The Long Game

  • Hi allies,

    So today, I finished Planescape: Torment which I have been playing here and there over the past year. Wonderful game if you have not played it (and do not mind compelling but dated graphics and a lot of reading). After finishing it, I feel a sense of loss, like a friend I checked in on regularly has left. This got me thinking about how sometimes I get more attached to games I play casually over longer periods of time than the games that I completely obsess over for a few days or weeks. Don't get me wrong, I dove deep into recent games like God of War, Monster Hunter World, Nier Automata. Breath of the Wild etc, but at the same time I was ravenously enjoying those, once a week or even month, I would slowly progress through Planescape. It was always there when I wanted to spend time with it. A few other examples in recent memory are my first playthrough of Witcher 3 and Persona 5, both of which took me 8-12 months to get through. Yes, you sometimes have to remind yourself what you were doing at the close of your last play session, but then you look back and remember where you were in your own life when you started, reached milestones of progression, and finished these games. And in this way they become more personal and meaningful. Does anyone else have a few games they have played in this way?

  • I usually finish games within a month, but there are definitely some exceptions. Persona 3 was the first of that kind for me. It took like 5-6 months to finish it. I remember when i started that game, my friends and i are beginning to study seriously for the upcoming university entrance exams. Every now and then i took some time to play games, and Persona 3 was one of them. I finished that game the day before the exam results were announced. I was so anxious back then, and that game's ending didn't help at all lol. Now, i associate that game with memories of daily late-night studies and stress.

  • I try not to take too much time off from games, but lately thats difficult to avoid. I love long games and there have been so many coming out that they start to overlap a bit and I end up favoring some over others to finish faster. I've been playing Nioh since Christmas and Ni No Kuni 2 and Kingdom Come off and on since they released, finishing other games in between

  • I know exactly what you're talking about, but I can't do that anymore with games. The amount of games I want to get through has got to a point where I just have to plough on if I want to keep up.

    I first really experienced it with a TV series. I'm not much of a binger myself, but It came about once with Smallville, a series I had only watched one series of when it was on TV. I later bought the whole boxset and watched all 10 series in one go. Come the emotional finale though, where it has flashbacks for the 10 years of Clarks life and what he's been though, I suddenly realised how much more impactful things are when the time you have spent with it come close to matching that of the timeline of the product in question.
    Modern convenience has many disadvantages, unfortunately there's not a lot we can do to change the way things are going.

  • I felt the exact same way when I beat Persona 4 Golden over the course of a year. Playing another game felt like I was turning my back on Teddie, Yukiko, Rise, and the gang. I got over it very fast but I totally get it.

  • @dipset I completely agree with that pick! I played P4G also over a year (including on my honeymoon lol) and have fond memories of the time I spent with it. Def hard to say goodbye to every personal game I have played because I typically take forever to get through them.

  • If I don't finish a game within a month then it's likely I never will.

    Witcher 3 is one of the only ones that I kept coming back to over a year+ period until I finally finished it.

  • I'm all about taking my time with games, but that's partially because I don't have much time to play. Only play about an hour a night. I think it helps me appreciate games in new ways, though. I like it.

  • Feeling the opposite of how I usually feel with the long haul games while picking away at The Witcher III. I love it but I also don't love it and I find it difficult to finish. I want that feeling of knowing I've completed the series starting in 2011 and finishing up in 2018. I just don't know if I'll ever finish it.

  • Nah I couldn't do that really, if I had the urge to play a game like this it would basicalyl mean I don't really enjoy this game. Usually I try to alternate between 2-3 games (means like 1 day I play game #1, the day after i play game #2, the next day I play #3 and then back to #1 etc) but every so often one of those games is so good, like Nier Automata for example which I alternated with Horizon and Zelda BotW at the time, but after a few days my urge to just play Nier grew and grew till I decided to just do that, and from then I only played Nier every day till I platinum'd it. Persona 5 was another game like that, once I started I only played it till completion.