What are you working on!

  • Hi Allies!

    I wanted to make a thread where we can share all our projects since there seem to be so many creative people in the community!

    My current project is remaking maps from Marathon: Infinity for Halo 2: Vista


    Halo 2

    Unfortunately it turns out the Halo engine doesn't seem to like the way the way I built/imported my geometry so I had to start over :(

    Excited to see what all of you are working on!! :D

  • I'm making posters for a event in my university, it's been rough since it's actually my first time using a graphic design software but man it's been a pleasure doing it.

  • I recently discovered Twine, so I'm messing around with that and seeing what I can make.

  • Making a game....probably poorly. It’s still early on so it’s kind of hard to tell haha. I’ve got one major system down. 3 more planned and 1 in progress. It’s a lot of work but very fun and very informative.

  • What day of the week is it? Ok slight exaggeration, but yeah my head's been a little all over the place. I was playing around with RPG Maker, then I suddenly got a different idea and am now playing around with making something text-based. I spent a good chunk of last year working on a Nethack-type game. I usually have fun with whatever it is, and as long as there's some programming involved I can reassure myself by saying I'm keeping my skills sharp. Or at least sharper than my current job does.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I've been working on creating content on a YouTube channel I started with my friend. We will do video game podcasts and streams.
    We just started, so if you got any suggestions or tips and tricks for us, we're all ears. L&R