What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?

  • Hello friends, So E3 is almost over. lets discuss what are the best and worst 5 games we saw at E3.

    first lets talk about best


    1. Metro Exodus: Easily the best game of E3. the entire gameplay scream what I have been dreaming of since STALKER. especially STALKER 2 is far away. this will fill the gap. graphics are probably best i have ever seen. it has crysis like weapon customization. semi open world, this is mix of STALKER and Crysis into one.

    2. DOOM Eternal: Even thought they havenot shown the gameplay yet. will be at quackcon but HOLY CRAP!! its DOOM sequel based on Hell on earth. sequel to best game of this generation. even the short teaser is so much better than most of games at E3.

    3. Hitman 2: It may not getting much attention and overshadowed but its a sequel to second best game of this generation. and probably best stealth game since splinter cell chaos theory. this one looks similar yet still amazing. these guys know how to do sandbox style stealth game. cant wait for more Hitman.

    4. RAGE 2: Even thought RAGE 1 was failure but gameplay of RAGE 2 was just brilliant, the gunplay, the car combat. and entire focus on single player. this is one of the best game shown at E3. and this along with DOOM are the reason Bethesda won E3. It looks far better than Original too.

    5. Dying Light 2: I never liked original game. it was dull and mediocre zombie game. and was never expecting this to be good but when it was revealed. I was surprised that it looks great. they changed the scenerio. its no longer zombie game primilary. its now a story driven first person meelee post appocalyptic game. and it impressed me. really. this and RAGE 2 are the reason we shouldnot based sequels based on Original.

    Now friends, its time for the worst


    1. Shadow of Tomb Raider: The game looks awful, same bad animations, sam terrible shooting and stealth mechanics, same lara croft. just looks bad like previous 2. but this what makes me angry that Eidos montreal. the legends are making it. they ditch the masterpiece Deus Ex for this?? Really?? SE ruined another great developers.

    2. Wolfenstein Youngblood: Yeah more shitty wolfenstein. this is worst Bethesda FPS franchise now. and cant be compare to great ones like DOOM and RAGE. this is the first wolfenstein game where we dont even play as BJ instead of his daughter. gone from bad to worst.

    3. Last of Us 2: I have to say graphically it looks amazing. but gameplay wise it looks AWFUL!. Nothing impress me. absolutely nothing. the melee looks bad, the shooting looks bad. it just looks like tomb raider but prettier. this is just turn me off.

    4. Assassins Creed Odyssey: AC origins greece DLC now sold at full price. great ubisoft. these guys killed Splinter cell series to push this forward. a yearly AC is now back and this is now RPG. and being RPG means even more bad combat. as watching gameplay on conference. it looks like worst AC game ever.

    5. Spiderman: Looks like button smashing QTE one button combat and swinging game based on worst superhero/avengers ever. why they choose spiderman over ironman is beyond me if they want to make marvel game. Im a fan of batman so i forgive one button combat in arkham games despite arkham knights suck but here. its just even boring.

    so here my friends these are my top 5 best and worst games i have seen this year E3.

    now what are yours? discuss

    Overall its such a great E3 apart from some dissapointment and some really bad games shown.

  • You're no fun.

  • @sentinel-beach said in What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?:

    You're no fun.

    we are only discussing about games we saw at E3. since E3 is now over.
    just based on personal experience.

  • Best:

    1. Cyberpunk 2077
    2. Ghost of Tsushima
    3. Spider Man
    4. Metro
    5. Maneater


    1. Command
    2. And
    3. Conquer
    4. Mobile
    5. RTS

  • @black-cell I don't know why you had to add that worst list. Especially when your answers are so edgy. Spider-Man the worst superhero ever? Odyssey the worst AC ever? TLOU 2's melee and shooting look bad, when it's been particularly praised for those impact animations etc.?

    Yeah, you're no fun.

  • @sentinel-beach said in What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?:

    @black-cell I don't know why you had to add that worst list. Especially when your answers are so edgy. Spider-Man the worst superhero ever? Odyssey the worst AC ever? TLOU 2's melee and shooting look bad, when it's been particularly praised for those impact animations etc.?

    Yeah, you're no fun.

    TLOU animations are amazing no doubt but gameplay looks too scripted for my taste. thats what i mean.

    Odyessey just looks like origins. nothing special. its AC game. i was hoping for splinter cell but i got nothing.

  • Instead of bringing command and conquer "back" like this, they could have just spit in our faces. Would have been less offensive.

