YOUR Desire Index

  • @bam541 As in there are some big names they didn't get to.... yet.

  • Kyle did say last week that this would be an ongoing process, so it's not that surprising. Expected, really, and exciting of course. A living list, as I said in the other thread.

    And one can be a $1 dollar Patron and still have to wait for Fridays with the podcast. :)

  • @sentinel-beach To your first point, I must've completely forgot about that, so thank you for the correction! And for the second, another overlook on my part as well, and a thank you for reminding me of that as well!

  • Cyberpunk 2077
    The Last of Us Part II
    Skull & Bones
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Fallout 76
    Halo: Infinite
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Babylon's Fall
    Team Sonic Racing
    Kingdom Hearts III

  • After a whole day of inactivity, the 14th update brings with it some changes:

    Smash ties itself with Kingdom Hearts III, but takes precedent because one more person has it as their second most desired game. Now fifth, KH III is at its lowest ranking yet.

    Skull & Bones pulls back ahead of Babylon's Fall, but the difference between those two and Halo: Infinite is just 0.2, the same difference Skull & Bones trails Fallout 76 by.

    REMINDER: With the podcast going live for all at some point today, I'm incorporating the new games into the index tomorrow, so make sure to update your posts and leave a new one saying as much to have your desires recorded!

  • Updated my list with the newest games added in the index. I just wanna say for my bottom pick... it is going to remain my bottom pick, even if something awful like a new Bubsy game gets announced. I've never felt so disinterested towards a new release.

  • Updated my list too. Point out if I forgot any game please. It would not be intentional.

  • I'm saving the bottom of my list for Command and Conquer mobile

  • @Brannox Could you add the "official" EZA desire index to your first post, in addition to the "forum list" ? Two reasons:

    1. It makes it easy to compare to two, and there could be some interesting trends/patterns.
    2. It makes it easier for people to construct and update their own lists (especially the first people to update or new people who want to jump in long after this thread has started), since people won't have to remember "which games were added during the last episode again?". Having the official EZA list posted somewhere after the podcast goes live provides a very convenient reference for which basket of games we're asking people to rank and update. (Note how if we're going to be generally waiting until Saturdays to start updating the "forum list", there will be a period of time before the "forum list" can serve that function).

    Also, some people like me don't mind updating my list before I get a chance to listen to the podcast, so I'd find it helpful for that reason :)

    Final suggestion: it'd be nice if the lists in your first post were numbered, from 1 to N. Especially if these lists start growing very large, it becomes more valuable to have them plainly numbered so that it looks less like a wall of text. Thankfully the forum markdown makes this simple, all you need to do is add "1. " at the start of each line when composing your post, and the "1" gets automatically incremented to the correct number.

  • Updated.

  • Post updated!

  • Opdated my post!

  • Ooh good thread

    Devil may cry 5
    Resident evil 2 remake
    Read dead redemption 2
    Dragon quest 11
    Super smash brothers ultimate
    ghost of tsushima
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Death stranding
    Last of us part 2

  • My Index:

    1. Ghost of Tsushima
    2. Anthem
    3. Control
    4. Last of Us Part II
    5. Fallout 76
    6. The Elder Scrolls VI
    7. Dragon Quest XI
    8. Kingdom Hearts III
    9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    10. Skull and Bones
    11. Cyberpunk 2077
    12. Devil May Cry 5
    13. Resident Evil 2 Remake
    14. Gears of War 5
    15. Spiderman
    16. Red Dead Redemption 2
    17. Super Smash Bros Ultimate
    18. Halo Infinite
    19. Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII
    20. Team Sonic Racing
    21. Babylon's Fall
    22. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!

  • @chocobop I guess you'd like to see the Easy Allies Desire Index precisely in this thread's opening post. There is, however, also this whole other thread for that that I've updated.

  • I updated my Index here and also added numbering.

  • The Last of Us Part II
    Resident Evil 2 Remake
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Red Dead Redemption 2
    Kingdom Hearts III
    Devil May Cry 5
    The Elder Scrolls VI
    Fallout 76
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!
    Babylon's Fall
    Skull & Bones
    Halo Infinite
    Team Sonic Racing

