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  • Hi allies! First off, this isn't a poll, I just love alliteration, so I'm sorry to start this off with disappointment.

    Anyway, it seems there's a vocal group online that has taken to boycotting Cyberpunk 2077 because you play the game in a first-person perspective. I honestly thought that was some sort of joke but I keep seeing headlines and videos popping up on YouTube about the subject matter, so it got me thinking - how much does perspective really matter?

    The obvious answer is a lot. The reason for the change in perspective for CD Projekt RED given by Patrick Mills is, "With Witcher 3, you’re playing Geralt and you’re watching Geralt. You’re controlling Geralt. He’s a character, right? He’s somebody who already exists. In this game we wanted to put you in the shoes and in the body of the character you’re controlling, so you feel like this is your character. First-person was one way to do that. We can do some environmental stuff from first-person that you wouldn’t be able to do in third-person. If nothing else, I think it’s going to be really cool when you’re walking around the city and you look up, which is something that in third-person doesn’t really feel right."

    For me personally, I'll play anything, perspective doesn't change my willingness to experience a game but it certainly changes my investment. I've been playing through Fallout 2 lately and while I'd consider the writing and quest design to be far superior to Fallout 4, I find myself not caring as much because I'm so far pulled back from what is happening. The writing has to cover the full weight of everything and while it does an admirable job, it's still not the same as witnessing a character's facial features up close. For me, the perspective of the game is truly holding it back from being incredible and Bethesda switching the series to first-person was a clever move.

    What about you all? Does the shift of perspective in Cyberpunk make you less interested in the game? Are there are games that benefit/suffer from their chosen perspective?

  • I don't mind, but I also prefer first person ^^

    The fact that people are upset about a thing they haven't even seen yet is pretty dumb though.

  • @anonfriction I've heard the reasoning that some people get sick while playing first-person games but... I dunno, I feel it's similar to VR - the more you do it, the less affected you are by it.

  • I get why they're doing it. They're going for an immersive sim like Deus Ex or Prey.

    As Brandon Jones says a lot, Framing is important. I imagine there are scenes, events, story-telling that has to happen from the first person perspective in order for it to work, to have the same impact.

    Boycotting a game that you haven't seen because they're making it in a way you don't like is not only entitled but close-minded.

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    Haters gonna hate.
    I trust CDPR to make the best choice for the game. Also, after hearing about some of the stuff they are trying to do with the gameplay (i.e. character mobility and environmental interactions) I think first person is the best choice.

  • People these days fail to realize that not every single piece of media has to cater to your tastes.

  • I remember in Deus Ex Human Revolution, the game started when your character didn't have any cybernetic augmentations, so your first person view is completely HUD-less. After you get augmented with eye implants and such, you can see a HUD display. That really blew me away back then, i can't understate it's importance in my immersion of that game.

    Now that Cyberpunk 2077's taking the FPS route, i'm way more in because of pure contextual reasons as i explained above.

  • I probably like third-person more these durch days but i have no problem with playing first person games as well. Still super excited for Cyberpunk.

  • I don’t have any aesthetic opposition to any perspective, but personally I tend to avoid first person games. First person games make me really nauseous and give me headaches, so it’s kind of hard to play them for longer than 5 minutes at a time. I made a valiant effort to play Metroid Prime, but I puked after 15 minutes and and gave up on that.

    So for CyberPunk I am admittedly less invested now. Not because I think it will hinder the gameplay in any way, just because I don’t want to barf.

    I’m having a hard time thinking of games that suffer from their perspective. In some ways I think that investigation based games like Ace Attorney or Danganronpa would work well with a first person perspective where the player could actually look around.

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    @michemagius Oh man that sucks. I guess I've been blessed with an iron stomach. Streamer pal of mine got VR a while back and invited me over to try. Blew hos mind when I played RE7 with the traditional movement option. Said he personally would have been vomiting all over the place.

