Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • @sentinel-beach Season Pass pricing is ridiculous in another way (current Xbox sale prices):
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold Edition (Game+Season Pass) - $33
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass - $40

  • Finished Legacy of the First Blade, all three episodes of it. This was good, pretty much what I expected. An interesting new direction to Kassandra, who, by the way, is just such an excellent character. I really, really like her, and now I got to see a totally new side of her. Each episode took around five hours to complete when I did all the side quests as well and earned the trophies, too.

    I also played the free additional quest The Heir of Memories that functions as a prologue for the Atlantis DLC. Really cool stuff in this one already. Continues the things witnessed at the end of the main story, and the scope seems to deal with the actual major plot of the whole game series. Looking forward to start that journey, propably in a few days.

  • Played the first two hours of The Fate of Atlantis DLC's first episode. If you played "The Curse of the Pharaohs" DLC in AC Origins then you'll pretty much know exactly how this thing will look and feel like: a beautiful separate map of a mythical afterlife area with the cool sense of freedom, kind of. I mean the main game seems so distant in this place. Everything's a little lighter. At least in Elysium, in this first episode. I enjoy this a lot, feels good just to play this. I'll surely search every place here, as the map's a manageable size.

  • What a cliffhanger for Episode 1 of Atlantis! That's absurd how that ended. Pffffffff. Still, some really solid material here. Lots of different perspectives and choises, which surprised me the most. Kind of a really cool story, actually. And people felt pretty fleshed-out, which was nice. Persephone especially got some shades along the way.

  • The second episode of the Atlantis DLC - Torment of Hades - arrives on June 4th, nice.

  • Played for an hour in Hades's world now. The scenery has totally changed from that of Elysium's, as now this brown-reddish, well, Hell reminds me of Doom and God of War and their most desolate areas. The structure of the DLC seems good as there are three or four bigger quests with multiple steps to fulfill given early on to Kassandra and these will be dealt with little by little. There are also side quests on the map, and the very first one I approached reminded me that we are indeed in the world of dead now, meaning faces from the past (main game)...

  • Finished "Torment of Hades", I thought it was ok. A neat amount of familiar faces from the main game's odyssey, both in bigger roles and some almost as cameos. I liked the structure of the DLC, the way there was always something nearby, another quest or a new place or a certain person to face. It made it easy to hop from one thing to another. Maybe a few too many long caves in this one, and sure, some more colour became kinda needed after a certain while playing in the underworld. Charon was a cool guy.

    The third and the last part of this Atlantis trio might have something to do with

    Poseidon, I feel, as he appeared there now a few times. I'd reckon he'll have a bigger role still to come, why else create precisely him for the game.

  • Story Creator Mode announced, and the wonderful Discovery Tour arrives to Greece "this fall". Nice!

  • Discovery Tour has evolved from the one in Origins: now there seems to be guiding characters involved, and better yet, quiz tests about the tour you just took!

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Discovery Tour Teaser
    Youtube Video

  • Nice, less than two weeks to go.

  • Started the final DLC chapter today, and this environment is my favourite of the three. It's as pretty as Elysium, sort of, but in addition it has water as an element all around in a great fashion. Also really lovable dolphin statues all over the place. I feel welcome here. The map is a circle divided into these island portions which also pleases me somehow. It's easy to investigate one and move on to the next, which is what I've been doing now first. There are also a couple of collectable side missions that'll be completed this way early on. Didn't really do more than more missions yet so that side is still unclear, but I reckon this'll be a good one.

  • The end wasn't that satisfying in Atlantis, I feel. It also came somewhat abruptly, I thought there'd still be some more plot development ahead. I mean I liked the premiss of this third part and what it presented as the main scenario, but a few more story missions wouldn't have hurt it at all.

  • History lessons next week! So many tours coming, I reckon.

  • Ubi's September update tells that there'll be 30 different tours. That seems like a good number, I think Origins had the same amount. Now there will be short quizzes after each tour asking you about what you just heard. Really cool! :)

  • Banned

    There was a videogame exhibit at our local science centre last summer and it had the Origins tour set up. It was actually really neat how they use the game as a teaching tool. My students mostly climbed and slid down pyramids though. :/

  • I have been playing this for about 2 months and I think it might have moved pretty far up my 2018 GOTY list. I really enjoy the direction they have taken AC.

  • Oh man, the Discovery Mode is absolutely awesome again! There'll be so many new hours to the game now, all of them educational (even more so than the main game). The first tour was on Akropolis as a sort of tutorial, took about half an hour to finish. Now I know for instance that people worshipped Athene all the way to year 590 which means practically a millennium!

    There are 30 tours like stated before, but wait! There's more! The world is also full of Discovery Sites which offer additional information about many, many more buildings, places, myths, people etc. They are violet ones and the map has SOOOO MANY of them. Discovery Sites are always in text form unlike the tours that have narration. The tours do have, however, also a Learn More option with the same kind of information text. And they all have archeological photos in addition and stuff like that.

    When you complete tours and Discovery Sites you unlock little by little new avatars you can freely use. For example I unlocked Pythagoras after the first tour. You also unlock new horses in same manner (quite special ones, too).

    And as a new thing there's now a first person mode. That was a surpise.

    I really love the peace the Discovery Mode offers to the world. Everything's much calmer and things seem somehow prettier, perhaps because the UI is much more minimal in this mode. You can just relax and walk around and every now and then decide to learn more about, say, ancient Greece's theater.

  • Completely finished the Discovery Tour now. All the tours and all the Discovery Sites around Greece. Took me over a week even with pretty solid hours per day journeying around that world listening, reading and watching all those historical facts and stories and mythological tales etc. Beautifully done again, this whole thing. They took the base from Origins's DT and built more upon it (Sites, quizzes etc.). I particularly liked the tours about famous battles like those of Marathon and Thermopylai (and there was a clear continuation between those two specifically). Fascinating stuff, about both everyday life and legendary figures. Men and gods. A minor downside was that Aspasia wasn't a playable avatar. (Not actually a downside.)

    But yeah. I've done everything the game has to offer now. Almost a year later. I just really love this series.

  • 158 hours and 26 minutes after I've stepped into its world I've finished everything in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It's by far my favorite Assassin's Creed game and one of my favorite RPG I ever played.