I want another Twisted Metal...

  • And I think it should have a battle-royale mode, a hide n seek mode, and airplanes. I picture the mayhem and carnage in my head and it gets me foaming lol.

    You start at a random spot in your car with no ammo, and while you find some, there are players in spitfires trying to take you down. But they have to manoeuvre around mines attached to balloons and STA missiles.

    I wish I didn't think about games so much because I always think of games that are never going to happen lol. I have a great idea for another Streets of Rage if anyone's interested πŸ˜„πŸ‘

  • As a european I don't know much about this franchise, it was usually heavily censored here so I never bothered, in Twisted Metal Black they even removed all story sequences for whatever reason. AFAIK it was Sony themselves who decided to do that, not the age rating boards.
    But we live in different times now so maybe a new Twisted Metal would be untouched for once.

  • @musou-tensei Hopefully. I'd love to see the story go full-on Tarantino.

  • Banned

    I'd honestly even settle for a remaster of the PS3 game.
    There are a lot of games on the PS3 that died too quickly because of the console's middling popularity.

  • If would like to hate one with the quality of the last Tony Hawk game exclusively produced by David Jaffe.

  • @ikataishou huh?!

  • @darthammii Oh, allow me to elaborate. Twisted Metal was (co) created by David Jaffe who I immensely dislike since he tried to steer up some beef with Bosman over some remarks about his last game Drawn to Death. Quite a pitiful story. Unsurprisingly, Drawn to Death turned out to be a disaster and still having a resentment against Jaffe, I hope if he ever touched the Twisted Metal franchise again it won’t be a success (… similar to the last Tony Hawk game, just as a random example).
    But if some other developer can give this franchise some new ideas, it would be another story. And some Battle Royale games with cars are already in the works, e.g. NotMyCar …

  • Vigilante 8 or bust.

  • I've been thinking for a while that Twisted Metal with a battle royale mode would be awesome.

    The PS3 Twisted Metal was good but it was dammed by lack of 4 player split screen. In a world where Rocket League exists and brings people like me so much joy, I think a new TM needs 4 player split screen plus 4 player split screen in online multiplayer.

    Also, when it is split screen it shouldn't be 1 vs 1 but the full range of game modes.

  • Twisted Metal was my favorite Playstation franchise when I was younger, and when it bombed when it came back I was so sad. Really hope they figure out why it didn't sell and give it another shot.

  • Twisted Metal 2 and Black are such excellent games, I'd love some sort of revival. Gotta admit, I like the battle royale idea - even though I'm sure people would say they are just chasing trends, that game would be wildly different from any current royales. Still, I'd also love another game with some "monkey's paw" endings, those were always my favorite part of the series.