What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?

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    Best, in no particular order:
    Control - Remedy could take a steaming shit in a box and I would preorder the special edition. I'm loving the psychedelic Psy Ops SCP vibes from the game though. Hope it is good.

    Death Stranding - Kojima has gone full retard, and I'm eating it up.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Origins peaked my interest but this is a lock. Ancient Greece is my favorite historical setting for anything. Can't wait.

    Doom Eternal - Definitely ready for some Hell on Earth.

    Smash Ultimate - I mean, what am I really supposed to say here? It's SMASH.

  • Best games based on either gameplay or details presented to us through the media:

    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • Control
    • Hitman 2
    • Death Stranding
    • TLOU2

  • @el-shmiablo said in What are top 5 best and worst games of this years E3?:

    Best, in no particular order:
    Control - Remedy could take a steaming shit in a box and I would preorder the special edition. I'm loving the psychedelic Psy Ops SCP vibes from the game though. Hope it is good.

    Im a fan of remedy games like max payne or even alan wake but control doesn't impresses me. It looks like they are reusing quantm break asset with female protagonist. QB is worst remedy game.

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  • Not in any real order except for number 1 best.

    Beyond Good & Evil 2
    Mostly from virtue of it being in actual development and I might maybe have this long, LONG awaited game in my hands some time next year (Hopefully)

    Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro
    Both games grabbed my attention Ghost looking like the open world Samurai/Ninja game I've long dreamed about, and by god the little details like the leaves moving on the ground during fights, the field of grass swaying in the wind, stabbing a guy thru a door, and the music present in the gameplay demo all impressed me, and it seriously looks like a game I will be spending many hours in the same way I do with the Yakuza or even the AC games, just walking thru a location simply taking in the sights and sounds of the region.

    As for Sekiro it looks like a sequal to Bloodborne which I cant complain about, mixed with some elements of Tenchu thrown in
    Will say i'm a bit suspicious of Activision publishing, but we will have to wait and see on that.

    RE2Make/Resident Evil 2
    This looks like the true sequel to RE4, well the first half of RE4 anyway, but still I'm excited and I kinda hope we also get a RE3 remake out of this too.

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    Its Smash Bros, but with Everyone, plus Ridley, and if the rumor is true (hopefully it is) Simon Belmont too

    Devil May Cry 5
    Like Hot damn does this game look good (and nice to see that the RE engine will be used for more then RE), The King is ready to take back his throne and kick of that wimpy emo kid who only shops at Hot Topic because its the only place edgy enough for him.
    (Also I'm curious to see what Ruben Landon's(Voice/Mocap of Dante) facebook pic of him, Daniel Southworth, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Nolan North in a mocap studio will be leading to)

    Metro Exodus
    Not quite what it is just yet, but i've got a bad feeling about this one. While I did enjoy Last Light and 2033, Exodus is giving me this feeling in the pit of my stomach similar to Aliens: Colonial Marines about a month or so before it release. Granted Exodus is still a ways away and another demo might be shown between now and release that changes my mind.

    Honestly just feeling a bit burned out from Destiny 2 and its tire fire (hopefully Forsaken can fix that.....hopefully) and beyond the freedom of movement via flying around everywhere. Which honestly is pretty disappointing at first Anthem seemed like the kind of game that me, my cousin and brother would talk about as kids but now that something is coming out that is literally almost to a T what we wanted. I don't feel any enthusiasm towards it.

    Command and Conquer Rivals
    Not a fan of this franchise, but my god if I was I would be angry (which they are and rightfully so)

    New Star Wars game
    While I know that Battlefront 2 had a shit ton of controversy attached to it, and would likely drag down any new game announced. That announcement was by far the worst possible way to announce ANYTHING, doesn't matter who is the developer or publisher. For a game that has possibly been in development for the past 2 maybe 3 years. Like seriously this made anything from Konami's 2010 conference look like gold by comparison

    Kinda the same as above, although we at least got a trailer (albeit one thats about 30 seconds) and while I wasnt expecting a massive blowout for it. I was at least expecting a CG concept trailer, something that really sells the idea of the game.

