Fallout 76 (PC/PS4/XB1)

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    Hard to tell, considering the season.
    While I was expecting places to offer like $5-$10 off, 20 is a bit telling.

  • Online games sink in price faster than tickets for Amy Schumer. In CeX today I see Titanfall, Destiny and Battlefield for 50p. These games are useless past their short time in the public eye, while people will still happily pay for the likes of Fallout 2.

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    I think we might be able to agree on the story not being Bethesda's strong suit. I agree the adventure is the best part, but also context for your quest is usually good too. For example, Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion is one of the best quest lines in gaming. I won't deny that Fallout 76 provides some awesome context and a good reason to be doing what you are doing. If you say so then I believe you. I just haven't seen anything that seems very interesting from previews. I'll take your word for it though because Fallout 4 really didn't have me motivated to learn or see anything new so it wouldn't surprise me if Fallout 76 tried harder in that department.

  • @sabotagethetruth Giantbomb refuses to play the game further because it is so bad

  • @axel That's a tricky one to answer, honestly. While the world doesn't change necessarily, you are granted access to new areas by completing quests and you do uncover more of the stories behind the area. Yes, those people are long and gone so no one is staring you in the face thanking you, but the reward is moreso the satisfaction that comes with solving a mystery. I've mentioned the Order of Mysteries several times because it's honestly a highlight for me and gives some Dark Brotherhood vibes (not as good, of course). There's other things like solving the mystery of a kidnapped boy that adds intrigue and you start learning about the various corporations in West Virginia that set up shop and how they were using the residents for their own purposes. While we're on the subject, I absolutely consider robots as NPCs and those will thank you for helping them. Helping a dainty British robot brew his tea didn't feel any different from helping a dainty British person drink their tea, I don't discriminate just because an entity is made out of steel.

    I think the biggest change you can see in the world immediately has to be the nukes, but I can't comment on that. I've never seen one happen yet and I've only obtained one portion of a launch code. I'm sure I'll be sharing that experience when it happens.

    As far as future content, the developers keep mentioning new vaults opening up. New vaults means people more than likely and apparently, that should be happening in the upcoming weeks. Given the backlash of "no NPCs anywhere", the safe money is on them introducing people into the world.

    @El-Shmiablo I'd say the gunplay is untouched. I never personally had a problem with Fallout shooting but I recognize its behind most of its contemporaries. Destiny feels much, much better in terms of shooting things.

  • So I just snagged it for $15 last night

  • Been playing it for a bit, it's definitely the online Fallout game i expected from Bethesda. It's a broken, buggy, unpolished mess that i just can't hate. Fallout 4 was the most fun i ever had playing a Bethesda game, despite all it's major flaws, so considering that 76 (gameplay wise) is essentially the exact same game but with quality of life improvements here and there, it's no surprise that i enjoyed this game.

    The gunplay feels as good as in FO4, which i already love. I thought the VATS implementation was neat and works well enough, although it's much less useful now. The enemy variety so far is pretty great, maybe the most varied in a Bethesda Fallout game yet.

    They added some survival mechanics in this game, like having to eat and drink to avoid negative status effects. I think it fits Fallout perfectly, although i can imagine the game having none of these mechanics and still working out fine.

    The CAMP system makes me way more invested in the building mechanic just because i can move it around the map, and so far i have encountered no problems during said action.

    The game also expands the crafting system from FO4, adding more stuff to craft and more resources to use, which i appreciate. Collecting wood just to make boiling water feels appropriate. I do wish that you can use an axe or something to chop any trees to collect wood, instead of running to the nearest lumber mill or searching for some broken tree stumps.

    The story is definitely the part where this game lost my interest a lot. Holotapes are awesome, but they can't hold the burden of having to deliver most of the game's story.

    Despite enjoying this game, i do wish that they would make this game to be a singleplayer spin off like New Vegas instead. The building blocks are all there. West Virginia is a great location to explore, and there's cool story bits that has great potential if they're fleshed out properly. Making the main story about you and all your fellow 76 dwellers (that are all actual, fully written characters) would be such a neat idea to do. I don't think that the Bethesda writers can actually do those things properly, but i think i would still prefer that way more than this.

    I don't think Bethesda would support this game for very long, considering the weak sales and negative reactions the game got. As long as they do so, i will at the very least make quick visits to the Appalachia.

  • Also, this is the coolest thing i've seen this month.

  • @bam541 A lot of the the hunger/thirst/ammo weight ideas were implemented in Fallout 4 under the survival mode, which also had you managing sleep and unable to fast travel. I never tried it in FO4 but I appreciate it in 76 as certain items actually have purpose - I would never pick up most of the snacks and drinks but now I find them to be immensely helpful.

    As far as support, I think it'll have legs. The Elder Scrolls MMO was extremely rocky at launch as well but I've heard it has improved quite a bit since then. Considering this game is going to have to tide fans over until Fallout 5 (which is probably... I dunno, 8 years away, maybe?), it'd be a little silly to pick up an entirely new team and drop support early. I'm sure sales numbers are lower than expected but that press release before the game came out sounded like they were fully aware they had made Frankenstein's monster and it wasn't going to be super well received.

  • @bam541 John Carpenter might be my spirit animal.

  • I think i'm slowly turning against this game. Despite all the qualities of it that i mentioned, for some reason the whole experience just slowly turned sour for me since the last time i posted here. Maybe it's because after i've been playing it a lot (without playing other games) for nearly a week and letting the hype get over me. Now that i have played other games and released my hype, i'm feeling kinda disappointed. This is weird, never felt like this before. I think i'm gonna play Fallout 4 again instead.

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  • @el-shmiablo Bethesda: Don't like your bag? Here's the door. Succ it!

  • Gonna be an awkward E3 for Bethesda if they hold another show. Like everything else from the Zenimax family will be fine, but I can almost see bullet proof glass coming down to protect Todd from incoming shoes.

  • I've actually been away from the game myself, but that's due to hearing about recent patches and just wanting to play when those have been implemented.

    December 4th has a much, much, much needed stash increase and December 11th should make it easier to move your CAMP around.

  • I don't agree with the score, but I understand.

  • For everything Ben said in the review, I can't help but maintain a sliver of interest in this title. I mean, did you see that sick hermit crab?! There's no way I'd pay full price for this disaster and support them releasing games in this state, but if it ever came down to in the five dollar range and got most the "can't finish quests" bugs patched, I just might take a little bite. There's some weird appeal for me to exploring a wasteland of a wasteland, and even the worst incarnation of Fallout still feels like something to explore. I just think it is best to restructure expectations from a AAA title to the kind of dumb game Kyle used to play on Mondays once upon a time.

    If you really love this game, hopefully nothing I just said annoyed you. I haven't played this. I bear no ill will to people who enjoy it and only have Ben's thoughts as well as the stream he did previously on the game to go off of. I trust his judgement, but like I said above, I still feel I could get something out of it for the right price.