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    Thats what i was talking about. i tried to shoot lights but nothing happen. in this horror game. in 2019 you shoot the light and nothing happen.

    in 2010 Metro 2033 almost decade old game has that feature. even go back, in 2005 a linear horror FPS FEAR you can shoot light and open your flashlight.

    Consider thinking about this.

    When there is lighting in a video game and especially a film - where is this light source coming from?

    Think of the lights as a fake prop to help sell the player or viewer on a realistic believable world. When light enters the camera, we need to see where it comes from. Otherwise, why are we able to see anything in the dark?

    This - in film theory, is called practical lighting. I found an explanation of it here for you. It is written in layman's terms so you should be able to understand:

    @nofilmschool said: (

    Practical lights are, of course, traditionally defined as any light where the source is in frame. More often than not, this means lights that are built into your locations (usually ceiling fixtures), desk and floor lamps, televisions, computers, and strings of Christmas lights. It can also refer to headlights from a car and street lamps. All sorts of things can be used as practical light.

    This same theory can apply to video games as well. Where you think it is lazy for those lights to not be breakable, creating darkness, I appreciate that they contextualize where the light source is coming from in a practical sense. If you shot them out, would the game be artificially lit so you can continue to see in the dark? This is immersion breaking in itself.

    It isn't lazy, it is using well established theory that speaks to our universal understanding of lighting in film/media.

    Please read this post and respond to this point.

    1. Movies are different than games. movies are scripted. director tell actor what to do. if script say shoot the light then be it. if not they he wont shoot.

    2. game is made in mostly corridors with too many lights yet they couldnot feature that when we shoot so we can break the lights

    remind me of

    Youtube Video

    i even tried shooting some mirrors, monitors and nothing happen. these things should be criticize by professional critics. but they cant sadly.

  • Well, you've missed the point completely. Stick to games where you can shoot out lights I suppose.

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    Ghost Recon is game of the year all years because you can shoot out all light sources.
    (but 4realz tho it is a pretty good game)

    My comment about an Outbreak remake got me thinking how awesome a properly done RE loot shooter would be. Keep the slow, methodical gameplay of RE but make it in a 4 player coop focused style. You explore a zombie infested city, collecting resources to build up your base of operations. More story focused missions are instance. Destiny 2 proved that complex and mysterious puzzle mechanics can be popular in these types of games, so even keep all that shit in. Can even add in cosmetics, because who doesn't want to make their survivor unique from everyone else?
    You're welcome, Capcom.

  • Shooting light would break the game because then you want other things to break such as barricades, doors, windows, walls, tables etc. etc.
    It's a survival horror and atmosphere is a big part of it with where it's set and how you travel from area to another and encounter different enemy types and think which ones to kill and which ones to try to avoid. Like who in their right mind shoots a frigging lamp which is limited resources spread around the station [which was mentioned in the original because Chief Irons wanted people to have a fighting chance (while in truth he just didn't want them to escape since you could clear a path with it)] while there are zombies and lickers roaming around? At least they made an effort to make sound different depending on what surface are you shooting at. There is RE4 if you want to break things since it's more action oriented and maybe more to your preferences so maybe go play that instead of complaining about something minor thing that would not fit into the world.

  • @el-shmiablo I would like to keep exclusive mechanics to characters like original. Yoko carrying more because of her backpack, Kevin and Alyssa being better aiming a gun(like being stable if aiming long enough while others are shaky) and so on. Also Outbreak 2 had two paths in each map to escape which was pretty cool. With today's tech or RE2 as a mold it can turn out great since I think it was ahead of it's time when it came out and brought some new things into the series. Outbreak 2 was the 1st game to be able to move while aiming in the series I think.

  • @el-shmiablo
    I think a Outbreak with a Destiny type mold could be pretty damn awesome, maybe add a sort of betrayal mechanic like The Division. Keep the different traits among characters, one is better with guns, carries more items, create mixed hearbs faster, ect.
    Maybe have the level system mostly increase stat percentages but every 5 or so you can do a more substantial upgrade like more item space, power weapons taking less inventory space, herb mixing kit (instead of having to stop and make them it's like a little portable kit)

  • Ok so I'm one 2nd run using Claire. Where the hell is the hand crank to open the shutter in the basement and 2nd floor.

  • @dmcmaster

    You can't get the crank tool as Claire, you can only get it as Leon.

  • So gotta take the long way back to Irons office

  • Claire's got the quickest route back to the parking lot. Once you've done the Clock Tower, you can run right across the 3rd floor and down to the office. Leon's got to go all the way down to where the guy got ripped in half at the beginning.

  • Ok, kept thinking I needed to find it
    Youtube Video

  • Im on sewer parts and im now forcing myself to finish it. its just chore to play. so i doubt i will play another camapign scenrio b..

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    @b-cell But I hear you can shoot out the lights in scenario B!

  • I made it about halfway through my first run as Leon, before just having to do a hard restart. Was a little too trigger happy, and a little shite at aiming, lol. I've since cleared both A's and B's and gotten an S+ on Leon A standard, and an S on Claire A standard. I gave the other mode a shot, and decided to give up after about 30 attempts lol. Feels like there is a lot of rng involved even if you figure out some of the pathing.

  • Just reached the lab in Claire B and I seem to be in the opposite position I was in with Leon's where I had no ammo, but plenty of healing items, now i have plenty of ammo, no healing items, and one hit from death

  • Did a Claire A Hardcore run last night in 2:08. S+ and unlocked the infinite Machine gun and Mini gun.

  • botched the hardcore run with Claire A for that S+. 8 minutes left and need to beat 2 bosses so I don't think I can do it. And because I rushed to keep on track of time , situation is bad so I need to reset.

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    Many a problem with this remake. It needs to be a lot more progressive.

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    Just beat it. the game is short. damn short. theres only 2 locations and thats it..

    its fairly decent game but chore to play too. althought its best third person RE game but thats not saying much. its just better version of 4, 5 and 6 in the end.


    It looks nice
    It control nice unlike other third person RE games
    Limited ammo
    some good puzzles


    Terrible combat once again like its a norm in RE game
    Zombies are bullet sponges and takes multiple headshots
    Bad boss fights
    Cant break a light
    Little to no variety

    so all in all i rate it 6.5/10.

  • How are people beating it so quickly. Took me 12h...