The Easy Allies Desire Index

  • I'd love to see the desire index become a huge list of every game that gets covered on the show but yeah without some visual representation it's going to be unmanageable.

  • Technically you could make a giant list if you keep track of every game that gets bumped off

  • @Sentinel-Beach Awesome thread idea! And I'm in agreement with @Axel and @Inustar on this one.

    Kind of like an ever living personal and Communal Selective Creation.... ;-)

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    @Brannox This is a great idea! I would personally keep this thread to be only for the Podcast, then do a sister thread were people can post their version, just to keep it clutter free? :)

  • The Desire Index has been updated, there are now 17 games.

  • I kinda wish that Kyle would also take part in this, but he likes to stay out of it because of his host position. Still, he did at least comment some of these calling their current spots bonkers etc. :)

  • Everybody shut up, Smash is offensively low on this list.

  • @Sentinel-Beach Thanks for keeping this list updated every week. As someone who doesn't have time to watch/listen to the podcast right away each week (even for days sometimes), I like being able to see the index right away so I can follow and be part of the conversations on the forum. Along these same lines, I'd personally find it useful if you would also list or signify which games were "new additions" each week. Perhaps you could put those entries in bold/italics? Or just simply state the newcomers separately below the list somewhere? This was even mentioned as being a convenient service in the other thread:

    @bard91 said in YOUR Desire Index:

    somebody should really say which are the new games instead of having people go through others lists, so I guess I'll do it now

    Ghost of Tsushima
    Dragon Quest XI
    Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII
    Gears 5

  • Updated the Desire Index with the five newest games, the total number now being 22.

    @chocobop I try and watch the podcast pretty much immediately as it becomes public, within the first few hours. And that's a good idea, to mention the latest additions separately. I'll do that in the future in this update post.

  • I totally agree on the need for a physical representation at this point, even if it was just a cheap cork board set up next to Kyle with sticky notes. At least then everybody could visualize the index in real time. Major props to Kyle on managing it as well as he has without an actual board so far though, I just feel like it's only going to get harder to do.

  • The Desire Index has been updated with three new games:

    • Darksiders III
    • Forza Horizon 4
    • Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I also changed the titles of a couple of games a bit after Kyle.

  • Three more games added to the index:

    Death Stranding, Dreams, and Crackdown 3

  • I updated the index again. Three new games, as stated above.

    This time the rearranging was a bit tricky because Kyle didn't read the list out loud entirely. The last six games swapped places during that Crackdown 3 conversation, so I actually had to listen to it again to keep track of what was happening. I'm quite sure the index is correct now.

  • @inflorescence said in The Easy Allies Desire Index:

    Everybody shut up, Smash is offensively low on this list.

    Yeah, NOW how do you guys feel about Smash being #13?

  • After a few weeks pause the Allies returned briefly to the Desire Index and added one game to it, Hitman 2. Also, Kingdom Hearts III got dropped to #3.

  • The final word can be a powerful tool, as witnessed in #125. Sekiro moves up.

  • In a shocking turn of events, the Desire Index is now dead.

    Youtube Video

  • It's really frustrating to me how many new segments gets killed this year, i give recruit me 3 more weeks.

    In the plus side the pokemon company can now focus on the core RPG we were promised.

  • @a7x458 Unlike WWE , Kyle knows when to retire a good idea before everyone gets tired of it ;)

  • @a7x458 I think he just wants to keep things fresh. Because of that desire, we got a whole extra show "And For That Reason..." plus I'm sure it helps if someone is tired of a certain segment - I know the desire index wasn't super popular. I lovelovelove the recruiting section but like all good things, it has to end sometime.