    1. Metal Wolf Chaos
    2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    3. Daemon x Machina
    4. Devil May Cry 5
    5. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

    If you don't wanna count Metal Wolf Chaos since it's a port, move everything up one and put My Friend Pedro as #5.

    I don't really have a 5 worst, since I try to not let the bad bother me too much and I've already forgotten most of the games I thought looked boring or outright bad, but two things still stick out to me.

    1. Command and Conquer Rivals

    Honestly felt kinda disgusted by that whole showcase and reveal, and I've never even played a C&C game. I can't imagine how hurt I'd be if I was a fan of the series.

    1. The Last of Us Part II

    I don't even wanna put this here, since while I think the game looks uninteresting I'm not gonna begrudge it for that, but damn I'm still salty about how much of Sony's conference was wasted on setting up for its trailer and then taking a 15-ish minute intermission afterwards so they could get to the rest of the conference.

  • Best:
    Not EA


  • I'm going to do things a tiny bit different, by giving out the five who showed the best from overall outbound chatter and my personal tastes before giving any "worst" thoughts.

    What I felt showed the best were:

    5.) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    4.) Beyond Good & Evil 2
    3.) The Last of Us Part II
    2.) Kingdom Hearts III
    1.) Cyberpunk 2077

    If we talking the top five games I'm interested in that were at or announced during the show, that looks more like

    5.) Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    4.) Gears 5
    3.) DOOM: Eternal
    2.) The Last of Us Part II
    1.) Kingdom Hearts

    As for the "worsts," that's a little different from where I see it (In chronological order):

    Most of EA's conference, especially the cringe and practically pointless nature of "announcing" the next Star Wars game, and I feel so bad for Command & Conquer fans.

    Gears Pop! Being a die-hard Gears fan, this makes me a little irritated, but I want to know EXACTLY what this is before demonizing it.

    Outside of the game itself, pretty much the entire Rage 2 portion. That was awkward and painful as can be.

    Elder Scrolls Legends and Online for being present for the fourth straight year, on principle alone.

    I was going to say the Quake Champions portion, but if you go back and watch it, you'll notice Adam Boyes and Danny O'Dwyer in the background up and to the left doing the prompter read, making it actually an entertaining time. Can't for the life of me remember what the presenter said......

    Just Dance. Enough said.

    Trover Saves the Universe, but I think this is because practically everything else in the show hit and this felt.... out of place. Well, not as out place as an unforgivable intermission. THAT was angering in the heat of the moment.

    Everything else I felt showed at the very least passable, if not pretty good, even if wasn't for me. There are several things I really enjoyed that I didn't list, but wanted to keep it at five.

    1. Resident Evil 2 Remake - The game looks perfect, I'm sold. The original RE2 is amazing even today, and a re-imagining of it with modern graphics, over the shoulder controls, more story, remixed enemy layouts (and enemy surprises)... oh man.

    2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Give me more of that FromSoftware! I dig all of the "ancient Japanese action games" of E3 (even though I'm predicting Sekiro is an original world, and not Japan), but I am digging this one the most.

    3. Babylon's Fall - This probably shouldn't but number 3, but I'm sticking it here anyway. Nothing to really go by yet, but I like the (plausible) idea that Square-Enix saw how well Nier: Automata did and quickly made a trip to Platinum with a bag of money and willingness to partner up again. Platinum Games got Sekiro'ed, if you will! Good for them and I'm excited to see what the game is.

    4. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey - I love studying the history of ancient Greece, and there just aren't many good games about it (especially ones focusing on the actual Greek people and not their mythologies). Hopefully this will be that game I've always wanted. Showing us playing as a descendant of King Leonidas and fighting battles alongside Spartan shields is a good start, Ubisoft.

    5. Cyberpunk 2077 - I haven't played The Witcher 3, but I know almost everyone loves it which makes me very encouraged. I'm also a big fan of Shadowrun and other cyberpunk universes, so I'm way into what I saw in this E3 trailer.

    Honorable Mention: Daemon x Machina. When people see your trailer for the first time and think "is this an Armored Core game?" and "is this a Platnium game?", you know it performed well.

    I can't do a "Worst" list because I don't play online games anymore, and I don't play mobile, VR, or most sports games. That's a huge overflow of games that don't interest me out of the gate, and it'd be boring for me to say anything about them.

    Here's some hot takes though I was disappointed with though:

    1. I want to love Anthem, but I'm veering deep into mixed feelings now. I'm expecting it to shape into an essentially multiplayer focused game that just won't be for me because it'd feel too repetitive to play solo. I'm also baffled that they didn't devote more time to showing off this game during their conference. It should have been their centerpiece, with a long deep dive into the game. I would have watched every minute, the setting on Anthem is quite compelling and I want to like this game.

