Quasi-Official Game Screenshot Thread

  • Sorry guys, I'm going to be a bit annoying with this game for a while

    0_1597880072248_Microsoft Flight Simulator 19_08_2020 23_20_12.jpg

    Ilha do Fogo - Cape Verde
    0_1597880237393_Microsoft Flight Simulator 19_08_2020 22_58_52.jpg

    Sao Tome e Principe (couldn't pick just one)
    0_1597880403439_Microsoft Flight Simulator 19_08_2020 22_36_06.jpg

    0_1597880507956_Microsoft Flight Simulator 19_08_2020 22_40_39.jpg

    0_1597880585035_Microsoft Flight Simulator 19_08_2020 22_48_04.jpg

  • @Phbz Can you fly over Badlands National Park or Monument Valley? :)

  • @oscillator For sure, I'll check it out!

    Edit: I'm making epic landing challenges now. So much fun trying to nail it. By "nail it" I mean not dying.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video

    Crazy the places people have to land on.

  • @phbz said in Quasi-Official Game Screenshot Thread:

    Crazy the places people have to land on.

    I know. Look at this landing I made.

    0_1597923838901_Bridge 1.jpg

    0_1597923850537_Bridge 2.jpg

  • Douro River (Portugal) You can see the vines used to make Port Wine on the slopes.

    0_1597937683320_Microsoft Flight Simulator 20_08_2020 14_33_59.jpg


    Monument Valley - The algorithm doesn't like the vertical walls.

    0_1597937868706_Microsoft Flight Simulator 20_08_2020 15_25_18.jpg

    Badlands - This was kind of a pain to find, MSFS isn't very intuitive for navigation. You don't have a search engine, you can basically pick an airfield and then from there you're on your own. So I had to look local maps for reference, which was cool anyway. Detail is iffy.

    0_1597938251038_Microsoft Flight Simulator 20_08_2020 15_57_41.jpg
    0_1597938261361_Microsoft Flight Simulator 20_08_2020 16_20_52.jpg

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator - Checking some landmarks off the list.

    Mount Kilimanjaro

    0_1598033261321_Mt k.jpg

    Mont Saint-Michel

    0_1598033157036_Castle 1.jpg

    0_1598033170589_Castle 2.jpg

  • Finally got to Act 3 in Ghost of Tsushima. I'm not quite ready yet to end this...

    3_1598038444804_Ghost of Tsushima_20200821225204.jpg

    2_1598038444803_Ghost of Tsushima_20200821224543.jpg

    1_1598038444803_Ghost of Tsushima_20200819011613.jpg

    0_1598038444802_Ghost of Tsushima_20200819010047.jpg

  • This won't be my last batch of photos from Ghost of Tsushima, but with this I shall formally retire my Kensei Armor and continue my adventure as a humble traveler with the appropriate attire. I'll probably post some The Last Guardian pics next.

    3_1598175528172_Ghost of Tsushima_20200823054530_compressed.jpg

    2_1598175528169_Ghost of Tsushima_20200823051814_compressed.jpg

    1_1598175528162_Ghost of Tsushima_20200823031236_compressed.jpg

    0_1598175528161_Ghost of Tsushima_20200823024151_compressed.jpg

  • Finished my first bush trip, took me more than 10 hours but it was worth it.

    0_1598310057457_Microsoft Flight Simulator 24_08_2020 17_27_47.jpg

    0_1598310075937_Microsoft Flight Simulator 21_08_2020 15_32_10.jpg

    0_1598310090881_Microsoft Flight Simulator 23_08_2020 19_40_54.jpg

    0_1598310100661_Microsoft Flight Simulator 24_08_2020 09_24_33.jpg

    0_1598310114516_Microsoft Flight Simulator 24_08_2020 11_12_18.jpg

    0_1598310124935_Microsoft Flight Simulator 24_08_2020 16_58_07.jpg

    Now I'll take a brake and finish Battletoads before doing the Patagonia bush trip.

  • 8h Patagonia bush trip done. Really stunning scenery.

    0_1598538335991_Microsoft Flight Simulator 25_08_2020 09_54_41.jpg

    0_1598538385059_Microsoft Flight Simulator 25_08_2020 10_06_03.jpg

    0_1598538394045_Microsoft Flight Simulator 25_08_2020 11_02_54.jpg

    0_1598538403695_Microsoft Flight Simulator 25_08_2020 17_38_56.jpg

    0_1598538410849_Microsoft Flight Simulator 25_08_2020 18_07_38.jpg

    0_1598538418436_Microsoft Flight Simulator 26_08_2020 09_45_52.jpg

    0_1598538426164_Microsoft Flight Simulator 26_08_2020 14_31_03.jpg

    0_1598538439840_Microsoft Flight Simulator 26_08_2020 14_35_50.jpg

    0_1598538448849_Microsoft Flight Simulator 26_08_2020 14_51_15.jpg

    0_1598538462057_Microsoft Flight Simulator 27_08_2020 09_26_00.jpg

    0_1598538470809_Microsoft Flight Simulator 27_08_2020 10_24_14.jpg

  • Control AWE



  • My last MSFS entry. Going around the borders of a storm.

    Youtube Video

  • The Last Guardian


    0_1599057603805_The Last Guardian_20200821193118_compressed.jpg

    Shenmue III

  • From my favorite level in CoD MW2 Remastered. This spesific scene reminds me a lot of Bloodborne for some reason.


  • My adventure in Ghost of Tsushima has ended for now. I made sure to come back to the Golden Forest for my last photo, definitely my favorite area in the game.


    0_1599715859742_Ghost of Tsushima_20200910113756_compressed.jpg

    0_1599715861871_Ghost of Tsushima_20200910115212_compressed.jpg

    0_1599715864342_Ghost of Tsushima_20200910124908_compressed.jpg

  • After spending years beating the other 3 souls games, I got through 3 in a couple weeks. 2 pics below aren't of bosses, but are a bit environment spoilery.

  • Currently in JRPG mood so I'm continuing my Dragon Quest XI playthrough after not touching it at all for a year. I was planning to get the definitive edition and start a new game there, but I want to save up some cash now. Anyway, I'm not too far into the game. I am currently enjoying the sights and the beautiful character designs in Hotto.

    0_1601209802462_1 (1).jpg

    0_1601209805293_1 (2).jpg

    0_1601209807776_1 (3).jpg

    0_1601209810277_1 (4).jpg

  • Currently replaying GTA Liberty City Stories, it's been like 8 years since I played this. It holds up better than I expected, I'm having quite a blast with it. There's a lot of disgusting and vulgar moments, though (as expected). I'm putting this photo in spoilers because of the colorful language.


  • Art of Rally

    Really awesome game that gives you a history lesson in rally car racing while you progress through the career. There is a free roam mode as well where you collect the letters R-A-L-L-Y which look exactly the same as the yellow S-K-A-T-E we all know and love from that other sports game franchise. Also has a 10/10 art direction that reminds you of rally racing or old coffee table books of rally racing.

    Good physics and fun racing, I just wish there was either a navigator or a navigation indication on screen for the next turn.

    Pardon the compression...

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • @dipset I really like art style, it looks super cute to me.