    If you play on PC (hell, even some console games gove the option these days) try playing with a wider Field of View, as that helps alleviate some motion sickness to my understanding.

    Suck about Metroid though. Such an amazing game. Definitely one of my GOATs.

  • Personally, it really doesn't matter. When a game initially captures my interest, perspective is one of many things that I don't consider. How does it look, both in terms of art direction and aesthetic? What is your story? What systems (controls, improvement opportunities, A.I. functionality, etc.) are in place? Is it linear or open world? Are you on your own or do you have companions? Are you a shooter, action-adventure, an RPG, a hybird of those, or something else entirely?

    These are the questions I ask myself. I enjoy many games that are both. For example, first person franchises like DOOM, Portal, Dishonored, Left 4 Dead, the newest Prey and the latest Wolfensteins (just to name a few) answer a lot of those questions while third person franchises like Final Fantasy, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Gears of War, Mass Effect, Ratchet & Clank, Kingdom Hearts, God of War, Batman: Arkham series, Horizon, and Ori (again only naming some) do just as great a job.

    At the heart of the matter, it all comes down to personal preference. For CyberPunk specifically, perspective really doesn't matter to me. I've never played a Witcher game because the fantasy element doesn't appeal to me. But CyberPunk is more my thing, and I'm highly anticipating it. CD Projekt Red is my favorite developer who I haven't played a single thing from them because they have been pro-fan for forever, so I'm really excited to see what 2077 is all about.

    Love what you love and play what you want to play.

  • @el-shmiablo Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a shot! It mostly sucks because there’s so many cool first person games that I’ve wanted to try. I made it decently far into Bioshock Infinite but that’s about it. Part of me selfishly hopes That Metroid Prime 4 is 3rd person or at least has the option, haha.

  • Even though this isn't stated anywhere by CD Project Red, I imagine there is an extremely high likelihood that early on in development they prototyped both 3rd and 1st person for Cyberpunk 2077, and after trying them both they went with what worked best. This seems like such an obvious step to take given that The Witcher 3 was a 3rd person game and CDPR seems to go the extra mile in developing their games.

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    @michemagius No problem mang.
    Yea from what I understand it is the limited FOV that causes motion sickness for most people, and by default most games (especially those on console) have a very small FOV. Raising it will allow you to see more of the world around you, at this cost of the world having a sort of "fish eye" look to it.

  • YouTube is filled with a bunch of juvenile adults who make aimless videos complaining about everything. The amount of "Why E3 2018 was a complete disaster" type video titles I saw was heinous. Everything is always ruined, everything is always unforgivable, everything is always a disaster to these people. Battlefront II sold very well and it was offensive in its business practices. I am not very worried about a credible studio making a new game in 1st person.

    Some people need to lay off the forums, lay off YouTube, and just walk to work, grab drinks with co-workers after, and make some friends and not have time to cry about a video game let alone something that you haven't even played or seen.

  • @dipset Couldn't have put it better myself. These manchildren need to grow up. There's more to life than videogames. Its a fun hobby that your meant to enjoy.

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  • @el-shmiablo

    LMAO! Imagine being the type of person to blame your gaming hobby on your lack of social acceptance as opposed to recognizing you are socially inept yourself. Must be a horrible life to life.

    Not YOU (obviously) but PEOPLE.

  • @dipset What hurts me the most is that those clickbait videos all get views in the 100k and over, while actual quality content like EZA doesn't. Negativity and sensationalism always sell the most, what a dumb society we live in.

  • @axel

    Hit the nail on the head. These videos do big numbers. It's always something edgy or oddly specific. I didn't have time to play God of War at launch and I had things spoiled for me by these dumb titles that appear in my recommended: "The moment Kratos [insert very specific spoiler reference] and what it means". Tons of views, thumbnail spoilers, and tasteless and tacky commentary that contributes nothing to the conversation about the game on the whole.

    There is a special place in hell for these people. But here I am complaining about something small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things, while I make fun of people who complain about video games. It's gone full circle.