Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    Got infinite knife. Also learned you can't cheese a section even if you cleaned the area beforehand at one point.
    Need to re-evaluate some things before trying hardcore S+ run again and not have less than 8 minutes when I'm not even on a final fight.

    The only room I'd personally recommend 'setting up' is the library, even if you just incapacitate the three zombies by taking one leg off, but finishing them all off with the knife is recommended.

  • @sheria yeah. I always do that after knowing it beyond 1st playthrough. I was thinking more about Leon's scenario where it doesn't matter even if you "clean" the whole area

  • DlC is out

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    Is Mister X gonna follow me through the entire Claire campaign? Irritating.

    Rather disappointed with how lazy this feels in comparison to the Leon campaign.

  • @ezekiel 2nd run is like that whether you picked Claire or Leon. More time with Mr. X.

  • @tearju-engi
    Although as a fyi once you get a a point in the sewers where it loops back to the police station. You'll have more zombies, and Lickers but no Mr.X

  • @ezekiel said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    Is Mister X gonna follow me through the entire Claire campaign? Irritating.

    No, not at all. He de-spawns initially when you enter the secret area after using the three medallions. He'll then show up as he did in campaign A and only disappear when you get the car park card. Unlike Leon actually, you wont see him again at all for the rest of the game.

  • @axel Then here is your time to beat. My first run through Leon A took me roughly 9 hours, lol.

  • @minamik I just finished it today and it took me 10 hours haha! Loved it though, I'll do a Claire 2nd run very soon.

    I watched a 54 minutes speedrun right afterwards and felt very inadequate!

  • Apparently theres a 4th Ghost Survivor story when you beat the other 3

  • @axel I was able to do much better after that first run, but yeah, I'm more like a Kyle playing these games. I like to take my time, see the sights, and am cautious to the point of it probably seeming ridiculous. You shoulda seen me playing Zombie U, haha.

  • It's definitely worth at least putting in the effort for an S rank on standard though, cause going through with an infinite handgun is much more relaxing.

  • Watched a guy on Twitch yesterday, called Orchlon, do Leon A Standard no saves in 54 minutes and 18 seconds. It's insane what these speedrunners can do. I'm just trying to get S+ on hardcore, and it's driving me nuts.

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    Yep I've been watching a lot of Carcinogen on twitch and he does no damage no save runs. I haven't bothered going for S+, finished Claire hardcore and did her S playthrough on standard going for the last two notes I needed on 2nd run. Almost done with my Leon Hardcore S run and then I just need to get through Hunk and the dlc for trophies. Using the infinite pistol is very satisfying. I took my time on my Claire HC run and just killed everything with it haha.

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    Was the Sherry sequence in the original? I feel like something so shitty and scripted and involving trial and error wouldn't be in a 1998 game.

  • Sherry sequence was in 1998. Don't remember having any issues with it back then. I still haven't played Claire scenario in the new game.

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    Oh, I thought I was supposed to grab it off him, but I was just supposed to wait until he hangs it on the doorknob. Not fond of how scripted it is.

  • Sherry had a sequence in the original, but it wasn't anything like what you see here, in fact she had to contend with enemies in the original. Despite the departure, I didn't mind the Sherry segment all that much though; My biggest issues with Sherry were that, for one, you're forced into a scripted sequence, and therefore it's the only part of the game where you, the player, are no longer in control of the speed of your run. Secondly, I just don't like how much it took from The Evil Within. There's no denying that the sneaking up on Irons shadow while old fashioned music plays isn't ripped directly from the aforementioned series.

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    So just completed clarie 2nd run. its almost same. almost.

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    @b-cell It's a little odd for you to be complaining so much about the game when you've been save-scumming.

    Kind of hoping they remake Dino Crisis next. I never finished it.