Game Dev Question

  • Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if I could get some opinions on this. I am currently working on an RPG, and I’ve been focusing on the battle system recently. I’ve been thinking of making levels and stats grow independently. Characters would learn skill based moves with gained levels, and power based moves through stat growth. The idea being that a character’s level represents their amount of experience and personal growth, while their stats reflect how powerful they actually are. I thought it might be a fun way to show the differences between characters.

    Is this too convoluted or confusing? Should l keep working on this system or should I handle leveling and the normal way?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated.

  • In concept this sounds really neat, but it's kind of hard to fully judge without actually seeing it in action

  • If I'm understanding this correctly it would be kinda like Skyrim or something where doing a specific thing raises stats but then everything overall contributes to leveling?
    Like Capnbobamous said I think it could be a neat idea but a bit hard to say without seeing anything.

    I would just get a nice little prototype going and then have some friends test it and see if they get confused or not