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  • @smoothrunes Yep, I feel like that BR is really make or break with this newest entry. Should be interesting considering we haven't seen what a AAA development team would do with a full-priced royale game and we're getting two of them this year... that we haven't seen anything from at all.

  • Listening to the podcast and being reminded about the whole season pass fiasco, yeah I'm gonna bump down COD to last place.

  • Oo lists!

    People are not gonna like mine I suspect.

    1. The Last of Us Part 2 (the feels are out of control! and the detail in the gameplay. holy moly. GOTY)
    2. Control (remedy metroidvania with a cool story and protagonist? hell yes!)
    3. Forza Horizon 4 (Horizon 3 is one of my favourite games ever. Like top 20)
    4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (Tomb Raider gets a lot of hate but I love Indiana Jones-esque adventures too much)


    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 (looks very cool. haven't played the prev 2 tho)
    2. Spider-Man (best iterative improvement genre game)
    3. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (looks very cool, but I've played many souls-games and I'm not sure yet)
    4. Cyberpunk 2077 (too far off, if it was a 2018 title it would fight with TLOU and Control for the top, probably third)
    5. Death Stranding (Looks pretty cool. Never write off Kojima. Don't really know what it is or when it comes out yet)


    1. Kingdom Hearts 3 (not a huge KH fan and it is still this high)
    2. Ghost of Tsushima (looks pretty good but something is off with the animations. looks.. clunky somehow)
    3. Halo: Infinite (we don't know what it is but I liked the vibe of the new trailer, it has potential for something new which halo needs desperately. I did not enjoy most of 5)
    4. Anthem (I liked what I saw but weirdly not blown away yet. I even loved most of Andromeda but this looks even more open world which is a minus. I want more focus on story, not less.)


    1. Darksiders III (Could be fun. Not invested in the franchise)
    2. Devil May Cry 5 (I loved even DMC2 but the new trailer felt kind of old)
    3. Babylon's Fall (we don't even know what it is, maybe its good?)
    4. Gears 5 (Intrigued but gears is kind of where halo is.. feels like I found some good but old shoes again with some new shine)
    5. Resident Evil 2 (Haven't played any RE games. Though all that talk of 4 made me buy it on sale recently. Eventually I'll get there. Maybe)
    6. Fallout 76 (Some interesting ideas but I'm not a fallout fan and it seems to have even less story and more emergent gameplay which is not really my thing)
    7. Sonic Team Racing (Loooooved Racing Transformed. This looks worse unfortunately.)
    8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (I like smash but this looks like DLC to the Wii U version to me)
    9. Skull & Bones (Looks cool but not really interested atm)
    10. The Elder Scrolls VI (too far off its not even on my radar. also after oblivion I felt kind of.. done with the series. there's so much new to play)
    11. Dragon Quest XI (sorry haven't played any DQ and the trailers look pretty bad. I don't understand the hype)

    == NO THRESHOLD ==

    1. Dreams (Sorry Jones. Creation games are just never my jam)
    2. Crackdown 3 (Sorry, can't care.)
    3. Pokemon Let's Go Eevee/Pikachu (I've never played any Pokemon games and this seems worse than most ducks flying vegetables)
    4. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII (Agree with Huber. This is awful. Terrible monetization, no SP or Coop, same price. wth?)

  • @bennysce I don't think there's anything too controversial there, though Resi 2 being so low might get you the side-eye from some folk.

  • @smoothrunes glad I'm not decapitated yet :) maybe I put it a bit too low even for me. Maybe around Fallout 76 somewhere would be better. I liked the reveal at E3 but I don't understand why it is so hyped. I'm not into gore or horror at all though so that kind of puts it low by default for me. And I'm pretty over zombies at this point in general. There's just been too much of it the last 10-15 years. Like everywhere. So anything with zombies is gonna have a hard time on my lists currently.

  • @bennysce I agree that zombies have become over-saturated in the entertainment medium, but Resi gets a pass because there's so much more to it than zombies, with tons of iconic monsters over the years, plus zombie games as of late seem to focus on either fast paced wave attack repelling or open world survival, so getting one that is going to focus on survival horror and claustrophobia is a welcome addition to the scene.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Updated my list. Spidey #1 now! I also noticed that I wanted to change many of my previous standings and not just add the five new games into the mix.

  • Updated my list.

