Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4/XBO/PC)

  • Last night I’ve completed a questline that starts and ends in Volcanic Islands region. One of the best payoffs I’ve ever seen in an RPG.

  • @ffff0 How do you go about initiating that questline? I have played quite a bit, am at lvl 47 and have done a lot of side missions, but I'm fairly sure I don't know what you're referring to. Do you remember where you spoke to the initial quest giver?

  • @shilentshniper It starts as an optional path in chapter 7. Central character of that chapter suggest you to go and meet someone and that gives you the starting quest for that questline.

  • @ffff0 OOOOhhhhhhh.... Sorry I misunderstood. I thought you were referring to something smaller that I had missed. I am right in the middle of that particular questline, and am enjoying it immensely so far. I didn't realize that is considered a "side quest".

  • @shilentshniper Technically speaking, it's not marked as an Odyssey quest, so it's a side quest. But yeah, it's bigger than your typical fetch side quest.

  • After 109 hours I've finished the main game. I've played all mainline Assassin's Creed games and liked Origins, but still the quality of Odyssey was a total surprise for me. One of the best games of the year for me. I will definitely buying a season pass once all episodes will be released.

  • I love this game. The story has actually kept me interested long enough to keep playing, something that never has happened with the other AC games I tried. A lot of that credit also goes to Kassandra who I adore. I want to shepherd hee through her journey. The ambiguity of whether gods are real, so far, has been interesting too.

    Despite the love though, I gotta say... horses are hideous in this game. RDR2 has ruined me for horses in other games.... I just laugh every time I see Kassandra riding a horse

  • @ffff0 Just finished the volcanic islands questline... It was so goooood! You weren't kidding. What a payoff! Every part of that questline, from start to finish, was top notch. At this point I think I can safely say I like Odyssey even better than Black Flag, which is one of my favorites. Well done Ubisoft.

  • So i have a question about Layla, the girl that uses the animus, i didn't like her character in origins and in this game, i feel she and her group of friends are just there to tie in with a comic/movie or a series i don't know about.

  • Alright, that's a wrap. My Odyssey lasted for 96 hours, Kassandra reached lvl 60, and I finished all the three major paths of the game, did a bit more, too, and got the platinum trophy. This was a good game. And an even excellent AC game, I'd say. The massive size of the world was pretty much the only thing that felt unnecessary every now and then, but then again the biggest plus signs were Kassandra herself and the rpg elements that the series had took along for this journey. Really liked those decisions, big and small, you got to make and Kassandra's delivery on them.

    Tough call to think about if this or Origins is better. I liked Egypt better as the milieu, but what does one appreciate more in a game depends on many things. More time is needed now to let Odyssey sink in better.

    Oh and I really liked the Cultist system, that whole hierarchy tree. Such a big number of them around the world, but still not too massive amount. Really appreciated how some of them turned up from both story missions and some from side quests. And some were just living their lives in the Greek world, waiting for the ticket to Hades I'd deliver.

  • Well I finally finished AC Odyssey! 116 hours, level 52. What a journey that was. I gotta say, despite most opinions out there, I really enjoyed the adventure as Alexios, and having Kassandra in the other role just felt right to me. I can't imagine my Odyssey being any other way. Its hard to remember the last time I played a game for over 100 hours and was totally invested throughout. It was so satisfying to get the ending that I wanted, especially considering I did not follow any guides or make any choices that conflicted with what I naturally would have done. My Odyssey took a natural path to the "best ending". The story was solid and I truly found myself caring about the characters and their struggles.

    It feels good to put this game into the history books. I may pop back in for some DLC or just to complete some side missions, but I think its time to move on for now, and I really couldn't be more satisfied with what I got out of AC Odyssey. Definitely one of my favorite games of the last few years.

  • Now this looks really cool!

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey: The Fate of Atlantis DLC | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]
    Youtube Video

    The last month I've been thinking I need to return to this game and play those free Lost Tales quests that have been added frequently to the game. I think this finally pushes me over the edge, I'm making my return to Kassandra's world.

    First I'll play through the First Blade, though. The 40 € price tag of the Season Pass hasn't really amused me, at least initially, but now that I've thought about it more and seen the contents of it that's actually a fair ask for my 2019 AC portion. (Plus there's also that AC III Remastered for those interested.)

  • @sentinel-beach Season Pass pricing is ridiculous in another way (current Xbox sale prices):
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Gold Edition (Game+Season Pass) - $33
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey Season Pass - $40

  • Finished Legacy of the First Blade, all three episodes of it. This was good, pretty much what I expected. An interesting new direction to Kassandra, who, by the way, is just such an excellent character. I really, really like her, and now I got to see a totally new side of her. Each episode took around five hours to complete when I did all the side quests as well and earned the trophies, too.

    I also played the free additional quest The Heir of Memories that functions as a prologue for the Atlantis DLC. Really cool stuff in this one already. Continues the things witnessed at the end of the main story, and the scope seems to deal with the actual major plot of the whole game series. Looking forward to start that journey, propably in a few days.

  • Played the first two hours of The Fate of Atlantis DLC's first episode. If you played "The Curse of the Pharaohs" DLC in AC Origins then you'll pretty much know exactly how this thing will look and feel like: a beautiful separate map of a mythical afterlife area with the cool sense of freedom, kind of. I mean the main game seems so distant in this place. Everything's a little lighter. At least in Elysium, in this first episode. I enjoy this a lot, feels good just to play this. I'll surely search every place here, as the map's a manageable size.

  • What a cliffhanger for Episode 1 of Atlantis! That's absurd how that ended. Pffffffff. Still, some really solid material here. Lots of different perspectives and choises, which surprised me the most. Kind of a really cool story, actually. And people felt pretty fleshed-out, which was nice. Persephone especially got some shades along the way.

  • The second episode of the Atlantis DLC - Torment of Hades - arrives on June 4th, nice.

  • Played for an hour in Hades's world now. The scenery has totally changed from that of Elysium's, as now this brown-reddish, well, Hell reminds me of Doom and God of War and their most desolate areas. The structure of the DLC seems good as there are three or four bigger quests with multiple steps to fulfill given early on to Kassandra and these will be dealt with little by little. There are also side quests on the map, and the very first one I approached reminded me that we are indeed in the world of dead now, meaning faces from the past (main game)...

  • Finished "Torment of Hades", I thought it was ok. A neat amount of familiar faces from the main game's odyssey, both in bigger roles and some almost as cameos. I liked the structure of the DLC, the way there was always something nearby, another quest or a new place or a certain person to face. It made it easy to hop from one thing to another. Maybe a few too many long caves in this one, and sure, some more colour became kinda needed after a certain while playing in the underworld. Charon was a cool guy.

    The third and the last part of this Atlantis trio might have something to do with

    Poseidon, I feel, as he appeared there now a few times. I'd reckon he'll have a bigger role still to come, why else create precisely him for the game.

  • Story Creator Mode announced, and the wonderful Discovery Tour arrives to Greece "this fall". Nice!