Quasi-Official Game Screenshot Thread

  • Mirror's Edge: Catalyst (PC)

    Nvidia Ansel - Lightroom for fine tuning colour

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

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  • My very short experience in Steep, in a nutshell. Can't get the damn binoculars to work and also got stuck on the side of a cliff. Uninstall.


  • I really dig the various armor sets in DES, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, but Vengarl's is my new favorite. And who said anything about sword and board? I'm going kite and smite!

    alt text

    EDIT: And yes, I went full Guts at one point.

    alt text

  • Sekiro doesn't have a photo mode which is quite disappointing because I am seeing a few things I'd like to try by moving the camera around. I'm only familiar with easy to use photo tools like Reshade and Nvidia Ansel. I am having a hard time understanding photo injectors such the Sekiro one by Jim2point0 or Frans Bouma camera tools. If somebody can steer me in the right direction on where to learn, I would appreciate it very much. I think the idea of "injecting" code using an injector is universal if you have used it for another purpose in the past?

    Anyways, here are some shots from Sekiro. Nothing fancy until I figure out how to break the camera:

    Windy Garden in Senpou Temple

    Spoiler alt text

    Spoiler**"Armored Warrior" boss was kicked off this bridge in one of the better attempts at a puzzle boss by From Software.**

    Spoiler alt text

    Spoiler alt text

  • DMC V's photo mode is very barebones, but that doesn't stop me from having fun with it.

    0_1554729378907_Devil May Cry 5_20190404135853_compressed.jpg

    0_1554729382715_Devil May Cry 5_20190404140559_compressed.jpg

    0_1554729387986_Devil May Cry 5_20190406213450_compressed.jpg

  • 0_1554857307688_D3v8XQuWAAYWA09.jpeg

  • I expect nothing but Days Gone stuff here from me for a while. Beautiful game, still got tons of areas to explore.

    2_1556940945504_DAYS GONE_20190504092325_compressed.jpg

    1_1556940945504_DAYS GONE_20190504090205_compressed.jpg

    0_1556940945504_DAYS GONE_20190504092705_compressed.jpg

  • Part of me wants to buy a PS4 Pro just to see how good the games can look, part of me wants to wait until I've worn out my current PS4.

  • @sazime I think it's a bit late to buy the Pro now, the backwards compatibility of the potentially-not-so-far-ahead PS5 might trump it

  • @sazime

    I bought a PS4 Pro March 2018 and wish I had my $500 back. It’s a mostly useless system. Barely noticed a difference. Some games have frame rate improvements and graphically, I can barely tell anything.

    The PS4 UI ran better at first but it’s back to being slow. Don’t do it man.