Is it just me?

  • I could not help but to think about the fact that half of what I buy seem to be games I already own on one platform or another and want to also have on my PC. And it goes both ways. I have Skyrim on pretty much everything. I feel like I am not the only one and while, sure, to some extent film or music buffs will re-buy Blade Runner or Beatles albums on every new format, the re-buy phenomenon seems to be a very gamer-thing to do. Have I already beat Final Fantasy XV on console? May as well buy it on PC as well. Did I play through Life is Strange on XBOX? Oh, now its on ipad and steam for cheap. I'm sold. Did I played through Bayonetta on 360? Now I have it on my switch too. I'm not always sure what compels me during these sales. With some frequency, I don't even replay these games. Re-buying them again just seems like a cozy thing to do. So, am I nutz or are you all with me?

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    I get you dude.
    For me it is about keeping my collection up to date. Sure you already own Bayo on 360, but now you have the definitive version with portability on Switch.
    There are other reasons for doing it too. I buy tge PC and PS4 versions of FFXIV expansions so that I can play on my PC when the wifey wants to use the TV to play Detroit or whatever.
    Then sometimes I just want to have everything all in one place. Why drag out my old systems to play through Resident Evil or Devil May Cry when I can just turn on my PS4 and boot up arguably the best possible versions of those games?

  • I have like 4-5 copies of Fallout 3 including GOTY editions, on PS3, 360, and PC.

  • It... depends. Certain games I definitely will buy over time (such as Final Fantasy on my NES, then again on my PS1, then again on my Gameboy Advance, then again on my PSP), but they usually change or have additions between revisions. It also depends if the game is physical. I tend to buy little to no digital content these days as I cannot resell or trade them to friends/family. Plus I know I will (in most cases) have them until the physical item deteriorates.

  • Eh it really depends on many things, mostly price, lol. Like I like to rebuy PS1 and PS2 classics I already have on disk for the original systems, it's just simpler to play that than having to hook up my PS2 as that doesn't has HDMI. Rebuying a current gen game for another system though, nah, I only did that with some games I had on XB1 I rebought for PS4 when I sold that console. PlatinumGames' games would be the exception, I would rebuy Bayonetta once again if it was released on PS4, even though I own it on 360, Wii U and Switch.

  • It depends on the circumstance for me. If there's a game I love and its re-released or updated in some way I'll likely rebuy it if I would like to play through it again. I've done this with the Uncharted Collection, Last of Us Remastered, and will do so with Dark Souls remastered when I get the urge to play it again. Sometimes I rebuy console games on PC for a different experience. I did that recently with Dark Souls III since it was on sale and included the DLC I hadn't tried yet.

    I could see rebuying a lot of games if I get a Switch just to have them on the go

  • I only do it for games i really, really love.

    I bought Skyrim twice on the PS3, and bought it again on the PS4.
    I have owned the Uncharted trilogy on PS3 and played it like 5-7 times each, yet i still caved in for the PS4 version. Same thing with TLOU.
    I bought Fallout 4 (PS4) for full price a second time without hesitation when i realized i have the Region 1 copy which won't work with the DLCs from my Region 3 account.

    I regret none of them. I would probably caved in on more remasters and such if i had more time to play games.

  • I've only done it a small handful of times with games I really love at heavily discounted prices, so nah not really. I need my money for new games. I've probably more often bought the same game more than once, so that I could give it to a friend as gift than for myself.

  • To be fair, I've done the same too often just lately. It's mostly just for collection building though. I have noticed though that the need to remaster or port games has gotten way out of hand in the last 5-10 years.