Steam Summer Sale 2018

  • Picked up FFXII the zodiac age
    5 hours in, really fun so far
    DMC 4
    Fallout VR

  • Steam Link is available for $2.5, anyone here think it's worth buying? The shipping is like 8$ for some people, I just want to know if it's worth to get it even after the expensive shipping?

  • @deltamind If you have any Android TV or device, you just can download the app. Probably does the same thing but you will need some fast (5GHz) wifi. Though the Steam link has a wired connection…

  • Only buy a Steam Link if you have a wired connection to your network available. It's too slow over WiFi. The delay is noticeable.

    I have two, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. I really enjoy them, it's nice to have the flexability of being able to play something like Captain Spirit in bed rather than at my desk. Would never buy one for full price though.

  • Banned

    What I decided to do (after discovering that my wireless keyboard and mouse are able to transmit between rooms) was buy two 25 foot HDMI cables and a cheap HDMI repeater (because a single HDMI cable can't carry a 4K 60 Hz signal 50 feet). The repeater is arriving today. I really hope the lag isn't horrible, but if it is, I'll just watch movies from my computer on the TV in the other room. I have streamed movies on my android TV over a wired connection, but it's choppy above a certain bitrate.

  • You shouldn't experience any lag because of the distance, but the repeater might add some latency.

  • Banned

    No signal with the repeater. I give up. I'm just gonna use a UHD player for the 4K movies my TV isn't powerful enough to decode.

    Edit: I'm an idiot. As I lay in bed a few minutes ago, it hit me that I probably had the HDMI repeater reversed. It works. The wireless keyboard and mouse signal are weaker than I thought, though. I might buy a long USB extender that goes into the hallway and plug the wireless dongle into the end.

  • Arkham Knight Premium Edition is $10. From what I understand they fixed the bugs.

  • @hazz3r That answers my question :) Thanks!

  • Just a reminder we've got a little over 14 hours left until the sale ends. Make the most of it!