What game would you love a follow-up to, but fear that it would be ruined by today's business models?

  • Mine is Driver. I adore Driver: San Francisco, but I fear a sequel would ultimately be just The Crew with a hijack mechanic, leveling up and full of too much open world stuff.

  • I'd like a modern update of EA's Strike series (Desert,Jungle, Urban strike) just because no one really makes Games like that anymore. But its EA & you know they'd Fuck it up.

  • Banjo Kazooie if the last one is anything to go by.

  • @futurecorpse I heard Command & Conquer fans cry when that Mobile game got announced, so I know what you mean

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    Zone of the Enders. We keep getting remakes of the second game. Today though a third would be ruined and also without Kojima it feels like the story would end up being a bit half arsed.

  • I fear that the next Fallout or Elder Scrolls game will have payed mods.

  • Skate. You know that you're gonna have to grind or pay for the coolest cosmetics.

  • @hazz3ri like grinding lol

  • Well I always wanted a Beyond Good & Evil 2... not anymore.
    Pretty much every western franchise (with rare exceptions like Doom) that I used to like in past generations, has been harmed by today's business models, so I pretty much stopped hoping for any continuations of old series, I rather see them dead forever but resting in dignity than getting ruined. (same goes for movies)
    Japan is mostly pretty good with this, especially continuations of my beloved niche J-Trash games are usually what I was hoping for.

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    I would say Dead Space, but that future has already come to pass.

  • We already had this happen to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. Basically, in the late 90s Activision and Tony Hawk signed a multiyear contract and it was ending the year THPS 5 released. The game was developed by a sub-talented studio and was riddled with bugs and was all-round terrible. That hurt my feelings to say the least.

  • @musou-tensei

    What are your examples of old franchises being ruined? I really enjoyed the return of WipeOut and Warhawk back on PS3. I know that was forever ago now and pre-dates the extra nasty business practices that happen today.

    R&C was good too.

  • I want a new Prince of Persia, but I know Ubisoft would screw it up. Especially now, how they're treating games as "live" services.

  • Suikoden

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    Max Payne. They might try to make it semi-open world, just as Bethesda ruined The Evil Within 2. The animations could be more sluggish. GTA V controls so poorly. They might even force you to use a zoomed in over the shoulder view, because all third person shooters play like that now. The multiplayer would no doubt be more grindy and could feature crappy character creation.

    alt text

    I also want a 3D Streets of Rage and another Jet Set Radio, but the studios that made those games are no more and I don't trust Sega to make faithful, good sequels to those games.

  • @ezekiel Just download the SOR: Remake. It's better than whatever Sega could ever do. The only way a 3D game will work well is if they let their in house developer, AM2, do the programming. Or the Yakuza team. Your other option for a Streets of Rage sequel is The TakeOver.

  • @brawlman Just reminded my of AM2R. I am a major Metroid fan but I have serious issues going back to Gameboy games so AM2R was a fantastic surprise. But then, Samus Returns is also insanely good.

  • Silent Hill. Not only because Konami owns them, I just don't see any great examples of psychological horror currently and I'm afraid they'd put focus on the wrong thing. "SURVIVAL horror? Let's add crafting and food/water/stamina bars!" Granted, P.T. was an excellent look into what the series could be, but I think you need a real visionary these days to accomplish what everyone loves about the series. Even if someone like Shinji Mikami joined in, I really don't know if the vibe would be right. As much as the series means to me, I truly hope we don't hear anything about it for a long time, I don't think it could be made well currently.

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    I wasn't the biggest fan of The Evil Within 2, especially considering how much better I thought the original game was, but it was FAR from ruined. It had its moments - albeit - moments that were more in-line with the original game as they rarely (if ever) came from the open world sections.

    I honestly don't see Rockstar ruining Max Payne at all. It has nowhere to go but up with updated tech. We'll wait and see what RDR2 online looks like, but I don't see how a multiplayer character creator could possibly ruin a game like Max Payne. The developers certainly know what the attraction in a game like Max Payne is, and I doubt they would implement a shooting system like GTA V into a linear action shooter like Max Payne. I imagine the shooting system is GTA V exists as a result of trying to mesh a shooter into an open world sandbox game.

    This quality trade-off happens in most games that focus on more than one major gameplay element. For example, most RPG games with dynamic story telling don't have excellent combat (Fallout 3/4, The Witcher series) whereas action RPG games with excellent combat do not have very dynamic storytelling (Bloodborne). I'd like to believe a Max Payne game in 2018 will dial into excellent shooting mechanics.