    2. Where's Left Alive, Square-Enix?? This is supposed to be a 2018 game and it is a no-show!

    3. I wasn't into Battlefield V before E3, but I was legitimately very interested in seeing Nordlys's emotional story trailer that EA teased. But then Microsoft's conference came and the promised trailer felt like it was over in a few seconds!

  • @brannox said:

    Outside of the game itself, pretty much the entire Rage 2 portion. That was awkward and painful as can be.

    That was legitimately one of my favorite parts of E3. Stuff like that where corporate execs misjudge what the audience wants to see makes E3 for me, and every time they cut to the audience looking confused had me dieing of laughter.

    Just Dance. Enough said.

    Also something I loved. Mind you, I've never once in my life touched any of those games, but damned if they don't sell well enough each year for a new one to come out, so obviously there's people out there who love these games. Just accept we're not the audience for it and enjoy the stupid Ubisoft dance segments around them, hoping it isn't a year where they bring in a celebrity to promote it.

  • Banned

    Best, in no particular order:
    Control - Remedy could take a steaming shit in a box and I would preorder the special edition. I'm loving the psychedelic Psy Ops SCP vibes from the game though. Hope it is good.

    Death Stranding - Kojima has gone full retard, and I'm eating it up.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Origins peaked my interest but this is a lock. Ancient Greece is my favorite historical setting for anything. Can't wait.

    Doom Eternal - Definitely ready for some Hell on Earth.

    Smash Ultimate - I mean, what am I really supposed to say here? It's SMASH.

  • Best games based on either gameplay or details presented to us through the media:

    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Control
    • Hitman 2
    • Death Stranding
    • TLOU2

  • @el-shmiablo said in What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?:

    Best, in no particular order:
    Control - Remedy could take a steaming shit in a box and I would preorder the special edition. I'm loving the psychedelic Psy Ops SCP vibes from the game though. Hope it is good.

    Im a fan of remedy games like max payne or even alan wake but control doesn't impresses me. It looks like they are reusing quantm break asset with female protagonist. QB is worst remedy game.

  • Banned



  • Not in any real order except for number 1 best.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2
    Mostly from virtue of it being in actual development and I might maybe have this long, LONG awaited game in my hands some time next year (Hopefully)

    Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro
    Both games grabbed my attention Ghost looking like the open world Samurai/Ninja game I've long dreamed about, and by god the little details like the leaves moving on the ground during fights, the field of grass swaying in the wind, stabbing a guy thru a door, and the music present in the gameplay demo all impressed me, and it seriously looks like a game I will be spending many hours in the same way I do with the Yakuza or even the AC games, just walking thru a location simply taking in the sights and sounds of the region.

    As for Sekiro it looks like a sequal to Bloodborne which I cant complain about, mixed with some elements of Tenchu thrown in
    Will say i'm a bit suspicious of Activision publishing, but we will have to wait and see on that.

    RE2Make/Resident Evil 2
    This looks like the true sequel to RE4, well the first half of RE4 anyway, but still I'm excited and I kinda hope we also get a RE3 remake out of this too.

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Its Smash Bros, but with Everyone, plus Ridley, and if the rumor is true (hopefully it is) Simon Belmont too

    Devil May Cry 5
    Like Hot damn does this game look good (and nice to see that the RE engine will be used for more then RE), The King is ready to take back his throne and kick of that wimpy emo kid who only shops at Hot Topic because its the only place edgy enough for him.
    (Also I'm curious to see what Ruben Landon's(Voice/Mocap of Dante) facebook pic of him, Daniel Southworth, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Nolan North in a mocap studio will be leading to)

    Metro Exodus
    Not quite what it is just yet, but i've got a bad feeling about this one. While I did enjoy Last Light and 2033, Exodus is giving me this feeling in the pit of my stomach similar to Aliens: Colonial Marines about a month or so before it release. Granted Exodus is still a ways away and another demo might be shown between now and release that changes my mind.

    Honestly just feeling a bit burned out from Destiny 2 and its tire fire (hopefully Forsaken can fix that.....hopefully) and beyond the freedom of movement via flying around everywhere. Which honestly is pretty disappointing at first Anthem seemed like the kind of game that me, my cousin and brother would talk about as kids but now that something is coming out that is literally almost to a T what we wanted. I don't feel any enthusiasm towards it.