    Honorable Best
    Death Stranding
    Nice to see something regarding the game's story, going to be one of these trailers i'll be pouring over every detail to see what lies hidden. Although based on the short snippets of gameplay in it, I have a strange feeling this will almost be a spiritual sequel to Shadow of the Colossus at least in terms of tone.

    I was already sold on the game from previous info, but adding the Sinister Six is always a good way to get me amped for Spiderman, along with what I think was a hint towards Venom.

    The Last of Us Part 2
    Was already sold even if I do personally feel that Joel and Ellie's story was finished and the franchise should continue as a Anthology series. I am curious to see where they can take the story. (Also am I the only one impressed that a third person game allows you charcter to squeeze thru cracks that are normally invisable walls in other similar games?)

    Honorable Worst
    While I am actually excited for the game (seeing as its the first Remedy game on Playstation since Max Payne 2) the trailer really didn't sell me too much, at least from what was shown in it. Feels like one of those games that once we get some kind of deep dive into it ill be hooked on it.

    Battle Toads
    Excited for the return of Zit, Pimple, and Rash, and if the trailer was anything to go on in 2.5D hand drawn animation, but man that trailer really didn't do anything to tell us what were getting (I mean even just a shot of the toads together would have been nice)

    Halo Infinite
    Trailer really didn't tell us anything, is it 6, is it a spin off, is it a Battle Royal game, WHAT IS IT?

  • Best (no particular order):
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Ghost of Tsushima
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    Beyond Good & Evil 2
    Resident Evil 2 remake

  • @mbun If the crowd was more into Andrew W.K.'s performance, it wouldn't stick out as much. But I have to give the guy credit: He and his band had a good time and didn't seem to care. Which, personally, is the absolute best attitude to have for something like that. What was the abosolute worst though is the awkward onstage silence between the two game directors, and when they did speak, at least at the start, it felt HEAVILY scripted and a cheap attempt to get a laugh. Personal miss.

    As far as Just Dance goes, the only positive I can say is I feel they smartly started off with it. If that happened mid show, it would have killed the pacing. With that being said, Just Dance is in the same category as EA's sports games: You know it's coming, you wait patiently for it to pass, and you hold the vain hope it does something different and... nope. People in costume going from point A to B for about five minutes. If they maybe showed the game on the screen and how it's changed from the previous version or a video package demonstrating why people should still be interested....

    I do agree with about the celebrity point though. Ubisoft LOVES having a celebrity or two on stage every year. As far as selling, they're still putting it on the Wii. STILL. 12 YEARS after the console launched.

    I know fully well I'm not the targeted audience. It's just a lamentation of wishing for something different.

  • @black-cell

    Actually take 5-10 minutes and do some research. Control does use the same engine as Quantum Break but that doesn't mean it reuses any assets.

    Since you probably will not, I've listed some of my favourite takeaways about Control from here:

    • Main character is Jesse Faden, the new director of the Federal Bureau of Control. The old director is an NPC in the game named Trench.

    • Most of the game (if not all of it) takes place in the Oldest House, the headquarters for the Bureau - but the Oldest House "transforms" throughout the story.

    • It's heavily inspired by the Annihilation book and the Poltergeist movie - and those inspirations are certainly evident throughout the gameplay demo.

    • Control has several Metroidvania elements and the developers are hoping to emulate a Dark Souls experience.

    • It has the best lighting mechanics ever used in a video game. That’s not an exaggeration.

    • It has a “brutalist” style of gameplay (not to be confused with brutalist-style architecture, which isn't used in the game).

    • Environments are "reactive" (hence Jesse's powers, which allow her to grab a hold of nearby objects), but not everything can be used or manipulated.

    • Control’s demo started out relatively normal, but as it went on, and as the developer playing the game entered new areas (known as Altered World Events), it just got progressively weirder and weirder… and weirder.

    If those points about Control don't make it sound like one of the more interesting games of E3, then I don't even know what to say. Yeah it LOOKS a bit like Quantum Break but so do many games that use the same engine.

  • There was one single game that I thought had a bad showing and that is DQ11

    Like yeah Dragon Quest 11 looks fine, but there's nothing particular appealign calling me to it, and most of its charm seems to simply come from its legacy, and that's fine and the game is probably good despite that, but it's not something that really making me care about it.

    There were plenty of other games that I thought had bad showings, but those are not of my interest in any case.

