Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • I just got to lvl 30. I've been playing now, it seems, for 32 hours. Mainly I've just followed the main story and its path(s), but of course in new regions I've investigated the areas and done lots of side quests as well. Anyway, the latest trophy stated that I finished episode 6. I continued a bit into the next one, because

    mother! What a great moment, this reunion. I really liked it after all that searching. Two awesome women together now. I mean Myrrine had an impact on me straight away: she's a powerful leader, very charismatic, and actually very beautiful, too. An outstanding moment in the story, this one. I feel more confident to continue now, just like Kassandra herself.

  • I've reached level 50 yesterday. No grinding, just exploring the world. Still have several regions to visit and I'm still right after chapter 3 for the main story. I wish Ubisoft haven't raised level cap to 70, because I have a lot of epic outfits, but upgrading them to current level each time seems too resource taxing (I still need a lot of wood to fully upgrade my ship as for a long time I was selling old weapons instead of dismantling them).

  • @ffff0 What I did was upgrade them every 5 or so levels, not every single time I leveled up, otherwise it's impossible to keep up with the resources. Make sure you upgrade your weapon as a priority, your damage is more important than defense usually. And actually they patched the cost of upgrades, it used to be a lot higher, I was struggling a lot before the patch, now it feels quite balanced.

    I finished the game a week ago at level 53 with 79 hours played, still have quite a few side quests and regions to explore but I was feeling burnt out, I'll get back to it when the DLCs drop. The game is too big for its own good in my opinion.

  • I changed my crew into all women. The first time they then started to sing sea shanties O_O Like an angel choir! Holy seaweed I like this right now so much.

  • @sentinel-beach Haha did the same, I used the Female Assassins group the entire game, first time I enjoy listening to shanties, they have some seriously catchy songs, love the Ares one!

  • I've finally visited all regions and completed everything I could, besides main quest (still in the middle of chapter 4). 83 hours, level 56, best mercenary, full upgrades to the ship, full epic gear.

    One fantastic thing that I've noticed. When I've started the game, the world felt enormous and dangerous: I was running away even from wolves. Then, as I explored, I was getting a better understanding of the place and slowly gaining courage and skills to deal with progressively bigger threat. By the end I felt that this world is mine and I can easily deal even with several hostile mercenaries simultaneously. I feel that this growth as a player perfectly match the growth for Kassandra as a character - even outside of the main story she changed from just a girl from remote island to a legend that even greatest generals don't want to have as an enemy.

  • Had a fun bug a couple of days ago:

  • I finished the main story. 53 hours are behind, Kassandra's on lvl 43. A really good game, but damn, this is so massive. I've honestly propably only done about half of everything. I expect to double my hours still with the Cult (killed half of them), all the side quests and just generally exploring the archipelago. I pretty much only followed the main path so there are many, many islands still completely untouched by me, especially in NE and SE. So many story lines and people still remain to be revealed.

  • Isn't the first DLC out?

  • Last night I’ve completed a questline that starts and ends in Volcanic Islands region. One of the best payoffs I’ve ever seen in an RPG.

  • @ffff0 How do you go about initiating that questline? I have played quite a bit, am at lvl 47 and have done a lot of side missions, but I'm fairly sure I don't know what you're referring to. Do you remember where you spoke to the initial quest giver?

  • @shilentshniper It starts as an optional path in chapter 7. Central character of that chapter suggest you to go and meet someone and that gives you the starting quest for that questline.

  • @ffff0 OOOOhhhhhhh.... Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to something smaller that I had missed. I am right in the middle of that particular questline, and am enjoying it immensely so far. I didn't realize that is considered a "side quest".

  • @shilentshniper Technically speaking, it's not marked as an Odyssey quest, so it's a side quest. But yeah, it's bigger than your typical fetch side quest.

  • After 109 hours I've finished the main game. I've played all mainline Assassin's Creed games and liked Origins, but still the quality of Odyssey was a total surprise for me. One of the best games of the year for me. I will definitely buying a season pass once all episodes will be released.

  • I love this game. The story has actually kept me interested long enough to keep playing, something that never has happened with the other AC games I tried. A lot of that credit also goes to Kassandra who I adore. I want to shepherd hee through her journey. The ambiguity of whether gods are real, so far, has been interesting too.

    Despite the love though, I gotta say... horses are hideous in this game. RDR2 has ruined me for horses in other games.... I just laugh every time I see Kassandra riding a horse

  • @ffff0 Just finished the volcanic islands questline... It was so goooood! You weren't kidding. What a payoff! Every part of that questline, from start to finish, was top notch. At this point I think I can safely say I like Odyssey even better than Black Flag, which is one of my favorites. Well done Ubisoft.

  • So i have a question about Layla, the girl that uses the animus, i didn't like her character in origins and in this game, i feel she and her group of friends are just there to tie in with a comic/movie or a series i don't know about.

  • Alright, that's a wrap. My Odyssey lasted for 96 hours, Kassandra reached lvl 60, and I finished all the three major paths of the game, did a bit more, too, and got the platinum trophy. This was a good game. And an even excellent AC game, I'd say. The massive size of the world was pretty much the only thing that felt unnecessary every now and then, but then again the biggest plus signs were Kassandra herself and the rpg elements that the series had took along for this journey. Really liked those decisions, big and small, you got to make and Kassandra's delivery on them.

    Tough call to think about if this or Origins is better. I liked Egypt better as the milieu, but what does one appreciate more in a game depends on many things. More time is needed now to let Odyssey sink in better.

    Oh and I really liked the Cultist system, that whole hierarchy tree. Such a big number of them around the world, but still not too massive amount. Really appreciated how some of them turned up from both story missions and some from side quests. And some were just living their lives in the Greek world, waiting for the ticket to Hades I'd deliver.