Forza Horzion 4 (XBO/PC)

  • Hey both answers are very helpful. Also, started digging around in my settings and noticed an unrelated problem that my Windows is only acknowledging 8GB of physical RAM when I’m supposed to have 16GB installed so I should probably sort that out before I try the demo.

    Disappointing that it’s not working for people. This game looks amazing. Haven’t bought an MS game for Windows since Halo 2 for Vista which also didn’t work at all but I thought we’ve come long and far since then.

  • So far i didn't hear much about technical problems with Forza 4 (besides the infamous audio crackles and a few crashes here and there). All in all it seems to be a solid port this time, at least way better than the last game. But there will always be a few people who have just bad luck with their configuration. And that is always a shame. But luckily Forza Horizon 4 offers a demo. It is a great idea to try the demo first. If the demo runs fine, than the full game will too.

  • I played the demo with a Dualshock 4. It was a bit iffy but with DS4Windows, once I was in game, I'd reconnect the controller and it was all good.

  • Ah man... I was troubleshooting my issues with RAM only showing half. I tried resetting BIOS settings and now Windows 10 won’t load. Changed boot order to proper order and still not working. I have a knot in my stomach. All over trying to make sure I have the proper RAM for Forza Horizon 4...

    I hope I can get Windows to load

    Update: safe mode helped me turn off fast startup which was messing up Windows.

    Now back to square one with the RAM. Not only is Windows and BIOS only recognizing 8GB and 1 memory stick, but Windows is telling me I only have 4GB of the 8GB available. I fixed that issue but I have no way of telling if I’ve built my PC wrong and I’ve been living with effectively 4GB of RAM for 2 years or whether this changed down the road somewhere. I run games like BF1 at 60f 1440p so idk how I made it that far on 4GB RAM.

    Going to change my physical card slots and hope that helps but I’m really at a loss here. Maybe one of them crapped out? Anybody had this issue before?

    Sorry for derailing Forza thread. I can stop. I just wanna play the damn game aha


    Turns out I'm half dumbass.

    • Thought I lost my motherboard manual moving apartments but it turned up.
    • My RAM was actually inserted into the correct slots that it recommended DIMM slots (2 & 4), but when I switched it to DIMM slots 1 & 3, both BIOS and Windows recognized my 16GB of physical memory
    • I have gone from December 2016 until TODAY with effectively 4GB of usable RAM (8GB recognized by Windows)
    • I kinda feel like its Christmas because I now have 12GB more RAM than I did before.

  • @dipset Haha, it happens man. I bought my PC parts at the end of last year with a 144hz monitor, turned out it was only outputting 60fps for the first few months until a friend realised and let me know.

    Anyway, played a little bit of Forza there. Pity that the demo progress didn't carry over cause the demo was the beginning of the game. Hopefully i'll be able to play a decent bit more Thursday or Friday.

    Is there an EZA club?

  • @tokeeffe9

    @Guthwulf says there is an official club with the EZA tag. Still don't have context for what any of this means because I've had a hell of a time getting this game going. MS Store full blown will not load the game page for me to purchase.

    I'm hoping it'll work after work tonight. I got my XBO Controller with Windows adapter. Also bought a bluetooth adapter for my headphones. Only thing holding me back now is the page loading and maybe Xbox Live. I'll get a free trial and play for a month. I'll hopefully be able to join you guys.

  • @dipset Do you have to pay for Xbox live when you want to play online on PC? I hope not.
    I was thinking about getting the free xbox game pass trial (14days) before I make any purchase. Even for one or two month it is probably cheaper than paying 70€ or more for a game that might not run.
    Tried reinstalling FH4 demo but now it constantly gives an error on downloading now. Might be something with my windows installation but as long as everything else works, I am not going to reset windows. New win10 update didn’t help, neither did updating nvidia drivers. Super sad :(

  • @ikataishou

    I haven't purchased it yet so I cannot confirm the XBL thing but this is on the website (the only way I can even access information about Forza because the Windows Store won't load).


    I know it says Xbox One at the top but this is what comes up when you search Forza Horizon 4 PC download. Actual Xbox branding has a different location on MS site.

    Kinda confused and just wish this was on Steam...

  • @dipset Seems I have the same problem now with the FH4 side not loading, or any side. … Xbox Live probably means you just need an Xbox Live account, e.g. have the Xbox app and log in with an account. Live status doesn’t need to be “gold” to play online, … based on a short google search.
    And yes, on steam it would be so much easier. Problem is that the MS Store Apps are apps and not the common .exe. I never experienced a game to completely freeze everything on my PC like FH4 did, so that I have to do a hard restart…

  • Yeah... the windows store is a pain in the a*** :( I had problems downloading other apps or Forza Horizon 3 back in the day. Luckily Forizon Horza 4 worked perfectly fine. Because it is an windows 10 app, you also have no chance to use the steam overlay in the game (which i normally like to do because it makes it easier taking and uploading screenshots or chatting with friends),

    [EDIT: One tip i found for making the store downloads working, is making sure that your "windows update" service has the startup type "automatic" instead auf "manual"]

  • Xbox App. Windows Store.

