YOUR Desire Index

  • Earth Defense Force 5 (89th overall with one desire, and that being 29th highest) is now out and has been struck from the Master Index.

  • Gris (80th overall with one desire and it being 21st highest) is now out and have been stricken from the Master Index.

  • @brannox Correction: Dragon Marked for Death has been delayed to January 31st, 2019 (I know cause I'm the only one who desires it ;))

  • @axel Thanks so much for the correction! When the list was super huge, I was really concerned about all those that have one desire and not many have heard of would be prone to mistakes like this (that being, me not hearing about it because it's not "mainstream" enough).

    Making the restoration now!

    EDIT: Also, I've edited my above post to reflect the change as well.

  • @brannox No problem, thanks for maintaining the list!

  • First an Index update, then a thread update!

    After the surprise news last week the long awaited Below would be released today, the 82nd overall desired game (that had one desire having it 23rd) is now off the Master Index.

    Now, as I said a few posts above, we've come to the last game on the Index to be released in 2018. As promised, below is a strawpoll to determine how we'll continue

    Choice 1: If you vote "Keep Going" I'm going to keep curating this thread as I have been, taking games off as they release, until about the end of March. At which point I'm looking to permanently end this thread, and not make another in its place

    Choice 2: If you vote "Refresh!" I'll go ahead and end the list now and create a new 2019 Desire Index. Please note, the thread will be ONLY for games that have been either confirmed or discussed for 2019 release. So even though CyberPunk, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima are just some of the most highly anticipated games we've got on the Master Index, they and others wouldn't qualify, as no one has officially given a release window for them.

    Also, there are a couple of additional things to keep in mind: Regardless of how the vote goes one way or another, if very few people vote, then I'm defaulting to choice 1. I'm doing this because it will let me know not enough people will care about the outcome of an anticipated list of any kind, so going through another thread wouldn't be worth it. In addition, I'm giving it 24 hours before I'm calling the vote. If enough people DO vote AND "Refresh!" wins out, then I'll have the thread created and hopefully will have it in somewhat of a quasi-final state before the year is out.

    SO! If you wish, make your choice: Let the thread run its course, or start over again

  • So is option 2 the only way to ensure this thread (in concept) lives on past March of next year?

  • @smoothrunes In regards to me curating it, yes, because by scrapping this current Index and creating a new one, I'm honor bound to uphold it until December 31, 2019. If not enough people care about it, the time between release dates for the currently remaining games becomes longer and longer and coming back into the thread once a month doesn't sound appealing.

    So with much of Q1 games being out and very few confirmed release dates for just a few games remaining over the course of the year, keeping the thread alive (from my end), just doesn't feel worth it.

    HOWEVER, this should NOT dissuade anyone from creating their own Desire Index or Anticipated thread.

  • Alright, I'm calling the vote.

    With five people participating, I feel that's just barely enough to warrant to go through with the results. And with a 4-1 split, we're doing a refresh.

    So here's how it's going to work:

    I'm going to create two threads. The first sends this one out in style and the second will be a 2019 Desire Index. Each will have more information as to their nature. As for this thread, with over 500 posts and close to 21,000 views, I would like to ask a mod if it's acceptable to move it to the Hall of Fame? If not, that's totally fine (especially when I'm not sure what qualifies a thread for the HOF), but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    So, since this should be the last post (if not one of the last), a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to it and I hope you'll participate in the others (starting on those now)!

  • Thanks @tokeeffe9 for moving this!