    Current top 5:

    1. Resident Evil 2 Remake
    2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    3. Babylon's Fall
    4. Ghost of Tsushima
    5. Cyberpunk 2077

    Ghost of Tshushima is the "big addition" for me this week. It isn't toppling Sekiro's position anytime soon but it's only 2 spots behind, and in fact I'm knocking Cybperpunk down to number 5 to give Tshushima my love! I'm a sucker for swords and ancient Japanese settings, I admit.

    I'm iffy on how the combat works in Ghost of Tshushima though and what a "typical one-to-two hour play session" is going to feel like, those are factors that could lower my desire index if it doesn't meet my expectations. (Same for Cyberpunk). But as my prominent ranking of Babylon's Fall suggests, the games on my index can be buoyed by my hopes, imagination, and wishes for what each game could turn out to be.

    @minamik said in YOUR Desire Index:

    I feel like, for me, below about 12 my interest completely falls off and it's more a task of grading the degrees in how uninterested I am. I enjoyed what I played of Witcher 3, but that "in engine" trailer and the news that it's first person have got me hard out right now on Cyberpunk 2077.

    Sort of the same here. I wouldn't say I'm "completely uninterested" in any single player game on the bottom half of my list, but I feel very "checked out" for all those games. In fact, as it stands right now, I feel like only my top 2 games (RE2 and Sekiro) are 100% gauranated playthroughs (i.e, I'm confident I'm actually going to play them). Life and other games compete for my time, so even though I want to play lots of the games on my list, each spot below the top 2 invariably possesses an increasing dose of "but will it get crowded out by something else once that free time opens up?"

    @sabotagethetruth said in YOUR Desire Index:

    Out of curiosity, is there anything the new COD could announce that would cause anyone to raise their ranking for it?

    Technically "no" due to the way you phrased your question (implying the announcement should be realistic) buuut... a Single Player Campaign!!! That would increase it at least 2 slots for me. I've never played Call of Duty nor do I think the franchise is particularly in my wheelhouse, but right now it's in my mental category of "games that I don't play anymore" (online). If it had a single player campaign, it would be in the category of "single player FPS game that I might enjoy if I did play it, but which I'm expecting not to play."

  • @smoothrunes ok I can see that. and I understand the legacy and nostalgia for people and how good the remake seems to be. I'm just way more hyped for things like last of us, control and red dead (tho open worlds are starting to bother me too xD)

  • @sabotagethetruth Not for me, and the same applies to Anthem. Not only are they not appealing to me just based on the games themselves but I also have the companies pretty much blacklisted so I don't think anything realistic could happen to have me interested in them.

  • looking forward to next week. still some good ones that need to be squeezed in somewhere. it's definitely getting real hard.

  • @brannox said:

    I really hope Huber does a full playthrough of RE4 before January.

    He did one back at GT already. Lots of fun memes came outta that playthrough. You can probably find it on Youtube still.

    I don't like the 3D models post Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

    I miss the sprites sure, but some Pokemon do genuinely look better modeled in 3D. Also, during Treehouse they pointed out that the sprites are still in Let's GO. They're just used now for your party menu or something instead. I can't remember tbh.

    there are WAY too many Pokemon even by that point

    Luckily most of the games have a breezy regional dex if you're the catch 'em all kind of guy. Also Let's GO is confirmed only to have the first 151 Pokemon, Alolan forms of those, and 1 new Pokemon.

    the peripheral is a CLEAR cash grab (plus locking away Mew behind it? More like 'Ew.')

    Maybe? I think it is a fun idea to immerse new players. Honestly, it isn't so much a cash grab as it is trying to push the playerbase into Pokemon GO after the game, since the device works as the new model of the Pokemon GO Plus watch thing. It is GameFreak and Niantic scratching each other's backs.

    As for the Mew it comes with, back in the day the only way to get Mew was to be extremely lucky and win a magazine contest or to go to a tourney or something special later where they had a Mew download station. It was always this extra thing. Sure, later people figured out how to glitch the game into spawning the Mew encounter, but that was never intended. Mew was always something like this, and this is a more clever way of distributing Mew than having to go to GameStop randomly some week after launch. Also, even if it was just marketing, I liked when on Treehouse they said the idea was that they wanted the Pokeball Plus to come with a Pokemon inside when you bought it, so kids on the way home could shake it and hear the Pokemon and get excited. That's definitely a special moment they're trying to create that kids will remember, and I'd rather they do it with the classic "must be nice" of Pokemon than lock the traditional Starter Pokemon behind it. I'm more offended by them locking Alolan Forms behind Pokemon GO, but again the entire point of this game is cross promotion between the two, and even that makes sense as Alolan Forms by lore shouldn't show up in Kanto normally.