    Too many apps......

    Again, I know I've been an old man ever since posting in here, but I now have: Steam, Windows Store, EA Orgin, GOG, Twitch, and now Xbox App (?) just to play games. Damn that's annoying. Thankfully the demo works amazing for me and when its all said and done, I'll be playing my first racer in YEARS.

  • It's the same story every time xD new Forza Horizon game comes out and I sit in the Design editor for hours and hours 😅

    took me like 4h to make this one... had to recreate the Forza logo because the premade one is 1 colour (like all the shapes you find there) but I wanted it to be bicoloured... 😥
    well at least making colour variations is easy enough

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  • @dipset said in Forza Horzion 4 (XBO/PC):

    Xbox App. Windows Store.

    Too many apps......

    Again, I know I've been an old man ever since posting in here, but I now have: Steam, Windows Store, EA Orgin, GOG, Twitch, and now Xbox App (?) just to play games. Damn that's annoying. Thankfully the demo works amazing for me and when its all said and done, I'll be playing my first racer in YEARS.

    To be fair to CD Project you're choosing to have GOG Galaxy Installed. It's not required like the others.

    Anyone gotten this with Game Pass but doesn't have an Xbox? If so was it a painless experience?

  • Opted not to try out Game Pass because there weren't enough games on Windows 10 (imo), but after an ISP fiasco, I finally have the game downloaded and will FINALLY play it!! Woohoo.

    Well, it finally happened. I FINALLY played it. Such a thrilling game. I have been playing for 2 hours and it's still tutorializing me but not in a bad way at all. I don't even know if I've unlocked the online features yet. Open worlds, especially online stuff, overwhelms me so I'm honestly not even sure what's going on around me.

    Also - TOP 10 GAME INTROS OF ALL TIME don't @ me!

  • @hazz3r Ya I have. It's not exactly the easiest thing to find on PC I found but once you've purchased it or used the free trial, you can just download the game.

  • Hey everyone, there seems to be some confusion on how to join clubs. What I've read is that you have to go back to the Horizon Festival after completing all four seasons and becoming part of the roster. Will check it out today. I'm @GWFawkes. I usually play Monday through Thursday nights from 7to9pm PST if anyone wants to join up! Happy racing

  • Okay, tried a lot to get the demo installed again but nothing I could find helped. With relatively slow internet connection, it takes the whole day to download the demo. Now I am trying installing the full game with game pass and see if this works but with 64GB size, it now takes twice as long. Two hurdles I have to pass: Installing the game and get past the title screen. And maybe game still being playable the next time there is an update…
    Depending how it goes my next post might have a lot of swearing in it :D

    @hazz3r Game Pass was easy. On FH4 Store page was a button “free with game pass”, clicked on it, start free 14 days trial, add payment method (if store credit is low?), press okay and FH4 is free to download…

  • Finally getting a chance to sink some time into the game. I'm just after hitting Autumn.

    If anyone wants to join the EZA club, search '.EZA' in clubs and you should find it.

  • Still not done all the seasons but I'd love to play with you lads and ladies.


    I'm slowly chipping away. A wonderful game. I want to share more about my experience but please people play this to support a good direction from MS.

  • I have to say, my experience with FH4 was quite great but extremely tainted by the Xbox App / Microsoft Store. Throughout the month, I've been fighting against Xbox Live connectivity (as are the users on official Microsoft FH4 forums, who go completely ignored by Microsoft) where the game requires Teredo (network tunneling) to be enabled for online multiplayer to work. This is something that can be entirely difficult in the current age of PCs using various apps and hundreds of different hardware options. Steam, Battle net, EA Origin does not require this but for some reason Xbox DOES and the ability to play FH4 online requires this being enabled at all times. Easier said than done.

    When you complete the 4 seasons in FH4 the narrator says something like "The true experience begins now" and I'm left wondering where this "true experience" actually is? After hours of troubleshooting, I've been able to connect online to find empty race after empty race. My open world lobbies generally have 8-10 players at any given time. 99% of the races I try turn up with "Not enough players". I have only been able to partake in ONE online race in 2 weeks. That is heinous for a game in its opening month. I also know this isn't my connection because my speeds and connection is great. I also play among people in free roam but nobody seems to do races.

    It disappoints me because the game is so good, but the seasonal races are not very amusing when nobody plays them. I hope FH5 rethinks its approach to multiplayer. GT Sport released in 2017 and I can get lobbies of 16-18 in the noob class on the daily races.