The fitness thread

  • Hello allies, I hope you are all well 👍👍👍

    The love & respect that I have for you all is immense, given that I've never met any of you, and I thought it'd be good to get a thread going where we could share fitness routines, goal stories, or even songs that help you push out that last rep.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you all.

    P.S. apologies if this thread has already been started, I did have a look but couldn't find anything.

  • I'll start with a quick update to where I am. I started taekwondo again last July, and a year later I am a blue belt, won multiple medals and trophies, and made some great friends. But most importantly I have gotten fitter, for the first time in years I am back under 15st and am having to buy new, smaller jeans 😄👍.

    I still enjoy the occasional cheeky M&M, but I make sure to feel guilty about it and work extra hard in the gym.

  • My fitness activities are very light. I absolutely hate crowds, so i only exercise at my local park from 5 AM to 7 or 8 AM since there's barely anyone else there, and it's the perfect condition to listen to music too so it's the perfect time for me. 90% of the time i do it on the weekends, on weekdays i just can't bother to wake up that early lol. During holidays i usually do it on weekdays too but holidays are a pretty rare occurrence for me these days.

  • I don't really have a routine or do exercise with the consistency I would like, that said in the last year I have lost 20 kg simply by changing my general diet, and it was honestly one of the easiest things I have done, and didn't even have to resort to a nutritionist or follow a rigid diet plan, with all that I've lost I'm just 10 kg away from my 'ideal' weight which I know I'll have to get in more exercise for that, the main impediment for that being that I hate exercising, unless it is something like playing a sport with friends so I'm overall not a great fan of the idea.

  • @bard91 my advice is that if you find an activity that you enjoy and do it 3 days out the week, that way there is less resistance to going. I started Taekwondo again and I am in for life, because I love it.

    What sports are you into?

  • I am doing weight loss. I find that exercise and diet are just as important. If you exercise less but eat more, you still can't lose 1 kilogram or 1 pound. And, a goal is very important. Different stages set different goals. I need to run 3000m every day. This is a goal that can't imagine what I can reach now. I use a fitness tracker every day to record my running mileage. I have successfully lost 5kg.