Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4/XBO/PC)

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    @axel I can't understand why a console that has no out of the box option for a wired connection is making such a hard push for streaming games.

    Also, while watching some vids on the tubes I saw an advertisement for this game and was actually kind if confused because it looked almost exactly like Destiny with some sort of ancient Greek overlay.
    I know this game is trying to diversify by trying new stufg, but I just thought it was hilarious how similar it looked to the Deesties. That item menu with the scrolling cursor nearly made me bust a gut.

  • Reviews are pouring in and things are looking mighty. Damn, this'll be an awesome game! I already loved Origins so much.

    The thing is, this will be such a huuuge game, demanding so many hours, and knowing myself being a completionist, there's no way I'll manage to finish this in three weeks before RDR2. And Red Dead is a must, Day 1 purchase. And I'd hate to leave another game hanging for the other, especially since they're both big sandboxes. So this means that Odyssey will have to be my Black Friday or Christmas game. That hurts as a decision, but it is what it is.

  • Did a complete 180 on this game once I started to hear to voice acting. I can't handle 2 hours of this let alone 60+ hours. Those accents are just so horrible to listen to and I've watched a few scenes play out in gameplay demos and I just can't handle the writing with that acting. It isn't 2007 anymore. I forgave Assassin's Creed then, but in a world where The Witcher 3 exists, the acting needs to step up.

  • I decided to give it a shot, I'm about 3 hours in and so far I'm pretty charmed!

    I like the writing and acting, the dialog options really make the game feel like a proper RPG compared to Origins. It's a full-on Witcher 3 competitor at this point. The few side-quests I've done were pretty cool and offered interesting choices, it's just a shame I already knew most of them from previews or reviews, so I'll have to wait for brand new ones to see how impactful they can be.

    The world is gorgeous and I appreciate the "Explorer mode" which removes quest markers in some situations, forcing you to rely on descriptions and directions from NPCs to find your next destination. Very Breath of the Wild!

    I can't say much about the main story yet, feels like I'm running errands waiting for the main plot to find me, unlike Bayek who had a clear drive from the very beginning. But I have no doubt once the story fully kicks in, it'll be great!

    I wasn't planning to play this game so it's gonna mess up my Fall schedule!

  • I don't know man, I've known Greek people my whole life and they don't sound like that.

    I am half Italian and I forgave the accents in AC2 (which were also horrible), but they were kinda goofy and I could laugh at it. So far this has been hurting my ears. Maybe they have Greek voice acting with English subs but I doubt it. Still looks fun though.

  • My game freezed twice on me in less than a day, I'm on PS4 pro and the first time i got a crash report, the second time it's just freezed so i had to close the game!!

  • Only had one glitch so far, sparta kicked a guy, his torso went flying, but his legs still stayed next to me with a weird noodle texture thing trying to connect both halves, during which the frame rate dropped to like 2-3 frames every 4-5 seconds.

    Beyond that I've been enjoying it alot

  • If you didn't reach Korinth in the main story this maybe a spoiler

    I hope that phoibe(the little girl) is cult of cosmos leader just for the twist.

  • Went to a local electronics store first thing this morning and bought the game for 27,95 €. Felt like a really good sale for a game that was released a month and a half ago. This was exactly what I had hoped for.

    I've finished RDR2's story and roamed around the map a lot, and I've got basically the collectables and the animals left there, so this feels like a good time to pause it for another odyssey.

  • @Sentinel-Beach And I'm very close to finishing the game, so I'll be curious to hear your opinion! Don't know how it will feel after playing RDR2, but if you liked Origins, you should really enjoy that one, it improved on pretty much every aspect.

    Get ready for a looooong odyssey though, I'm at 70 hours and far from 100% completion.

  • @axel I did enjoy Origins very much, it's actually my GOTY '17 (instead of HZD, like I've stated).

    A couple of hours in, and man this feels fast after Red Dead! :D Just simply walking and running and riding on your horse. Totally different vibes, almost floaty after RDR2's heavy steps. Takes a moment to adjust to this again, but it's happening.

    I picked Kassandra, no question. Feels good to be in an Ubi world again, as I kind of know what I'm in for. And yeah, I've heard that 100 hours can easily be expected to platinum the game, even longer. I'm fine with that, this'll be my long project now, heading into 2019 even.

  • Kassandra's first bedmate ended up being an older madam with a lustful spirit, and after the session her husband even paid me. Did not see this happening.

  • The cult system opened up for me now. My jaw dropped when I saw that chart with all the masks and faces. Incredibly cool! It'll take ages to cross them all off, but what an epic challenge that'll be.

    Kassandra's story itself is starting to have epic feelings to it as well, even though it's only beginning now after 12 hrs. And dear Lord the map is huge! It's ridiculously enormous. I'm like laughing and crying a bit at the same time thinking about it. :D Holy hell, so much land and seas to cover. This honestly now feels overwhelming for the first time when I'm about to leave further away now, but still in a good way, you know? What a journey ahead.

  • @sentinel-beach I'm also currently playing this game. My main story is about the same place as yours, but I'm already close to 50 hours mark. Travelling around the world is extremely fun and have so many sights to be seen. Best of all, if you accept a side quest to clear a bandit camp (or something similar) and you already did it, then you don't need to do it again (and Kassandra even says that she did that already). So it never feels like a task list - it's a world you living in.

  • took the bullet and bought the game

  • Youtube Video

    Good game, but there were some issues that I couldn't get over. This video describes a lot of what I had issues with (from a historical standpoint). Also beware that there are spoilers.

  • I just got to lvl 30. I've been playing now, it seems, for 32 hours. Mainly I've just followed the main story and its path(s), but of course in new regions I've investigated the areas and done lots of side quests as well. Anyway, the latest trophy stated that I finished episode 6. I continued a bit into the next one, because

    mother! What a great moment, this reunion. I really liked it after all that searching. Two awesome women together now. I mean Myrrine had an impact on me straight away: she's a powerful leader, very charismatic, and actually very beautiful, too. An outstanding moment in the story, this one. I feel more confident to continue now, just like Kassandra herself.

  • I've reached level 50 yesterday. No grinding, just exploring the world. Still have several regions to visit and I'm still right after chapter 3 for the main story. I wish Ubisoft haven't raised level cap to 70, because I have a lot of epic outfits, but upgrading them to current level each time seems too resource taxing (I still need a lot of wood to fully upgrade my ship as for a long time I was selling old weapons instead of dismantling them).

  • @ffff0 What I did was upgrade them every 5 or so levels, not every single time I leveled up, otherwise it's impossible to keep up with the resources. Make sure you upgrade your weapon as a priority, your damage is more important than defense usually. And actually they patched the cost of upgrades, it used to be a lot higher, I was struggling a lot before the patch, now it feels quite balanced.

    I finished the game a week ago at level 53 with 79 hours played, still have quite a few side quests and regions to explore but I was feeling burnt out, I'll get back to it when the DLCs drop. The game is too big for its own good in my opinion.