gamey they red orbs were in the original trilogy, I felt like a badass monster out the gate in 1-3 whereas GOW 2018 only picked up for me when you unlock “both weapons” and you are very upgraded. It gets speedier and more aggressive at that point. I also didn’t like the looooong sections like the Ferry world.

    With all that said, and relating it back to PlayStation 5, God of War 2018 is all setup to be frank. The end hints at shit getting CRAZY CRAZY in the next game. Not that they couldn’t have gone bigger with GOW on PS4, but between new hardware and narrative, GOW II on PS5 will obviously be on a huge scale. I’m willing to put money on that.

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