    Now on the good side, there were three standouts to me,

    Kingdom Hearts 3

    I do not care at all about KH, I've only played two and I will not play any other games in the franchise, Square had their chance of making me interested but so much time has passed that the interest has gone away, that said the game looks phenomenal and I'll likely end up buying an used copy and not carrying about the nonsense story and just enjoy my time with Buzz and Woody.

    The Last of Us 2

    I have to see the game in actual motion because it is hard to believe that demo was real, the animations were simply unbelievable.


    The reveal was cool and I really want to see actual gameplay, but man all the commentary around it is just so encouraging, the concept and setting are already super cool, and I think we have reason to trust the team to deliver, so yeah show more of that please.

  • My personal best in order

    • The Last Of Us Part 2
      I was not at all prepared for that gameplay, the flow in combat and all the details had me hooked from started to finish. The little we know about the story seems to be really engaging and the soundtrack is just perfect, much like the first game.

    • Resident Evil 2 Remake
      Since last year i have been hooked on this series, after years of looking the other way. I really enjoyed 7 and it looks to me that the remake is going in a similar direction, survival horror > action. The reveal was probably the best moment from this E3 for me. The moment i saw the ps1 controller in the trailer my mind went straight to RE2 remake but it kept me guessing until the saw the actual zombie, Magnificent.

    • Assassins Creed: Odyssey
      I love these ancient eras. Im currently playing through Origins and i look forward to this. I just hope they keep the animus stuff to a minimum. Choosing your character and dialogue-choises is also refreshing.

    • The Division 2
      This one is easy, i played way to many hours of division 1, and i still log in from time to time and spend a few days.
      New setting and season was needed, changes to gameplay looks good so far. I just hope the endgame lasts longer and keeps getting updated.

    • Cyberpunk 2077
      I am happy to see this game at E3, i enjoyed witcher 3 even though it felt abit long. The setting is refreshing.

    Honorable Mentions

    • Death Stranding
      I would be more hype if i knew what i was watching. I have too many questions still.

    • Battlefield 5 / Nordlys
      I live pretty close to where the story seems to take place, the few trailers ive seen has peaked my interest in this game. Im just worried that the story will feel short. Might try out some multiplayer.

    • Rise Of The Tomb Raider
      Impressive visuals. I own the first two games, but i havent had the time to play through them yet.

    • The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit
      I liked Life is strange. I will probably play the 2nd game. This is a nice free gift.

    • Ghost of Tsushima
      This should have been among my top 5s, it surely was before E3. I lost so much hype for this game after this demo, and i can't put my finger on why. Maybe it was the fact that i saw it right after the TLOU2s gameplay demo, but i just felt odd.


    • Bethesda
      To much talk, a few cinematics and almost no gameplay. Skyrim joke was funny, other then that both Fallout and Elder Scrolls just feels old to me. Was hoping for some Evil Within dlc or similar.

    • Nintendo
      I get that they wanted to show off Smash, but cmon. No core Pokemon news at all? No Metroid?

    • EA
      This show just keeps hitting new lows. I snoozed out just to be awaken to a Star Wars title and.... nothing else. Also where is NHL and all the new big changes?

    • Days Gone
      No room during the actual Sony conference? Have they lost faith in this game? Gameplay looked wonky.

    • Anthem
      The biggest disappointment for me this E3. I played Destiny, Destiny 2 and Division and i was so looking forward to this game after last E3. But what i saw, or didnt get to see really got me worried. I have a feeling this game might be shortlived. So much talk and i still dont know some of the core elements of this game.

    All in all im happy about this years E3 shows. If i could improve it for next year i would find a new spot for the PC Gamer show, ban all phone-games and improve the quality surrounding the official streams. Hearing people talking backstage and failing with the audio/video when showing trailers is really annoying. Good Job EZA for this E3 though!

  • @bard91

    I feel everything you are saying. I've never played Dragon Quest before besides screwing around in DQ8 on PS2 years ago. Despite the middle of the road showcase at E3, seeing anything about it excites me because I'm not familiar with any of it. I think it looks really cute and reminds me of the homey vibes I got playing Tales of Symphonia back in the day.

    • KH3, TLOU2, and Cyberpunk all blew me away based on either gameplay or details given behind closed doors.

