E3 2016 Final Bets - Bosman V Huber

  • @Whoaness said in E3 2016 Final Bets - Bosman V Huber:

    @Whoaness said in E3 2016 Final Bets - Bosman V Huber:

    Knowing Bosman, he'll probably stream a video of someone else's playthrough.

    He's a sneaky type with what he did last year. Bosman is the Loki of EZA.

    It's all my fault... isn't it?


    Final Bosman Tier Trolling

    alt text

  • For reference and analysis, here are the exact stakes that Huber outlined to Bosman before E3 2016:

    I, Kyle Bosman, agree to the terms set forth within this document, in regards to the proposed stakes outlined by Michael Patrick Huber during the Easy Allies E3 Bets Showdown.

    I will stream LIVE, a complete full playthrough of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, from a new save slot to the ending credits on Easy Allies' Twitch page in no more than 3 sessions. Finishing no later than July 8th, 2016. 3 minutes prior to each stream, I will tweet, from my own personal twitter account @KyleBosman, the following quote with no less and no more words or symbols attached, "I'm about to stream my favorite game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. #masterpiece". Upon full completion of the game, I will discuss my favorite parts of the game for no less than 3 minutes on Huber Syndrome.

    Kyle Bosman

  • Kyle should be banned from betting for one special for this loophole abuse. Open the Slusser Cup to all challengers!

  • What's the point of even watching bets at this point. I get the joke that he's gonna grease his way out of the stakes but really?

    I understood the one hour of animal jokes, a one our original comedy special would have been literally impossible, and the original 10 about animals was a good callback and chuckles were had, I get that too. But this is just pointless by now. Bosman can now never actually lose, and Huber stands nothing to gain because he has the honor to actually do the things he has to when losing a bet.

  • @jifw52 The loophole comes from how he has to "stream live a playthrough", not "stream a live playthrough". He did indeed stream a playthrough that was not live. But, to me, I don't think it says the playthrough has to be live, just that the stream has to be live.

  • I must say, the salt from "Huber's STUPID fans" is making this 1000x better. This is magical.

  • I think the funniest thing is seeing how much these contracts will escalate in the future. :)

  • To me it really doesn't count because among streamers, saying you will stream a game cannot be interpreted as re-streaming someone else's playthrough. In the world of streaming, what Kyle did was rebroadcast. He rebroadcasted a playthrough of ALTTP.

    Where as, 1 hour of stand up, does not directly imply original jokes. In this bet, if the bet was original stand up, and Kyle just stole jokes from someone else and then said "Well it's original to me!" - We wouldn't count that either.

    Loopholes are funny for those that buy into the logic. If the logic doesn't make sense to people, then the loophole and epic 1337 master-trolling doesn't have any charm or appeal.

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    Hug Check

  • @Whoaness They did a hug check just after the carmageddon game started.