Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Sorry that we have been going of topic of the thread.
    Anyway. Leon S+ hardcore mode done. Just need to do Claire's and some few runs to get other trophies so I'm not far away from platinum.
    REmake took me 3 years but that game as perfect as it is needs you to be in a certain mood to go through it. Different case with RE2 remake though I have been playing it so much that other games have been neglected.

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    @dmcmaster lol that's actually pretty hilarious.

    @Tearju-Engi Devil May Cry 2 is a far bigger departure in style/tone/character/story/etc than DmC was. While DmC changed some character traits and motivations, it was still very much Devil May Cry at it's core.

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    @Tearju-Engi I did my Claire A and Leon B in RE2 and then hopped into REmake for the first time and beat Chris and Jill's campaign before going back to the platinum in RE2(had to wait to get the disc back from Brad from him getting the platinum). It was a lot of fun going for the platinum, didn't get bored at all doing the same runs over and over. Not sure if I can handle Real Survivor and Invisible Enemy to get it in REmake, but I had a ton of fun playing it for the first time. So happy RE2 Remake exists since it really got me invested in playing these games despite thinking I never would since I get too scared haha.

  • @kristen-rogers Yes. RE2 remake is simply fun to play again and again even more than RE4 for me since you can go through the game really quickly. I had my cousin over for a weekend and he wasn't sure whether to get it since it was scary and he was the one who introduced me to the series back in the day with original RE2.
    Invisible Enemy isn't that bad but I cheesed it with rocket launcher I think or played it on easier difficulity. Real Survivor was way more challenging since it automatically is a hard mode besides not having a connected item boxes. It and knife-only run were the ones that made me so nervous so not having a knife-only run in RE2 is a relief.

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    Having such a huge replayability factor is one of the reasons I love the RE franchise so much.
    You can just play and play and play and there is always something to do or new personal goal to achieve.

  • Although I have only had the chance to play through RE2 remake twice (Leon A, Claire B), I agree that the re-playability element of it seems great. The pacing of the game feels so satisfying.

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    DmC's ending fucking sucked. Below is a comment I typed after replaying it. Funnily enough, that thread was called, "...and at that moment I knew the game/franchise was dead." I'm so glad Capcom decided to toss that trash.

    DmC doesn't have enough enemy types to sustain its length. The combat system is bland and simplistic, featuring two evade buttons that do the exact same thing.

    The story was pretty awkward for how it mixed melodrama and humor while trying to be cool. The last chapter is so forced (the way Vergil verbalizes his real motives), and once the fight is over it ends so quietly and abruptly, an antithesis to the melodic demon slaying credits of DMC3. I finally had it when the narcissistic developer clips in the credits culminated with one of the devs walking away while giving the finger to the camera (you). You're not cool, Ninja Theory. Shame on you.

    They gave us the finger.

  • While I'll admit that DmC has grown on me over the years I dont think I could ever defend the story, or lack of cinematography during cutscene (shot, reverse shot, shot, reverse shot), the alleyway scene with the completely relevant graffiti to the story Vergil's telling, Vergil's "nice guy" hat.

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    @dmcmaster I dunno man. I personally prefer it to the bad anime feeling most of the mainline games have.

    I like myself some Uncle Dante, but I sorta grew put of the "He's badass just because" type of hero. Even Donte's generic AF redemption arc is a lot more interesting to me.

  • @ezekiel Agreed. Though I am not as harsh as I was back then on DmC, but man did Ninja Theory and Capcom screwed the pooch. The only characters I liked were Kat, Phineas, and Bob Barbas. DmC!Dante I tolerated and I hated what they did to Vergil! With that said ezekiel, if you decide to ever play DmC again, make sure it's the DE version. The updated version is surprisingly fun when playing on Hardcore Mode on Gods Must Die (the hardest difficulty in that version), Must Style Mode is a unique challenge too. A mode where you have to get an S or higher on the style meter to damage demons.

  • @el-shmiablo The problem with DmC!Dante is that he's an apathetic try hard for 1/2 the game with no charisma. The only time Dante lacked charisma was in 2. Yes, they went a bit overboard with Dante's badassery in 4, but I had no problems with it and most others did not. It's case of either you like it or not. And whatever "bad anime tropes" the DMC series has, DmC has is plagued with lazy and bad Western tropes. Pulled off at their absolute worse.

    The story just screams reboot that acts like it's trying something new and different, but isn't, while ripping off great movies and other games such as Blade, They Live, The Crow and ironically, Bayonetta (DmC's demon evade, though I liked it).

  • Guys this is the Resident Evil 2 thread...

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    @axel Technically DMC is RE related consideringf it was originally a spin-off!


    I'll shut up about DMC now.

  • @axel I said what I needed, so no more from me.

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    My second Claire results were better.

    alt text

    Could have cut it down to six saves, as I continued past two typewriters without restarting. :(

    This game was pretty good. The thing that probably disappoints me most is that neither the A nor B playthrough are complete. The A scenario has a better opening than the B scenario and the B scenario has a better ending than the A scenario. You can't get a full experience.

    I want Claire's jacket.

  • The wife and I played through Leon A and Claire B together. She did all the DLC stuff and just got S+ on Claire A Hardcore last night. My first impression was that this was such a perfect transition of a classic game into the modern era. The more I think about it, though, the more I come to believe they could have done a much better job with the A to B overlap stuff. It just feels like you're playing the same game again with really minor changes. I know that's how it was originally but even then then Mr. X didn't show up until the B playthrough so there was the new shock of that at least. And I was going to say this was a minor gripe but it's not. With the original, I would guess that the majority of people only played one of the A scenarios and stopped after clearing it. With this remake, there is even less incentive to do the B so I'm curious if my guess would be right here too.