Fallout 76 context, the state of WV

  • Long time lurker first time poster. I live in WV and the nature of my career allows me to travel all over the state meeting people and visiting many of the locations that will be featured in Fallout 76. Below I have outlined some of the information about the real world places seen in the trailer. I hope someone finds this interesting lol.

    Dolly Sods – The trailer opens on a rocky mountain top that looks like a part of the Monongahela National Forest known as Dolly Sods. This is a popular hiking location that offers breathtaking views and a bit of danger for those looking for it. During the first World War, the US Army used the area as an artillery testing ground. Because of the thick brush and the difficult terrain vehicles are unable to traverse the area efficiently, and because of that it is believed that there are likely unexploded ordinances that remain undiscovered. There are signs explaining safety precautions to hikers about not approaching these shells if they find them.

    The New River Gorge – After Country Roads by John Denver starts playing there is a brief panning shot of a couple of houses beneath a bridge. This is the New River Gorge Bridge, the bridge and the two rivers to covers (the New and the Gauley) have been attracting extreme thrill seekers for decades. At one point this was the longest arch bridge in the world. It stands at 867 feet above the New River. This height is just high enough to allow for BASE Jumping (the act of jumping off a static surface and deploying a parachute instead of using a plane). This was such a frequent activity that the State outlawed it except for the State Holiday, Bridge Day. During Bridge Day, the bridge is closed to motor vehicle traffic and BASE Jumping is allowed. Additionally, the US Army Corp of Engineers opens the dam on the Gauley river during the late summers and early fall. This unleashes a torrent of water into the Gauley for months. This is known as Gauley season. Among Whitewater rafters, this is the best rafting in the world during that time. The Upper Gauley is a nearly 10 mile stretch of class IV – V rapids that are deadly to traverse if you are unprepared for what can happen (trust me, I fell out of the raft).

    Coal Mines – After the character picks up the helmet the camera cuts to a man walking in a coal mine. The history of natural resource extraction has always been the back bone of the WV economy and continues to this day.
    The Capitol Building – I live one block from the WV Capitol building and am frequently there due to my career. This building holds the offices of the Governor and other state wide elected official as well as the state House of Delegates and the State Senate as well as the State Supreme Court. It is WV’s third Capitol building (the first remaining in Wheeling after they moved to Charleston and the Second being lost to fire). This building was finished in 1932, only a couple of years after the Great Depression started. The architect, Cass Gilbert, went on to create the US Supreme Court Building and modeled it after his previous work at the WV State Capitol.

    Woodburn Hall – Every college campus has a quad or a green. For West Virginia University, the state’s flagship institution of higher learning this is Woodburn Circle. The building is Woodburn Hall and is the current home to the Political Science and History departments at WVU.

    The Greenbrier – Also known as America’s resort, this enormous compound in White Sulphur Springs is home to the Old White Golf course. Old White is a stop on the PGA tour and is the only major league sporting event to be held in WV. During the Cold War The Greenbrier was also home to the underground bunker that would house the US Congress in the event of nuclear war.

    Other places of interest that will likely appear in the game:

    The Greenbank Observatory – This is a giant telescope that monitors signals coming from space in the attempt to discover intelligent live outside of our galaxy. The area surrounding the telescope is a radio free zone. This means that the people that are living there do not own anything that that creates electromagnetic signatures. i.e. cellphones, microwaves, TVs, or any smart devices.

    Harper’s Ferry – Site of a major American Civil War conflict.

    The Mothman – At the demonstration during the Bethesda showcase a monster known as The Beast of Grafton. The more famous WV monster is the Mothman. It’s exactly what it sounds like and it terrorized Point Pleasant from 1966 to 1967.

    Cool names
    Hurricane (pronounced Hur-uh-kin)
    Kanawha River (Pronounced Kuh-naw)
    Big Chimney

  • Wow this is really cool! Thanks for making this!