    If you don't like something your looking at, why look at it unless you're forced to?

    Well, it might always grow on you if you give it a chance to.

    As for Sonic.... I don't know. I just never found him interesting. Generational difference I suppose.

    Honestly, after more than a decade of mediocre 3D games, a horrible fandom, and tons of memes surrounding him Sonic is just kinda an easy target. The roots of Sonic and the design behind those early games are pretty interesting when you dig in though. I think he's a pretty well thought out mascot too. Definitely prefer him to Mario. Mario is really weird when you break him down as a character.

  • @mbun

    For Huber's playthrough, sure, I guess I would prefer an EZA interpretation. Plus topical hype about the impending Remake.

    It's not just the Pokemon or the characters, but I'm not a fan of the buildings and environments. Outside of just those though, there were many gameplay tweaks and additions that also just didn't vibe with me. I'm actually thankful many entries parse down the number, and I'm happy to hear Let's Go is sticking with the originals, but the Alolans feel... wrong... for a lapsed player such as myself. Plus the one new Pokemon thing is WEIRD. Just ONE? Why? I also like your example of a kid shaking the ball in the car. I can see how that could be a major draw. But it's clear Let's Go isn't a traditional Pokemon and as a result isn't targeted specifically to those who are more in tune to the expected experience of past games.

    Hahaha. Fair point about the art style. I can see you are a big fan of it. ^_^

    Oh, I agree about Mario. He's straight up out of left field as it were. The less characterization to him, personally speaking, the better.

  • @brannox said:

    I can see you are a big fan of it. ^_^

    Honestly I'm not. I just don't mind it so much. DQVIII probably endeared me to it more than anything with characters like Yangus. I think Chrono Trigger makes it easy enough to ignore as only really the hero and a small handful of other characters have that blatant look to them.

    The less characterization to him, personally speaking, the better.

    I think the lack of characterization is what makes him come off even more psycho. Like Paper Mario is always really charming, but when Mario is jumping around in a 3D game going "Wahoo!" while kicking enemies around I think that's weird.

  • @mbun I believe we can both agree Mario is just weird period, with a whole list of reasons as to why.

  • Update 3.4 has proven to me that the more games that are added, the more variations there will be in between updates. In other words, the list isn’t as stable as the course of versions 1 and 2. Also, I want to point out I had notes written out, copy and pasted into the text field, then saw two new additions. Hehehehehe. Timing.

    Anyway, Spiderman is getting oh so CLOSE! Only a half point away from toppling CyberPunk for the most desired game!

    Ghost of Tsushima gets up two spots to third, edging out Red Dead Redemption 2 by 0.1.

    Resident Evil 2 Remake is only behind them by 0.2, but is ahead of Kingdom Hearts III by a half point.

    The Last of Us Part II, Sekiro, Control, and Smash are all within a point of each other. The differences are 0.3, 0.4, and 0.2 respectively. Speaking of Control, it was able to get ahead of both Smash and Devil May Cry 5 in this update.

    Babylon’s Fall jumped ahead of Fallout 76 by a large margin (well, large for this list anyway).

    Halo increasing its distance from Skull & Bones by over a whole point shows a new tier forming in the list. The top half are the top half, with little worry about any of those falling out. Then there’s a middle tier comprised of three games that seem to be (with exceptions of course) uniformly in the middle of many lists. Then there’s the bottom tier spaced quite a bit from one another.

    Gears 5 only leads Anthem by 0.4, but honestly, that doesn’t matter as much as it does near the top.

    There was no movement in the last third of the list.

  • Spider-Man doesn't approve that his name is spelled wrong.

    alt text

  • @sentinel-beach You must be mistaken, we're referring to the new game about Robert Spiderman. He's a private detective in New York that always gets a lot of lip from his friends about his last name. That's what his Great Granddaddy got at Ellis Island though, so he's sticking with it!

  • @brannox In case you weren't aware, that play through already exists. He did it at GT. If you like Adam Sandler voices and one of the highest death counts they've ever had for a play through, I highly recommend it.

    Youtube Video