Star Wars Roll20 - Gauging interests

  • Hello Allies,

    Usually I'm not one for forums, but I thought I'd ask around various forums if anyone was interested in playing FFG's Star Wars RPG on Roll20. Basically I'm trying out Roll20's pro subscription and want to see how things go. As it stands right now I'm just seeing if there's a general interest, I've got a few things planned out, but i think the characters and how many people are interested could change things completely so I haven't set any story in stone yet. We could even run a beginner adventure if you want.

    That's pretty much it, L&R Allies

    General pertinent information:

    • I've got 12 years of GMing experience (DnD, Shadowrun, Star Wars, ...etc), but that is mostly at the table, this is my first attempt at using Roll20
    • Time-wise I'm at GMT-6 or U.S. CST so be aware
    • If your new: be willing to learn, If your a veteran: be willing to teach (or at least be patient)
    • I'm hoping for a Sunday game, but that's not set in stone. Saturdays are out due to work.
    • RP to YOUR comfort level. I've GM'd games where PC's go full out with their Role-playing and I've GM'd game where the exact opposite happens. Play how you want.
    • Lastly, and as always with Tabletop games, Let's have fun.

  • I am as new to this as anyone could possibly be, but I have always wanted to try. If you're willing to teach me the basics, I would be totally down to do this.

  • Sure, i have no problem teaching people how to play. Which brings up a good point i should have mentioned in my original post: FFG's Star Wars game is a proprietary dice system, which means FFG makes its own dice for the game. Now with Roll20 that's not a problem, I have the API Script for the dice roller. But for people who are used to a D20 system it can be a little off-putting at the start. But to be completely honest, i prefer FFG's narrative dice system, it's less binary and offers greater chances for role-play. At least in my opinion.

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    Man, as much as I would of loved this, Im in a really bad timezone for this :(

  • I'm 100% up for jumping in on this. Don't have much experience since trying out DnD a long time ago for a couple weeks, but I am excited to try this out.