Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC)

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    You mean to tell me all I had to do was close doors on them....


    I still have 6 more hours of work. I just wanna play RE2.

  • @dipset
    Yeah, run thru a door, 180 turn and close it. They'll bang on it once or twice then disappear.
    Once I learned that I was able to save ammo like crazy and only killed molded in spots that were frequently traveled to (like the trailer save room)

  • @dmcmaster

    Good god I wish I knew that. Might go for the under 4 hour speed run trophy sometime soon.

  • @dipset
    Btw it works on all difficulties only one of the DLCs can the molded open doors, which I think was the Zoe one.

  • Just had my first encounter with Mr.X, was expecting it. Wasn't expecting him to burst thru the damn wall (even though I should have)
    If this is how tense I am with something slow chasing me, think I might shit myself if it was Nemesis barreling right at me at mock speed.

    Kinda hate to say it but RE3Make might need a dodge mechanic like RE6 or Revalations 2.

  • So I finished Leons campaign on Standard, 6 hours 52 mins. There's a lot to like, but also a fair few niggles. I'll have a fair bit to say, but want to wait until I've completed Claire.

  • I'm probably halfway or 2/3 of Claire's campaign and I gotta say this is scariest RE I have played. Maybe too scary and that's why I need to take a break at times. I can expect some things in 2nd run that may confirm to me why some things in original I liked over this.

  • This game is much more relentless than the originals. Also, I love how much Leon yaps

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    I've put a good 4 hours in now and I must say, they have done a really good job here.

    Better than RE7??

    Maybe, or at least on par.

    atleast its better than RE4. a game i hate alot.

  • Finished Claire's 1st run. Surprisingly hard game though I played really badly at times since I didn't try the demo.
    About 90 handgun and 8 magnum ammo and 2 herb mixes was what I have left on my consume inventory
    C for Claire since I saved a lot and took time to finish. 2-3 rooms left unfinished checking.

  • Just finished Leon A scenario, gonna take a small break before hopping into Claire B.
    Afterwards should be able NG+ a Claire A/Leon B Scenario

  • Scenario B felt a little...rushed to me. Disappointed with the few differences, reused puzzles and the overall lack of influence the first scenario has on the second.

    3 hours 14 minutes and 1 save for Claire B. Played easy difficulty this time, but still got an S+ (not sure what the plus indicates yet) and also unlocked Hunk. Going by the original and other RE games, I shouldn't be able to get the highest rank playing on easy, let alone unlock 4th survivor. Oh well.

    I want to speed run the exact same scenarios on Standard next, maybe even twice to get a solid and effective route along with committing all the puzzle solutions to memory. I'll try Hardcore difficulty then. I'm not really that interested in seeing Claire A/Leon B, I'd rather work on perfecting the ones I just did.

  • Haven't started Claire's B scenario yet, but just sitting and thinking on the game. This feels more like the breath of Life RE needed when compared to RE7.
    Tension is high and hardly ever let's up except for the sparse few safe rooms, enemies are almost always a threat and reinforces picking what enemies are worth keeping alive, and which ones are worth killing.
    No cheap tactic with the enemies (molded couldn't open doors)
    The only part of the game that drags it down a bit is the big flesh room.

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    @b-cell Why do you hate it?

  • @dmcmaster said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    No cheap tactic with the enemies

    All mine seem to work 95% of the time. All zombies on my second run now have been a simple pop to the head with the handgun while running in order to stun them, and then just going straight past them. Mr X lost all his threat when I realised it's just a case of running at him to bait the right hook, step back and then run past every time. The Lickers have their old tactic still work and will never follow you through a door, if you have a room with both zombies and lickers, you shoot the zombie and go through a door. The zombie will slowly burst through allowing for an easy kill or avoid and then your just free to walk on by.

