Blades of the Allies [input needed]

  • I am working on a "little" project and I need some input form the EZA community. For this project I need ideas for blades that represent each of the allies. I have ideas for some but I am struggling on some of the others.

    Jones: Light Saber (JK, I actually don't know), Batman Something [Batarang?]

    Bosman: ??? Still don't know,

    Damiani: Something related to the Legend of Zelda but not so on the nose as the Master Sword

    Bloodworth: A Witcher inspired blade (IE: Silver sword, etc...)

    Huber: Viking or Dwarven inspired blade or Axe

    Brad: Saw Cleaver or Key Blade, Buster Sword

    Ian: Blades of Mercy

    Ben: D&D related but nothing yet specific, Monado, Katana

    Don: Straight Razor, Soul Edge, Raptor Claw Blade

    I would really appreciate any input or suggestions regarding any of the Allies. It does not have to be in line with what I already have, but it should be something that can be physically made.
    Looking forward to the discussion.

    Thanks, MyxeQ

    [Edited to add some of the Suggestions]

  • I'm not sure on video game related blades, but maybe something like a Switchblade, Butterfly Knife, Traditional Shaving Razor, or Letter Opener for Don could work? Just don't send them weapons, because lots are illegal in the States.

    KOS-MOS for Damiani because "Blades" or something like Excalibur which inspired Master Sword's design
    Katana for Ben cause stereotypes
    Machete for Jones cause outdoorsy?
    Swiss Army Knife for Bosman cause improv?

  • Jones might be a Batarang
    Don is now obviously Soul Edge from Soul Calibur. He has LAYERS.

  • Cloud's Buster Sword would suit Brad as well.
    Definitely an axe for Huber. He likes either blunt weapons or axes.
    Kyle liking Mortal Kombat came as a surprise for me. But are there blades in there? Sub-Zero has some kind of a sword, maybe.

  • @mbun Yes Switch Blades & Gravity Knives are illegal in Cali, as are butterfly knives (even though they only look scary and are harder to open and weaponize then a regular pocket knife or fixed blade.) but as far as fixed blades, (swords or what ever) any size is legal to carry as long as it is openly carried. All folding pocket knives (minus switchblades) are CA legal.

    But to be clear this project is not to weaponize the Allies. Though I have no problem with that.

  • I don't think Don fits with any blade, maybe a knuckle duster or something like that.

  • Damiani: Biggoron Sword / Fierce Deity Sword
    Ben: Monado
    Don: Maybe a Rapier or a Sabre, because elegance

  • @dario I like the Monado idea

  • Don is Alan Grant's petrified velociraptor claw.
    alt text

  • Bosman is giving me the most trouble.

  • Farfetch'd leek.

  • @hanabi Good choice, my other thought would be tonitrus from Bloodborne, but I like the leek idea.

  • @hanabi Hmmm...A root vegetable inspired blade....fascinating. Difficult yet fascinating

  • @inustar Tonitrus is a good idea but I kinda need them to be blades or blade esque. But I am not ruling it out.

  • @myxeq Then I'd say go with a leek blade. It's a fun idea.

  • So just a hard lock on the Jones blade remains....

  • @myxeq How about a sword from FF VI? Jones does love that game, there must be a sword right?

  • Maybe nobody heard me say Batarang? :p