Fallout 76 (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • Noticed we don't have a topic for this game yet so I figured I'd get the ball rolling.

    Like a lot of the world, I'm a little weary with the game taking a more multiplayer focus but I can't help but be excited with the prospects that could potentially open up. I've just finished watching a playthrough of the first game and decided to look into the timeline of Fallout, which is known for being pretty dense. This game is set in 2102, the earliest in the timeline for any Fallout game. Something that I find really fascinating about that year is that is the year the Master, the main antagonist of the first Fallout and creator of Super Mutants, is "born". Geographically, he's becoming a menace near Los Angeles and 76 takes place in West Virginia but.... I feel like the game taking place in that year has to be more than a coincidence. Who knows though, the plot in this one might be extremely minimal.

    So what about you all? Thoughts, impressions?

  • Also, it's rare we get a high quality doc about a game before it's released, so here's something to celebrate.

    Youtube Video

  • The Noclip documentary is top notch, if you haven't watched it you might want to because they talk a bit more about what's the game going to be like, and from the sound of it, it's a pretty interesting game.

    Anyway, my hype of all things Fallout naturally drew me into this game, but i'm kinda worried about the plot too. I'm probably going to play lone wolf the whole way through, so i'm counting on that to make my experience enjoyable. Since it's a rural environment, there's probably going to be a less amount of terminals, which provided the best stories in Fallout 4, so i don't know how they going to pull off the story this time. I guess if the story does disappoint, the encounters with other people should be interesting too.

  • @bam541 I've got a bunch of friends on board, so I imagine I'll be playing alone and with friends (when schedules permit). For me, I've always found the main plot of most Bethesda games to be pretty forgettable, but some of their side quests are great, so I'm curious how much "motivation" they provide there, beyond just wanting to get better gear. What I truly hope is they focus on storytelling through location, like finding a vault and uncovering documents and audio logs stating what happened there.

    I also think it's super important how much they're emphasizing the size of the map. Normally, I don't care when a developer mentions "this is our largest game yet!" but I feel like it's integral to the flow of this particular game. Doing a quick check online, you can cross the map in Fallout 4 in about 41 minutes. If 76 is 4x as large, that's nearly 3 hours in real world time JUST to cross the map, provided you don't get distracted by anything along the way. That should make player encounters rare and intimate and makes me wonder how exactly I personally am going to handle interactions. Do I go the Huber route and mention I have no quarrel? Or do I murder everyone mercilessly for fun? Outside of the MMO realm, those sort of decisions don't really exist in games right now.

    Watching that excellent Noclip documentary, one thing that really resonated with me is how much Todd said they want to take chances instead of playing it safe. Listening to the team working on this game, their heads are in the right place and I just hope they can maintain their philosophy as the game launches, grows, and new content begins to hit.

  • @sabotagethetruth Now that you mention it, i think i'm gonna go the Huber route, let's see how long i can last lol.

    That's my favorite thing about Todd and crew, their desire to take chances. Fallout 4 took some chances too, like the voiced protagonist. Many of those changes obviously turned out not so well, but i figure it's much interesting this way. I just hope they can learn from their mistakes properly.

  • I'm super excited for it! I just like to explore these worlds and rarely interact with npcs or story anyway so this might be better for me :P

  • I'm always excited about new ideas. I would love to see how this turns out... I would love to see RP servers as well. That'd be so cool.

  • Here's the live panel Bethesda did at QuakeCon days ago about Fallout 76. I haven't watched it myself but i did catch some little things they talk about from other sources and it sounds very cool.

    Youtube Video

    Also, they released a fun video about their card-based perks system. Don't worry, it has been confirmed that the card are not going to be obtainable through microtransactions.

    Youtube Video

  • The game's in-game intro. Would have loved to see live action again like in Fallout 4's wonderful intro, but this is pretty well done nonetheless.

    Youtube Video

  • Youtube Video

    The cave section has me HYPED.

