English Language Questions

  • I don't imagine this will be a hit but here goes

    Hey Allies, I had originally thought to make this "general language questions" but realized that might make it harder to find posts related to the particular language you are studying. With that in mind, I encourage people who feel competent (and confident) enough in other languages to start similar topics.

    Anyways, I taught English language for a number of years and, while I have moved on, I still enjoy helping English learners when I can. With that in mind, I thought it would be an idea for people to post questions here that could be answered by fellow Allies. And, of course, I welcome all criticism/feedback to make this better for all. L&R

  • You leisurely walk down the street and do some sightseeing. You grab your phone to take some pictures. Suddenly a person stands in front of you and says: “Don’t take no pictures!” What do you do?

  • Despite your neglecting to preface your question with, "pop quiz, hotshot:", I will oblige.

    You calmly pull your N7 liter and pack of Lucky Strikes from your breast pocket, all the while keeping your eyes locked on your assailant. You pull a drag from the cigarette, line up the shot and cooly exhale a cloud of smoke while uttering, "double negative, bro" .....(snap)