Age and Distance

  • Hello allies, i have something cooking up on my brain for a while.

    Back when i was little (around 10 years old), the PSP Monster Hunter games are my absolute favorites. I used to play it all the time; i took my PSP to school everyday, and sneak in a couple minutes whenever i can (never got in trouble for it fortunately). It helps that my friends are also interested in Monster Hunter. When i got home, i usually continue playing. Whenever i go on a trip, Monster Hunter always follows. This continues for a couple years, then i completely stopped for reasons i'm forgetting (maybe my PSP broke or something).

    Back in E3 2017, the Sony Conference has a very special surprise: Monster Hunter World! From that day until it's release i was hyped up about it, looking to revitalized my long-lost interest in MH and embarking on a full-on console quality MH game. When i got the game, it's pretty much a dream come true, it just looks and plays better than i want it to be. But i just realized that i hardly touched the game since then, i definitely played it here and there but it's nowhere near my childhood obsession for MH. When i think about why, the conclusion i reached is that MH games are just not my thing anymore, the kind of gameplay it offers doesn't really scratch any itches for me. My tastes in gaming has completely transformed due to a lot of games that i played in the period after my MH obsession.

    So, my question to all of you guys here is: Do you have any similar experiences like i did? Is there any gaming franchises or genres that you used to love, but no longer due to the passage of time or any similar reason?

  • I loved games as a kid but I didn't have very many, so I just learned to cherish or have fun with games that weren't very good. I grew up with an NES, so my parents got me a lot of licensed stuff that ranged from mediocre to bad instead of the classics that the console is known for. They didn't know any better and neither did I apart from going occasionally going to the arcade. Now I can see pretty clearly that almost all of them were bad games.

    As far as genres... not really. I played NHL and FIFA for a bit as a teenager, but more because it was something I could play with my brother.

  • My tastes have expanded over time as I've been introduced to new things, but there is no game or genre that I've suddenly stopped enjoying or enjoy less than I used to, no.

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    I think its just that we change as people over the years, even if we like it or not. Playing other games gives perspective and if you already have put in x-amount of hours into a game series you kinda get ready to move on!

  • I used to love the Civilization series. I have fond memories of very slowly and gradually learning how to play Civ 1 at a very young age where those types of games where too complex for me to handle. When Civilization 2 came around, I played it ravenously in all its iterations and would share stories with my friends who were playing it at the same time. Civilization 3 was also a gem to me, played it tons. Mastered both games to death. But with Civilization 4 I dropped off, and hard quit after a few weeks. I haven't touched Civ 4 or the sequels since. I actually went into Civ 4 sort of expecting this to happen. After playing so much Civ I grew to understand what I like and what I don't like about the series, in particular the core reasons why Civ games feel stale to me after I play them for a while. It was clear to me the developers weren't going to make the necessary changes to the Civ formula that I wanted, so I've drifted away from the series. I still routinely watch and observe from the sidelines though how each new Civilization entry evolves, perhaps out of hope or curiosity.

  • @lotias Good point. I wonder if this effect is affected by the "evolution" of the series. Games like God of War (2018) and Resident Evil 7 revitalized my interest in their respective series since they changed the formula so much.

    @Chocobop I'm curious, what kind of changes do you want to the Civ formula?

  • @Chocobop I'm curious, what kind of changes do you want to the Civ formula?

    It's been a while since I've tried to articulate my thoughts on this subject, so I could probably consume an hour or more trying to really reformulate it deeply. But to state it briefly, the part of the Civ formula that has gotten me disaffected (disaffected after 7-10 years mind you) has to do with the fact that it is a fundamentally a game where you spend 500-1000 turns doing 20+ actions each, almost all of which don't individually matter very much. It makes the game tedious, especially if you want to wage war and conquer.

    I still enjoy other elements of Civ, but I'm most hooked in a new Civ game during the early "learning how to play" / "mastering the systems" phase. This type of fun burns itself out though, because you eventually plateau in skill level against the AI. It's at that point I feel that playing becomes especially stale because I usually know how my current game is going to play out, and yet it takes a long time and a lot of tedium to finish.

    I just want to stomp my boot over the AI more quickly once I become good enough, but the Civ games aren't geared for that expediency.

  • @chocobop Ah okay, that long haul is what defined the Civ games for me so i can definitely see your point.

  • I'm not quite sure if this counts, but I view Warcraft 2 as one of my most beloved games of all time. I will still fire it up from time to time, and play a match against the CPU. But I was never really able to get into Warcraft 3, or any of the Starcraft games. This is mostly about a series getting more complex than I was comfortable with, rather than me aging out of liking RTS games, but this thread makes me think of that. I still really wish Blizzard would revive Warcraft 2 somehow.

  • Maybe not that I don't like them anymore, but JRPGs are hard for me to finish now. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.
    I also have found that I don't have as much patience for the older games I loved. I tried to replay Xenogears a few years back, and other than a lack of time, I found it frustrating to grind. I guess I do prefer faster paced RPGs nowadays.

    I'm a little scared that I won't finish KH3, despite getting everything in the first 2 games.