Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

  • Just about to try this one shot demo, what an odd idea. Does anyone know if this thing has some sort of goal/end you can potentially reach in the 30 mins?

  • Well, there is an "end".

    Not an awful lot to say about it, it certainly plays very well and the shooting is solid. I think the overall area you play in is far too overwhelming for a 30 minute demo, you come across so many combination locks and puzzle locations that you're clearly not going to have the time to investigate them all properly.

    I don't know if the difficulty was ramped up on purpose, but you get hurt very easily and the zombies are resilient as f***. I'm excited for the full release though, but I wouldn't want to play that demo again really, better to wait for the full thing.

  • I just finished the demo. I also don’t have a lot to say about it. It plays well and is quite scary. The audio and graphics are great, especially the lighting. It feels familiar but not exact.

    One question - what is Simplygon Studios? I don’t understand the tech or how it’s used. Their website has a bunch of mumbo jumbo I don’t understand, and when I google “Simplygon Studios Resident Evil 2” I get articles telling me RE Revelations 2 ususes Simplygon but it doesn’t explain what it is or how it’s used.

    I’m curious, does anybody have insight?

  • @dipset
    Just doing a Wiki search, I think they made an engine upon which RE Engine and other game engines is built on.
    Think like the Gamebyro engine that Bethesda has used as a base for the Creation Engine, or Unreal.

  • Finished the demo, you can damn near cut the tension it creates with a knife.

  • @dmcmaster That's what I like to hear!

  • When it comes to horror games I'm very much on Kyle's boat, these just aren't my thing. Or especially the ones like this remake now, which looks honestly super scary. Still, I'm intrigued by the whole project itself, and I'm eagerly waiting for that full playthrough with Huber and Kyle. I'll enjoy this that way.

  • downloading it now. will post my impression soon.

  • Just played the demo and It feel good. the controlling and gameplay is major improvement over previous third person RE games.

    its actually better than RE4 and 5 by far. although it doesnot feel scary or horror at all unlike RE7. i doubt i will like it more than RE7.

  • Tried the demo out, and it's so damn good! The shooting feels perfect, from how the rate of fire limits the accuracy to how enemies respond when you shoot them. 4 times shot in the head, and each shot he stumbles backward realistically, before falling down ungracefully. It controls fluidly too, like if RE4 was modernized properly and loses the stop-and-aim controls. The fear factor might be the highest yet for me in an RE game. I had the "eureka" moment of having an enemy sneak up on me just because i didnt aim the flashlight close enough, and it's such an frightening moment. The zombies in this game are also fantastic, they really felt like the true horror icons they once did back in the day. They're disgusting and absolutely relentless. I can't believe that it's this good. What a gift for horror fans. I'm just going to watch the Huber playthrough, i can't handle more than 30 minutes of this lol.

  • That demo is honestly a little too close to the release date for me. I think I'll wait until then.

  • So heads up the game had been dataminers, list of characters , locations, everything is out.

    There is on surprising one that's been found that I do think is s major spoiler but will spoiler tag just in case

    So a camera change option has been found, people seem to think a FPS might be an unlockable reward.

    Another thing that is a major spoiler but will undoubtedly make people happy is that

    Leon A an B, and Claire A an B are present.

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    @dipset Middleware for creating LOD meshes.
    So instead of the modeller creating several distinct meshes by hand, the software extrapolates a lower detail mesh through polygon reduction while still maintaining as much detail as possible.

    Tl;dr software for making the things look good when they are not close

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    I enjoyed the demo. I've never done this, but it looks like I'll have to park the PC in the living room for the couple of days I play it. My surround sound system and big TV added so much atmosphere that my PC's stereo speakers and 27 inch monitor just can't deliver. I was almost considering getting the PS4 version after I played its demo yesterday, because I don't WANT to take my PC to the living room, but this has so many nice graphics options on PC, including the ability to turn off horrible chromatic abberation. The aiming also feels a lot nicer on PC. I also noticed that the PC version has Atmos (height speaker channels), while the PS4 version does not, giving me another incentive to get that version.

  • I just played the demo, it's very cool. It has a scary atmosphere and I've learned that you're supposed to run away from the zombies, not to kill them all.

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    @ironside said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    I just played the demo, it's very cool. It has a scary atmosphere and I've learned that you're supposed to run away from the zombies, not to kill them all.

    I found the ammo to be plentiful. It will be really easy to conserve by steering around them or shooting them in the leg. I'm hoping this is fixed by higher difficulties available at the start.

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    For those that have played, how viable is the RE4 thru 6 method of leg shotting then running up for a melee kill attack?
    I guess what I'm asking is: Is this more RE2 or RE4?

  • @el-shmiablo
    Considering that the knife has a set durability, not well in the long term. Side note as you might of seen, you can use the knife like in REmake, giving you some breathing space from them, although if you dont kill them you lose that knife till you can find another.
    Also the speed of the knife is greatly reduced, like you might get 2 or 3 cuts in at best.

  • @el-shmiablo @DMCMaster

    I didn't realize the knife had durability. I stabbed the fat guy by the soda machine in the back 12-13 times for a "stealth kill" and the knife was still good to go. I was too chicken shit to actually try any maneuvers on those zombies like shoot the leg and stab. I was getting the hell away from them.