    Command and Conquer Rivals
    Not a fan of this franchise, but my god if I was I would be angry (which they are and rightfully so)

    New Star Wars game
    While I know that Battlefront 2 had a shit ton of controversy attached to it, and would likely drag down any new game announced. That announcement was by far the worst possible way to announce ANYTHING, doesn't matter who is the developer or publisher. For a game that has possibly been in development for the past 2 maybe 3 years. Like seriously this made anything from Konami's 2010 conference look like gold by comparison

    Kinda the same as above, although we at least got a trailer (albeit one thats about 30 seconds) and while I wasnt expecting a massive blowout for it. I was at least expecting a CG concept trailer, something that really sells the idea of the game.

    Honorable Best
    Death Stranding
    Nice to see something regarding the game's story, going to be one of these trailers i'll be pouring over every detail to see what lies hidden. Although based on the short snippets of gameplay in it, I have a strange feeling this will almost be a spiritual sequel to Shadow of the Colossus at least in terms of tone.

    I was already sold on the game from previous info, but adding the Sinister Six is always a good way to get me amped for Spiderman, along with what I think was a hint towards Venom.

    The Last of Us Part 2
    Was already sold even if I do personally feel that Joel and Ellie's story was finished and the franchise should continue as a Anthology series. I am curious to see where they can take the story. (Also am I the only one impressed that a third person game allows you charcter to squeeze thru cracks that are normally invisable walls in other similar games?)

    Honorable Worst
    While I am actually excited for the game (seeing as its the first Remedy game on Playstation since Max Payne 2) the trailer really didn't sell me too much, at least from what was shown in it. Feels like one of those games that once we get some kind of deep dive into it ill be hooked on it.

    Battle Toads
    Excited for the return of Zit, Pimple, and Rash, and if the trailer was anything to go on in 2.5D hand drawn animation, but man that trailer really didn't do anything to tell us what were getting (I mean even just a shot of the toads together would have been nice)

    Halo Infinite
    Trailer really didn't tell us anything, is it 6, is it a spin off, is it a Battle Royal game, WHAT IS IT?

  • Best (no particular order):
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    Beyond Good & Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2 remake

  • @mbun If the crowd was more into Andrew W.K.'s performance, it wouldn't stick out as much. But I have to give the guy credit: He and his band had a good time and didn't seem to care. Which, personally, is the absolute best attitude to have for something like that. What was the abosolute worst though is the awkward onstage silence between the two game directors, and when they did speak, at least at the start, it felt HEAVILY scripted and a cheap attempt to get a laugh. Personal miss.

    As far as Just Dance goes, the only positive I can say is I feel they smartly started off with it. If that happened mid show, it would have killed the pacing. With that being said, Just Dance is in the same category as EA's sports games: You know it's coming, you wait patiently for it to pass, and you hold the vain hope it does something different and... nope. People in costume going from point A to B for about five minutes. If they maybe showed the game on the screen and how it's changed from the previous version or a video package demonstrating why people should still be interested....

    I do agree with about the celebrity point though. Ubisoft LOVES having a celebrity or two on stage every year. As far as selling, they're still putting it on the Wii. STILL. 12 YEARS after the console launched.

    I know fully well I'm not the targeted audience. It's just a lamentation of wishing for something different.

  • @black-cell

    Actually take 5-10 minutes and do some research. Control does use the same engine as Quantum Break but that doesn't mean it reuses any assets.

    Since you probably will not, I've listed some of my favourite takeaways about Control from here:

    • Main character is Jesse Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The old director is an NPC in the game named Trench.

    • Most of the game (if not all of it) takes place in the Oldest House, the headquarters for the Bureau - but the Oldest House "transforms" throughout the story.

    • It's heavily inspired by the Annihilation book and the Poltergeist movie - and those inspirations are certainly evident throughout the gameplay demo.

    • Control has several Metroidvania elements and the developers are hoping to emulate a Dark Souls experience.

    • It has the best lighting mechanics ever used in a video game. That’s not an exaggeration.

    • It has a “brutalist” style of gameplay (not to be confused with brutalist-style architecture, which isn't used in the game).

    • Environments are "reactive" (hence Jesse's powers, which allow her to grab a hold of nearby objects), but not everything can be used or manipulated.

    • Control’s demo started out relatively normal, but as it went on, and as the developer playing the game entered new areas (known as Altered World Events), it just got progressively weirder and weirder… and weirder.

    If those points about Control don't make it sound like one of the more interesting games of E3, then I don't even know what to say. Yeah it LOOKS a bit like Quantum Break but so do many games that use the same engine.