  • The Best

    1. Most of the Sony conference. Super imo but I was in love with those long demos for TLoU2, Spider-Man and Ghosts of Tsushima, and it even had a surprise or two, and a new KH3 trailer! I own a PS4 so, this was an easy good time for me.
    2. Xbox and Ubisoft. Xbox brought a lot of things, and I had fun watching Ubisoft.
    3. Cyberpunk 2077. I loved that world trailer, but I also loved when Bloodworth said the trailer was representative of the demo he played.
    4. AC Odyssey. I have enjoyed Origins a lot, and I'm pretty into the RPG upgrades for this one, add to that Ancient Greece, and I'm pleasantly surprised.

    Really just three things for me.

    1. The intermission during the Sony conference, and making people move. Pointless, but even if they wanted to do it, they should have planned better to cover it for the streaming audience.
    2. Square Enix direct. Why would you show almost the same KH trailer? I just didn't see the reason why they HAD to do their own thing. More disappointing I guess because they theoretically had the most I would have been excited for.
    3. Command and Conquer Rivals. It's not so much that this game exists that angers me. It's that they played it off like a reveal, waiting til the end to say the name. Not to mention mobile games should not take up that much time in a conference.

    Overall I liked most of this E3.

  • My personal pick for best,surprises and disappointment.

    Starting off with Honorable mentions.

    • The Last of Us Part 2
      This game will be amazing no matter what, but I'll still keep my expectations low, simply because the first game was so amazing and it'll hard to top that, but I've faith in Naughty Dog.

    • Kingdom Hearts 3
      Nothing to say rather than this game will be amazing. Only a slight disappointment we won't see it this year, it would have been a nice touch if it came out in December this year due to KH2 came out in December 2005 in Japan.


    • Resident Evil 2 Remake
      My favorite game in the series, it's finally happening and so soon! I expected we would wait another year for it. And by the looks of it, this could be the best remake ever made so far!

    • Devil May Cry 5
      The wait is finally over, ever since I finished dmc4 I've been waiting for a sequel and it's finally happening after ten years! Capcom won E3 without a doubt!

    • Cyberpunk 2077
      Finally revealed. I love the setting and by the sound of it, CDPR will take it a step further, they're really making a name for themselves.

    • Ghost of Tsushima
      I expected it to be good, but not this good. Right now my most anticipated first party game. I love the setting, it looks amazing and I'm a sucker for feudal japan. This game is right up my alley!

    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
      Nothing to say than it looks amazing and I'm so on board.


    • The Division 2
      I only played the beta of the first game and was immediately turned off. However, with The Division 2 I'm on board! It looks like they've done a lot of QoL improvements and I'm a fan of this setting than the one of the first game.

    • Assassin's Creed Odyssey
      At first when it got leaked and announced I thought "ooh here we go again with yearly quick moneygrab" Turns out I was wrong, even though it looks similar to origins, I'm a big fan of a setting and finally be able to play as a female. A nice game changer and added more rpg elements. Hopefully it lives up the expectations.

    • Skull & Bones
      Last year I thought it looked cool, but nothing for me. But now I'm looking forward for this. It looks like a fun multiplayer you can kick back and relax for a few hours with friends.

    • Nioh 2
      This was totally unexpected! I liked the first game and it looks like they'll do a lot of improvements in the sequel and make it more challenging. Day 1!


    • Anthem
      Was interested at first, but not anymore. While it's a good concept, It just looks dull and boring and will probably be fun for 1-2 weeks then get boring.

    • Command&Conquer Rivals
      Well EA managed to do it. They revived and killed a legendary franchise within a few seconds. I don't need to say anymore than that, HUGE disappointment.

    • Sony conference
      While the exclusives and games shined. This conference was horrible! I don't understand why Sony are trying so hard with their gimmicks. Just try to copy 2016, it was the perfect formula.

    • Square Enix showcase
      I didn't expect much, but I can't help to be disappointed. Was there even a point of having one?

    • Death Stranding
      Yep, I'm surprised that this would be on my disappointment list. At first reveal I was hyped, but now after 4 trailers I'm disappointed. Why? We know nothing about this game and all we've seen are teaser trailers, the hype is gone. It could be a hit or miss for me, but right now, my expectations are low.