Yo where my GT community at?!

  • I didn't know the GameTrailers team went off and formed a new website... I just heard about this site
    like 5mins ago, wtf.
    Anyone on these forums from the old GT community? I was a member from like 2006; wasn't very active, but I'd creep and read a lot of those topics.
    Once their site updated the whole community died and that's pretty much where I left off as well. Wasn't surprised when it finally shut down.
    Back in 2009ish their forums were BUMPIN', I definitely miss those days ;_;

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    Welcome to the party. It's always good to see people return to the fold.

    If you want some history:
    The Allies themselves are mostly made up of later GT alums who were added to GT towards the end of it's golden age as part of a restructuring and shift towards shows and personality based content away from the hyper produced editorial content + exclusive hosted content of GT's golden years. After Shane Satterfield left and most of the staff was laid off at GT, the Allies are basically the majority of who was left at GT after corporate downsizing.

    If you were a fan of Shane and invisible walls he went off to start his own site Siftd, which is a paid subscription aggregator site https://siftd.net/

    If you've only just hopped on during the E3 hype train, welcome aboard. There are definitely a few veterans from the old Gametrailers days still wandering about. Most of them however moved on post-2012 when the infamous redesign hit to other boards like reddit, neogaf ( the latter of which partially imploded about a year ago) or other more close knit sites as part of the fallout from the removal of factions during the redesign. The EZA boards probably isn't the biggest locus of fans for the community but there's a dedicated group of folks here nonetheless.

  • Yeah, I'm still here since joining GT in '07 =)

    Admittedly, I haven't been around modding as frequently since I've been busy with life; tough living on your own. But hey, good to see a fellow GT'er and yeah, '09 was freaking lit! I remember the hijinx during after E3 2009 I believe, where users including myself, were showing up as other users signed up in the upper left. There was a thread made discussing the glitch and as a result, friends were made that night. Definitely one of my favorite GT memories =)

  • lurking.

  • Raises hand and goes back to lurk mode

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  • GTer since like 07ish mostly lurked in factions though didnt frequent the main boards much i left when the redesign happened,

  • I was never on GT except for making 1 post when I heard it closed. However I hope to be a part of this place ^^

  • i was a top 10 posting user. maybe top 5 . its hard to compare post counts but i had over 30,000 posts.

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  • I was a hardcore GT user as well. Did blogs, uploaded user movies, got featured a few times (Top 10 video game water, blew up to 100k + views), went on forums, met friends, love GT. I moved to SIFTD after the shut down (Shanes site), and then discovered Easy Allies. I now donate to both through patreon, and love their weekly podcasts (good old invisible walls vibes).

    Great to see we have rejoiced!! One thing though, work, marriage, life, etc. I am barely on websites anymore. But I come back every now and then, write a blog on SIFTD, leave comments on Easy Allies. Went to E3 met some industry favs I used to watch on GT, including Huber, great fella.

    Anyways, back to my hibernation, until next time.

  • I was in that community under a different name. I wasn't hugely active, though. I made a few posts in the FF faction.

  • Who else remembers the GT Dollars thing? It got me blogging and not much else lol

  • @darthammii said in Yo where my GT community at?!:

    Who else remembers the GT Dollars thing? It got me blogging and not much else lol

    It went from GTD to GTP and then abandoned every time I was so close to buying a video game lol

  • @sacred-arfaid said in Yo where my GT community at?!:

    I was in that community under a different name. I wasn't hugely active, though. I made a few posts in the FF faction.

    I always enjoyed your contributions.

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    Yes, I'm from GT. This forum isn't even worth posting on most of the time. There's nothing to reply to. It's dead.

  • I am from GT. many of you knows me. i used to be Diesel back in 2010 to 12. and B-cell since 2014 i think.

  • @black-cell were you the one posting fable screenshots?

  • @bigdude1 said in Yo where my GT community at?!:

    @black-cell were you the one posting fable screenshots?

    lol. not really. but i remember him too.

  • Been a forum member since 2007 under the name GoTaco. I recently changed it to DIPSET for no apparent reason other than I've used the name GoTaco for 10+ years and I got tired of it.

    I was in the MoA faction and SOCOM faction and played SOCOM II with community members back in the day. I don't have any ties to them now. GT was dope!


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