    1. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice-it's Miyazaki's next game, has a samurai aesthetic and should play vastly different from Soulsborne titles, how could I not be at maximum hype
    2. Resident Evil 2 Remake-even as someone who has never touched the original, the OTS camera and emphasis on claustrophobic encounters is enough to have me chomping at the bit
    3. Red Dead Redemption 2-the fact that it is currently the closest release on the list (assuming no more delays) helps, but you cannot deny the pedigree of the developer and the niche market that is triple A western games. Whilst being disappointed in the main Rockstar's outings for Grand Theft Auto over the past decade or so, RDR blew me away and is up there with the classic 3D era GTAs in terms of endearment and joy
    4. Control-Not even huge into Remedy, but the premise and gameplay have me instantly hooked. I love when shooters offer the player different kinds of powers on top of a great arsenal of weapons to lay waste to your enemies
    5. Devil May Cry 5-despite my dislike of Nero as a protagonist, I'll at least have Dante and 'V' to fall back on and just hope they get an even amount of focus in the story and gameplay. Just please avoid recycled content like DMC4 and we'll be golden, Capcom
    6. Cyberpunk-despite all the rave impressions, we outside consumers have yet to get eyes on actual gameplay, so there's likely a big difference between excitement levels from both camps, but the setting and tone alone is enough to have me eager to see what this game turns into
    7. Death Stranding-ironically, I think the gameplay reveal for this dragged it down some slots. I guess I didn't know what to expect but all that walking delivery man simulator stuff has left me lukewarm when I was otherwise scorching hot after the impressive Game Awards trailer at the end of last year. It's those previous trailers as well as the pedigree of a game designer like Hideo Kojima that allows Death Stranding to still slot so high on the list despite me being hyped down post-E3
    8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-don't even own a Switch yet, but I can get down with some Smash whenever the time comes. A full roster with hopefully some new entrants still to come has me fairly excited even as a casual Smasher
    9. Ghost of Tsushima-it will probably end up being a solid hit and it's good to see Sucker Punch branch out to a different style of game in both setting and gameplay. Just still need more shown of the game outside of the combat to see what the rest of the game is like
    10. The Last of Us Part II-gotta be brutally honest with this one (sorry, Huber), but what's been shown thus far hasn't exactly got me pumped for the sequel to one of the best titles of last gen. I think I need to see new gameplay systems and some infected combat to be blown away, because what has been shown thus far seems like playing it pretty safe
    11. Forza Horizon 4-love me some Forza Horizon, and the fact it is taking place in my home turf is an added bonus, along with the cool new seasons feature
    12. Babylon's Fall-might know next to nothing, but in Platinum we trust for this to play like chocolate ice cream sundae
    13. Anthem-extremely lukewarm on this title at the moment. The actual flying, combat and exploration could all be solid in the final product, but I'm worried about the structure of the game if it tries to be EA's Destiny GAAS competitor
    14. Halo Infinite-sure, more Halo after all this time is nice, but I barely know anything about the premise or what it'll look like, and the last few Halos have left me feeling a little on the cold side, so this ends up here for now

    From here on out, the rest are games I either don't have interest in them/they are not my cup of tea, but I will still rank them based on how I feel they leave an impression to an outsider

    1. Spider-Man-should probably preface this by saying I'm not exactly what you would call a Spider-Man fan. Far from it, but even I can appreciate the effort and craftsmanship put into this title and the E3 2018 demo was such a huge step from the previous showing. This would maybe slide into the upper echelon if Insomniac suddenly revealed that Venom was a playable character, but that is probably being saved for a sequel
    2. Kingdom Hearts 3-never touched Kingdom Hearts. The dialogue and characters are certainly, ahem, interesting. Clearly isn't a tone or style that I would be into. Still, it is the long awaited grand finale of a saga and seeing stuff like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. does spark something in my cold heart
    3. Darksiders III-always appreciated Darksiders from a distance. Maybe this will be the one to hook me in, but for now, it will probably be a wait for sale type of game
    4. Skull & Bones-this earns a high spot on the lower tiers simply because it is a different game from the usual formula that Ubisoft titles have been following and is also supplying a niche genre another contender
    5. Fallout 76-man, I wish this was a proper new Fallout title, with writing duties by Obsidian because the new monsters look dope, but the whole MMO-lite thing is a deal breaker
    6. Gears 5-didn't get round to playing Gears 4 so I can't exactly be thrilled about a sequel either. The narrative could go some interesting places, I suppose
    7. Shadow of the Tomb Raider-I've just never really cared for the gritty Crystal Dynamics reboot series and I doubt this will be the one to sway me
    8. Crackdown 3-if this index had been made back in 2014, Crackdown 3 would likely be rocking a slot in the top 10. As it stands, even if this game comes out and is a solid product, too much time will have passed to not feel like it missed the window of opportunity
    9. Dragon Quest XI-not a JRPG guy and so am completely unfamiliar with the series. It sort of ranks here by default simply because I have no strong feelings one way or the other
    10. The Elder Scrolls VI-this is too far off to even begin to get excited for, plus I think the franchise has been on a steady decline in terms of RPG elements and quality
    11. Dreams-anytime a game asks of me to be creative and come up with my own fun inventions, I draw a blank, so it's a hard no from me. Sorry, Dreams
    12. Team Sonic Racing-boy, do I hate kart racers! Boy, do I not care one bit for Sonic!
    13. Pokemon Let's Go Evee/Pikachu-never cared for Pokemon and this just seems like a stopgap before the real deal next year
    14. Call of Duty Black Ops IIII-no single player campaign, no buy! Also, that season pass policy is ridiculously anti-consumer so congrats Activision, your flagship franchise can keep the bottom seat warm for now

  • @sentinel-beach said in YOUR Desire Index:

    @chocobop I guess you'd like to see the Easy Allies Desire Index precisely in this thread's opening post. There is, however, also this whole other thread for that that I've updated.

    I didn't know about this thread, thanks!!

  • Updated my desire index post. Might as well quote it too, because why not? The big passion addition for me this month was Sekiro. I'm with Brad on the way he spoke about it on the podcast, it's a game made for me. Put it directly into my veins!

    1. Resident Evil 2 Remake
    2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    3. Babylon's Fall
    4. Cyberpunk 2077
    5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    6. Control
    7. Devil May Cry 5
    8. Halo: Infinite
    9. Kingdom Hearts III
    10. The Elder Scrolls VI
    11. Anthem
    12. The Last of Us Part II
    13. Red Dead Redemption 2
    14. Team Sonic Racing
    15. Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! & Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!
    16. Skull & Bones
    17. Fallout 76