Resident Evil 2 original vs Remake comparision video

  • @el-shmiablo said in Resident Evil 2 original vs Remake comparision video:

    With that said, for those arguing that REmake didn't change much besides the graphics, I think you should revisit the original version and then try to say that again.

    I revisit both frequently, but It's still true that it is an extremely faithful remake.

    With exception of an additional, linking stairway in the one corridor and the door leading to the basement where they housed some of the additional Lisa content, the mansion layout and its rooms are almost identical. The puzzles were barely touched and the characters and how they interact are largely the same. Design ideas such as limited saves and door opening scenes were also kept in despite being at a time where these ideas could have been seen as outdated.

    My point really is to compare the two though. We've seen only a very small portion of RE2 Remake, yet there's very little similar. Forget the change of perspective and controls; the layout of the station is completely different, the interaction and dialogue with other characters had been completely altered and there's honestly very little in that demo that's recognisable as it being RE2, not if you compare how close REmake stayed true to what it was remaking anyway.

    I get the logic behind making things different and reintroducing surprise, but it still surprises me how much people want that, considering how much REmake was praised, what with the way they handled doing a remake. Besides, REmake was actually only what? 5-6 Years after the original? If there was ever a need to shake things up due to familiarity with the original, it was then.