    It's really funny to me how the comment section is extremely negative, talking about the awful framerate... when it's something addressed in the video itself, that the issue should be resolved by time the beta rolls around.

  • @sabotagethetruth People just like to shit on Bethesda for everything nowadays. I don't even check the comments section on videos having to do with Bethesda just because of the sheer negativity so many people have towards them.

    As for the game itself, this video has not raised or lowered my hype for it. To me the draw of this game is the open-world and the lore contained within it, which the video didn't really touch on.

  • @sabotagethetruth said in Fallout 76 (PC/PS4/XB1):

    that the issue should be resolved by time the beta rolls around.

    In all fairness, the exact words are "smoothed out", not resolved. The gameplay shown looks clunky, just in terms of frames, hitching whenever you enter a menu, etc. That's a perfectly okay thing to have raised eyebrows over.

  • @hazz3r That comment section doesn't have raised eyebrows though. Those eyebrows have raised so high that they no longer exist on the body. If I played Fallout for framerate... well, I wouldn't play any Fallout at all then, since none of them run smoothly at all. Maybe Fallout Tactics? Never tried that one.

  • Fun game but shaky framerates? Check. Good ol' Bethesda's at it again. I'm still worried about the storytelling in the game, but everything else looks great.

  • @bam541 If I had to wager a guess, when playing in a group, there's not going to be much storytelling besides environmental stuff. I don't think any of us has the sheer focus required to read through terminals and notes while our friends are making noise and talking to us about the latest episode of [insert popular anime name here]. I'm glad it looks like there are opportunities to read those things though and I plan on diving into that sort of thing when I'm playing solo.

    Strangely, I want the team to take inspiration from Fortnite. Arguably one of the most fascinating things about Fortnite is how the map continues to change and evolve. Dusty Depot was such a boring area - 3 warehouses in the middle of the map. Weeks and weeks of build-up has a meteor crash into it, creating a huge crater and destroying most of the warehouses. Eventually, the government moved in to investigate the meteor, trees started sprouting up, and currently, the warehouses have been rebuilt into a diner showcasing the history of the meteor. That is a lot of storytelling occurring without a single bit of dialogue for a game where the sole purpose is to be number one. Fallout could easily adapt this formula and with a map this huge? Changes could go unnoticed for quite awhile.

  • @sabotagethetruth That would be very cool! If they're planning for this game to last for years, constant updates like that would be necessary.

  • Improving impressions from Polygon found here.

    Touched on some things I had already expected - there is enough story to be interesting, it's just a million times better as a solo player and VATS is proving to be more and more useful.

  • Youtube Video

    "Fallout 76 has been an absolutely divisive game and I can see why. It's not quite Fallout enough for fans of the traditional games but it's also not quite what people expect from a multiplayer survival game, it's somewhere in the middle - but for me, that's been great. I've always just wanted a real Bethesda experience but with other people and that's exactly what they're delivering here."

    Honestly, this 13 minute video from Force answered so many questions I had in such a concise manner. I love Ben to death but he's just been applying some weird desires to the game that has made the Easy Allies coverage of it lacking so far. In the most recent Frame Trap, he talks about how there's no emotional connection to what he's doing in game and that's a weird thing to note on, when I honestly haven't felt any emotional connection in any of the Fallout games. Sure, 4 starts with you looking for your son, but he's captured in the very beginning, so it's more of a mission objective than an emotional beacon for you to follow. To me, Fallout has always been about fighting mutated creatures, looting the hell out of things, and environmental storytelling adding to a sense of desperation and loneliness.

    I'm ready for the rough ride ahead.

  • I have a couple of codes for the Beta, if anyone wants to jump in the last day, tomorrow and hasn't had a chance!

  • Has anyone been checking out the beta? I was only able to play a bit yesterday and today, but so far I think I'm enjoying it more than FO4, as weird as I think that is.