Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Im on sewer parts and im now forcing myself to finish it. its just chore to play. so i doubt i will play another camapign scenrio b..

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    @b-cell But I hear you can shoot out the lights in scenario B!

  • I made it about halfway through my first run as Leon, before just having to do a hard restart. Was a little too trigger happy, and a little shite at aiming, lol. I've since cleared both A's and B's and gotten an S+ on Leon A standard, and an S on Claire A standard. I gave the other mode a shot, and decided to give up after about 30 attempts lol. Feels like there is a lot of rng involved even if you figure out some of the pathing.

  • Just reached the lab in Claire B and I seem to be in the opposite position I was in with Leon's where I had no ammo, but plenty of healing items, now i have plenty of ammo, no healing items, and one hit from death

  • Did a Claire A Hardcore run last night in 2:08. S+ and unlocked the infinite Machine gun and Mini gun.

  • botched the hardcore run with Claire A for that S+. 8 minutes left and need to beat 2 bosses so I don't think I can do it. And because I rushed to keep on track of time , situation is bad so I need to reset.

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    Many a problem with this remake. It needs to be a lot more progressive.

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    Just beat it. the game is short. damn short. theres only 2 locations and thats it..

    its fairly decent game but chore to play too. althought its best third person RE game but thats not saying much. its just better version of 4, 5 and 6 in the end.


    It looks nice
    It control nice unlike other third person RE games
    Limited ammo
    some good puzzles


    Terrible combat once again like its a norm in RE game
    Zombies are bullet sponges and takes multiple headshots
    Bad boss fights
    Cant break a light
    Little to no variety

    so all in all i rate it 6.5/10.

  • How are people beating it so quickly. Took me 12h...

  • Think my first play thru with Leon was almost 6 hours, my Claire run thru is roughly half that right now

  • @dipset 1st time always take the longest since you're unfamiliar where key items, other items and enemies are or where to go to. Also remembering codes and passwords shortens time significally.

    S+ on hardcore is pretty hard because not only do you need to worry about enemies being tougher, your time limit is an hour less than on normal(2,5h) which means knowing how to avoid being attacked or to attack becomes crucial. And me failing it was item managment took too much time for me to need to restart it again. Possibly try to cheese it with infinite knife which isn't affecting ranking unlike other unlimited ones. So that means I need to hunt Mr. Raccoons.

  • So this has been my 33rd Platinum, it's safe to say I really enjoyed this remake.

    The game looks wonderful and there's wonderful atmosphere here. While I don't actually find any Resident Evil game scary, this at least tries its best, even if I do find Remake and its pre-rendered backgrounds just a smidge above.

    The movement and combat is spot on; seriously, it's probably the most enjoyable over the shoulder TPS I've had the pleasure to play, never once did I feel a mistake I made was a fault of the game and its control. The Zombies specifically offer a number of ways in which to tackle them, by upping their resilience it makes you really consider maybe disabling their appendages instead of just going for the oh do typical headshot. Bosses are memorable and telegraph well enough that it's possible to truly master them with enough practice.

    It's absolutely astounding how the kept the essence of not only the original game here, but the traditional survival horror genre as well. It would have been so easy for them to ditch the inventory management and inventory/key item puzzles like just about everything has done since RE4 was created, but no, this remake is just as much about working out where things are and then where to use them as any of the originals. Bravo Capcom. One big thing in critical of though is that they have completely missed the opportunity of environmental examination, by that I mean the ability to examine things in each room and have the character give a description or their thoughts on what they see, once a staple of the genre. Chris' jacket hangs in the STARS room, but I was sad to find that pressing X on it, Claire had nothing at all to say.

    The sound is really good, must be played with headphones imo, but the music not so much. I highly recommend the DLC to replace it. I personally don't care much fir some of the liberties taken with the story, REmake integrated its additions well, however this Remake foolishly causes conflict with the longstanding lore.

    The original is still the better game, but to give credit, this really does do a fine job for a modern take. Oh, but the changes made to Claire's physical appearance was a big mistake.

  • I'm going a lot slower than I though just because I'm pretty busy at the moment and Apex Legends got the better of me.

    However I did complete the Leon A campaign yesterday (Just under 7 hours, B grade) and oh man did I love it.

    I think the thing I specifically love is still how much of a puzzle RE feels like. You have the zombies which are the lowest denominator. Decided which windows to board up or whether to shoot them and knife them is the early part. Then the Licker is thrown into the mix to really get things intense in those moments and then what I love is having Mr.X who really just adds that extra little bit of chaos to rooms that were totally manageable before but now he has forced you into making decisions.

    One issue I did have is a scene with Ada late on in the A campaign. I'm sure most people know.

    Where she falls off. I just wish they had done it a little differently to the original game or what would have been a nice touch is if she had a grapple hook in her inventory. Just because the fall just looks insane and in that situation, I'm not sure she'd just hold on for that long just to pretend she's dead to Leon

    Haven't started Claire B yet but definitely looking forward to it.

  • I think it’s taking me so long because I started the game on hardcore mode or whatever it’s called.

    Congrats on the plat. I think my roommate is gonna try to get the plat as well.

  • I'm about 1h30 in and mannn is this game stressful, but in a good way. I catch myself talking to myself out loud for reassurance. It's probably going to take me longer than average to finish the game given how slowly I'm going.

    Loving it though!

  • Finished a standard run at 1:09. I know I can do a sub 1 hour run, just need to re-evaluate my route.

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    Reached the Ada chapter yesterday night. I've never played the original, but I wish I had switched to the classic soundtrack sooner. New one is just so bland.

  • Got infinite knife. Also learned you can't cheese a section even if you cleaned the area beforehand at one point.
    Need to re-evaluate some things before trying hardcore S+ run again and not have less than 8 minutes when I'm not even on a final fight.

  • @tearju-engi said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    Got infinite knife. Also learned you can't cheese a section even if you cleaned the area beforehand at one point.
    Need to re-evaluate some things before trying hardcore S+ run again and not have less than 8 minutes when I'm not even on a final fight.

    The only room I'd personally recommend 'setting up' is the library, even if you just incapacitate the three zombies by taking one leg off, but finishing them all off with the knife is recommended.

  • @sheria yeah. I always do that after knowing it beyond 1st playthrough. I was thinking more about Leon's scenario where it doesn't matter even if you "clean" the whole area