Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • @ezekiel how so? Dude was just on his usual business and sees a guy who suddenly decides to walk in front of him. Are you saying you would be ok with it?

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    @tearju-engi said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    @ezekiel how so? Dude was just on his usual business and sees a guy who suddenly decides to walk in front of him. Are you saying you would be ok with it?

    How so, what? You didn't answer the question. Why is this truck and the "He was friendly" comment part of the scene? Is it supposed to be funny or stylish?

    He didn't even walk in front of the truck. I don't know what you're talking about.

    alt text

    I had a feeling this wasn't part of the original ending.

    Youtube Video

    It's kind of dumb.

  • @ezekiel it is dumb but they were on the way at first. You can see them moving to the right out of the way. Driver was just a douche. And it's a remake and keeping the original ending would have been pretty campy. Game has an attitude. Compare it to original where there were not much swearing, flipping or anything rude showing on the screen. It was pretty japanese game. Think Revelations 2 started making it more like that since Moira was pretty potty-mouthed.
    Though they probably got it from Ninja Theory's DmC. Lots of swearing which really isn't good as dialogue.

  • Man I just played the original ending video Ezekiel posted.

    Holy shit the song that plays is FIGARO! The 90s were LIT! A sweet cop montage and guitar shredding.

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    @tearju-engi And the funny part is that Ninja Theory made the third best DMC game in the entire franchise.

  • I'd put even the disappointing DMC2 over that laugh fest NT put out. No wonder they ditched it so suddenly in favour of a proper follow on.

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    @sheria DmC has better combat than DMC1 and 2, and better characters and story than the entire mainline series.
    There is a reason 5 is taking such heavy influence from the reboot.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    @sheria DmC has better combat than DMC1 and 2, and better characters and story than the entire mainline series.
    There is a reason 5 is taking such heavy influence from the reboot.

    Its combat sucked. I'm sorry though, but as far as story and characters are concerned, it appears to have quickly ditched that trash that momentarily fucked up the series.

  • @el-shmiablo I agree with Sheria. Combat sucked in DmC though they fixed many issues in defenitive edition. And the dialogues in cutscenes totally ruined the whole story of that game. It was definitely what DMC wasn't about. Stylish.

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    @tearju-engi Saying that the combat in DmC sucked is saying that the combat in the first two games is horrible since it is mechanically very similar (and in a lot of ways superior) to those games.
    In terms of "style" it is very much a mirror to the mainline as well. Where the mainline is content with making every character an outplayed anime trope, the remake makes those same characters outplayed comic anti heroes.

    Also if you say DmC has no style after playing the Bob Vargas boss, you are straight up lying to yourself. Liliths Club is also straight baller and that Noisia soundtrack is bop city.

  • @el-shmiablo I was talking more about cutscenes and delivery of the story when it comes to stylish. He was like some generic british punk kid. Same with other cast. They were all like pulled from some lame ass crime drama. The DMC's DNA just wasn't there.
    Original was 30 FPS, lock-on was a bust, comboing was easy and getting SSS and keeping it there had no challenge. And you said it yourself that they went different direction when it came to content with the characters. That alone was why I could not connect with the characters. May as well play it in spanish, call him Donte and not even think playing a DMC game.

  • Speaking of DmC
    Youtube Video

    Wish I had gotten the whole thing recorded but he spent the whole battle running around when this happened

  • Sorry that we have been going of topic of the thread.
    Anyway. Leon S+ hardcore mode done. Just need to do Claire's and some few runs to get other trophies so I'm not far away from platinum.
    REmake took me 3 years but that game as perfect as it is needs you to be in a certain mood to go through it. Different case with RE2 remake though I have been playing it so much that other games have been neglected.

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    @dmcmaster lol that's actually pretty hilarious.

    @Tearju-Engi Devil May Cry 2 is a far bigger departure in style/tone/character/story/etc than DmC was. While DmC changed some character traits and motivations, it was still very much Devil May Cry at it's core.

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    @Tearju-Engi I did my Claire A and Leon B in RE2 and then hopped into REmake for the first time and beat Chris and Jill's campaign before going back to the platinum in RE2(had to wait to get the disc back from Brad from him getting the platinum). It was a lot of fun going for the platinum, didn't get bored at all doing the same runs over and over. Not sure if I can handle Real Survivor and Invisible Enemy to get it in REmake, but I had a ton of fun playing it for the first time. So happy RE2 Remake exists since it really got me invested in playing these games despite thinking I never would since I get too scared haha.

  • @kristen-rogers Yes. RE2 remake is simply fun to play again and again even more than RE4 for me since you can go through the game really quickly. I had my cousin over for a weekend and he wasn't sure whether to get it since it was scary and he was the one who introduced me to the series back in the day with original RE2.
    Invisible Enemy isn't that bad but I cheesed it with rocket launcher I think or played it on easier difficulity. Real Survivor was way more challenging since it automatically is a hard mode besides not having a connected item boxes. It and knife-only run were the ones that made me so nervous so not having a knife-only run in RE2 is a relief.

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    Having such a huge replayability factor is one of the reasons I love the RE franchise so much.
    You can just play and play and play and there is always something to do or new personal goal to achieve.

  • Although I have only had the chance to play through RE2 remake twice (Leon A, Claire B), I agree that the re-playability element of it seems great. The pacing of the game feels so satisfying.

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    DmC's ending fucking sucked. Below is a comment I typed after replaying it. Funnily enough, that thread was called, "...and at that moment I knew the game/franchise was dead." I'm so glad Capcom decided to toss that trash.

    DmC doesn't have enough enemy types to sustain its length. The combat system is bland and simplistic, featuring two evade buttons that do the exact same thing.

    The story was pretty awkward for how it mixed melodrama and humor while trying to be cool. The last chapter is so forced (the way Vergil verbalizes his real motives), and once the fight is over it ends so quietly and abruptly, an antithesis to the melodic demon slaying credits of DMC3. I finally had it when the narcissistic developer clips in the credits culminated with one of the devs walking away while giving the finger to the camera (you). You're not cool, Ninja Theory. Shame on you.

    They gave us the finger.

  • While I'll admit that DmC has grown on me over the years I dont think I could ever defend the story, or lack of cinematography during cutscene (shot, reverse shot, shot, reverse shot), the alleyway scene with the completely relevant graffiti to the story Vergil's telling, Vergil's "nice guy" hat.