who REALLY won the Drake vs. Pusha T beef?

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    everyone's been going sick thinking pusha bodied drake with his adondis track or whatever it was called

    not so fast

    drizzy already been talking about everything pusha said.

    "Can't go fifty-fifty with no ho
    Every month, I'm supposed to pay her bills
    And get her what she want
    I still got like seven years of doin' what I want
    My dad still got child support from 1991"

    "...Every month, she don't even love me, she just puttin' on a front
    She gon' try and settle outta court and make a run
    Then gon' ask me how I'm doin'?
    I'm upset"

    so drake 8 mile'd pusha t and nullified his most damaging bars before adonis was ever written!!

    drizzy done em for weezy and baby
    make me wanna buy a vest and a tek

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    yea my hip hop threads dont go over too well on this website

  • I gotchu bro! I think Drake just destroyed the beef by releasing the album "Scorpion" , not coming back to the beef was one of the best things before releasing the album since the drama made drake get even more popularity, even though PUSHA T got the unwanted attention but still.

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    It might be because its really embarrassing to watch a nerdy white guy use ebonics to talk about who won a bap beef.

    With that said, Pusha annihilated Drake, and it would have been really embarassing if he had tried to respond to Adidon, as Drake just doesn't have the ferocity or lyrical talent that somebody like Pusha has.

    Lucky for Drake his core demographic of preteen girls doesn't really care about any of this.

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    Youtube Video

    • drizzy writes for kanye, shows him his music and plans
    • ye steals Drake's plan for a June album drop, has multiple G.O.O.D. music artists all release they records right before drizzy does
    • ye has pusha diss drizzy
    • aubrey at this point says " i was just with you writing music and sharing ideas in Wyoming. after i dip you take my business plan and have your artists diss me. wtf"
    • drizzy bodies ye on duppy
    • armed with having heard Drake's new music where he talks about having a child, ye orders push to retaliate
    • drake responds with such ferocity that J Prince, the most feared man in hip hop, tells him to drop the beef entirely for the safety of families
    • weeks later, drake releases his album Scorpion where he alludes to having slept with the mother of kanye's children

  • Noel vs Liam Gallagher vs Blur is harder core

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    @david-berishaj This entire post is

    Also, Scorpion is one of the worst albums of 2018.

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    @el-shmiablo 100% of people on the internet believed that pusha bodied drake until like 2 days ago when the news came out that drizzy played March 14th for kanye when he was putting pen to the sheets in Wyoming

    i haven't listened to all of scorpion yet but it sounds like a good album to me

  • @tokyoslim said in who REALLY won the Drake vs. Pusha T beef?:

    Noel vs Liam Gallagher vs Blur is harder core

    I never thought I'd see anyone reference this on this forum. You fucking legend.

    I would say Pusha won, but I'm heavily biased toward him. We live in a "post-drake world" but I'm still ambivalent about him despite his massive influence.

  • @crepe said in who REALLY won the Drake vs. Pusha T beef?:

    I never thought I'd see anyone reference this on this forum. You fucking legend.

    Shit is ongoing man. Any time Damon Albarn drops a new Gorillaz album, Liam's twitter is hot fire.

    That's like a 14 year old beef!

  • This thread tho. I would say they kinda both won. They both got the publicity from that beef. Also, do you guys remember back in the days when Trent Reznor had beef with Marilyn Manson and made that awesome Industrial diss track "Starfuckers?"