    RE2 is more my type of game, it retains way more of the traditional elements than either RE4 or RE7, that said RE7 was different and good enough in its own way that I have a hard time comparing them directly in terms of quality. In terms of tension, unfortunately both RE7 and now this lost it all once it came my second playthrough. I'm paused on the last boss at the moment, but this run had zero tension for me outside a little chaos on the bosses still.

  • @el-shmiablo
    "It be follow trends, it no good shooty shoot game "

  • Managed to get both S ranks today

    Leon A - 2:46
    Claire B - 2:19

    Managed to snag the trophy for less than 14000 steps too. Really disappointed to find out that it's only time taken now that counts towards your end ranking though, I was still deliberately not using first aid sprays as well. I want to try either Hardcore or a no healing run tomorrow.

  • Resident Evil 2 is an amazing game let alone remake. The formula of Resident Evil needs to exist more in today's landscape. Some critics call its systems dated but I tend to mostly disagree. The Metroidvania style games are popping up around every corner but few 3D games are doing backtracking, unlocking new areas, intertwined world. I think of my favourite 3D games and they all do it: Resident Evil, God of War, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Riddick, Batman Arkham Asylum. RE2 is what I wish more games were.

    With that said, somebody at Capcom needs to have a better sense of quality control in these boss battles. Resident Evil 7 and now RE2 have atrocious boss battles that are fine on paper but the game does play as tight as the developers think. They aren't the worst thing in the world but I'm surprised back to back RE games have bad bosses. I think back to the first battle with Jack Baker with the chainsaw in RE7. The game is so slow and sluggish that he's stuck to you like glue. The system for beating him is fine but the movement is horrible and is what gets you killed.

    Now I see in RE2, we have the boss battle with

    Birkin in the sewers where you need to hit him with the shipping container three times.

    Easy enough on paper but dodging him is nearly impossible because of how slow Leon moves. Same goes for zombies in doorways when you don't have ammo. You essentially MUST take a hit and lose 1/3 of your health. This game desperately needs a dodge or roll mechanic because it is just unfair that you NEED to take hits at times.

    You get into scenarios sometimes where you can asses where you are, where you need to go, how much ammo you have or don't have, how much health you have, how many green herbs you have or don't have, then look at a map and know where enemies are and how you physically cannot get past them without getting hit. This means you can actually see on a map how far you can go before dying and there is nothing you can do about it.

    A dodge or the ability to turn on a dime like The Evil Within 2 would be a great thing to patch in.

    Still haven't completed my first playthrough. Hardcore mode with Leon has taken me roughly 7 or 8 hours so far and I'm still not done. Tyrant made me spend and hour in one section just moving the book shelves because of bad luck and lack of health. Still wouldn't trade that time spent for an easier mode. I like survival games to feel difficult. The Last of Us Part II, please be this hard on Hard mode.

    @dmcmaster said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    Kinda hate to say it but RE3Make might need a dodge mechanic like RE6 or Revalations 2.

    Ah there we go! Somebody else who agrees. Resident Evil 3 Remake is inevitable (in my opinion) - FYI, the EB Games near me sold out of the game on XBO and I got the third last copy on PS4. This EB Games had GTA V, MGS V, and Monster Hunter World in stock day 1 with no shortage of copies, so I like to think this series is gonna keep being remade. But anyways, I hope they add this into RE2. Leon's movement is mostly fine except near stairwells, ladders, and small rooms with furniture, and especially doorways. I don't think they'll patch that in tbh.

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    @dipset said in Resident Evil 2 Remake (PS4/XB1/PC):

    A dodge or the ability to turn on a dime like The Evil Within 2 would be a great thing to patch in.

    Did they take quick turn out? Like you can't just hit down+X anymore?

  • @el-shmiablo

    No you can do the 180 degree quick turn like RE4, 5, 6, 7. I mean more like, sprinting or zig zagging. Not that I want my survival horror games to replicate Ezekiel Elliot's ability to run with a football, but they need to meet me somewhere in the middle. You should be able to run past without getting bit all the time.