EZA Disneyland thread

  • I recently moved back to LA and the first purchase I made when I got back was an annual pass for Disneyland. My wife and I have been going most weekends and just enjoying different parts of the park and realized there are quite a few other regulars who are there all the time. Got me thinking it would be cool if we could experience the park with other like minded people (I'm a 3D artist for games and we are both into anything Disney) and Easy Allies seemed like a great place to look considering what an awesome group of people we have here in our community. I ran the idea by Brandon on twitter and he seemed interested as well so would like to gauge the communities interest. I know there must be a lot of you that live in the area so wanted to see if this sounded like something people would be down for and if there is an interest we could set something up. Please respond if this sounds like something you would be interested in!