Easy Allies Top 10s

  • Unfortunately this one marks the end of the Top 10 videos, so enjoy it even more than usually!

    August 2019
    Top 10 Rockstar Games - Easy Allies

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  • While I understand why it's being discontinued with the eradication of goals (The Top 10s always felt like a need to do than a WANT to do), I'm still going to miss looking forward to and wondering about what the next topic would be. Alas, for this topic, it's one I have no interest in and while I enjoyed listening to the personal reasons for each entry, I'm just not able to connect with anything Rockstar makes. I will say for this one, the intro felt like it started at a mile a minute.

  • I feel like #BloodCutTooMuch. The list was nicely put together but it felt super hurried all the time. Would've preferred hearing Brandon tell more than three long sentences per game.

    Anyway, cool editing with San Andreas and Vice City. :) And GTA IV's main theme is a freaking thing of beauty, it'd been too long since I'd heard that.

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    I haven't watched it yet, but noticed it was only 8.5 minutes and I know you usually want youtube videos a little above 10 minutes. Definitely could have used that extra time and maybe kept some more in.

  • It's okay for people to have bad tastes i guess... (just kidding) :D

    I've so many good memories playing GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, they are on a completely different league compared to the other entries or Red Dead/L.A. Noire. Vice City in particular is my favourite, it has its own unique charm, i finished it many times even in recent years.

    I hated GTA IV so much because:

    • the PC version is so bad, at the time it was unplayable.
    • I didn't feel comfortable with the controls either.
    • everything from the city and the story felt less inspired than Vice City and San Andreas.

    It's maybe the worst GTA among those i played (so not including 1, 2 and Chinatown Wars)

    GTA V, i've a controversial opinion on that: while i liked it, Sleeping Dogs came out around the same time and ruined it for me. SD shares the same formula of GTA games (sometimes perfected) with a far more interesting setting, story, music and great melee combat. It felt fresher than GTA V despite the flaws (again weird aiming controls, some repetitiveness in the side quest).

  • Great picks from Brandon, I have to say. I'm glad Chinatown Wars is getting some love. Very happy to see GTA IV and V so high. I need to play Max Payne 2 someday though.

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    @sentinel-beach I really didn't cut much (if any) content. I just restructured it so the sentences flowed more neatly. I think Brandon also read this one a bit faster than usual.

  • @bloodworth Alright, I hear you. Didn't mean to sound too harsh. I think I'm just a bit disappointed that this went by so quickly as I share Brandon's love for R* - I think many of us do - and so would've liked to hear more about each entry.

  • It was short because the list is wrong. I'm going to start a petition for EZA to rewrite the last top 10.

  • good sendof i think