Easy Allies Top 10s

  • And I love that Heihachi had his Tekken 3 theme playing! The greatest OST in the series. Maybe in general as well. :]

  • @sentinel-beach #10 is from FFXIV, one of the few characters I actually remember from it.

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    I really enjoyed this video. I went from a "what is this... I cant even.." to sitting there and nodding along to their list.

  • Great list though I think Godbert could have been higher.
    A list I would love to see is Top 10 sidekicks that aren't annoying.

  • August 2018
    Top 10 Towns

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  • Oh boy. The comments section on that is gonna be rough.

  • Regardless of the list quality, I really appreciated the small lower thirds. Especially for this topic, when I didn't know any of the entries whereas I knew all but one entry from the first two lists combined. With that said, I was surprised two spots came from the same game. Then seeing the third entry made me question whether or not this may have been a good topic, considering there is a FOURTH spot from the franchise. While I practically NEVER like to say what a piece of content should or shouldn't be, this video leaves me... confused.

  • i love breath of the wild but i feel a one per game rule should be in effect or somthing. although i know breath of the wild has the best towns

  • I misread @Brannox post.

  • I honestly think that Damiani made this list and did this on purpose. That's my theory.

  • @tokyoslim Personally, I see a lot of Huber and Moore influence as well. Regardless, it is what it is, and now we wait for the next one.

  • I try not to get upset about top whatever lists since it's all just personal opinions, but having a third of the list come from a single game really feels like overkill. And while I could think of a lot of towns I personally liked more than some on this list, there's one glaring omission that honestly I'm half convinced isn't on the list solely because they didn't have b-roll for it.

  • Well it certainly sparked a discussion.

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    Not sure how to feel about the last video. Sure it had some solid entries, but I feel that there are some franchises that got looked over here.

  • So glad I read the comments before going to deep in to that list.

  • Best towns, aw yeah! I bet there's some Final Fantasy on here since the fellas are always talking about it. Huber and his love of Dragon Quest? Bet there's a town on here! Silent Hill, whew, almost one of the greats, I'm sure it has to be on here. Persona, Chrono Trigger, Ni No Kuni, maybe even something more obscure like Xenogears has a chance of showing up!

    Oh, nearly half of the list is nothing but Zelda towns and major franchises got overlooked? Cool....

    I really wasn't missing their top 10s from back in the day, but some of them were fun and so far have at least been entertaining. This is absolutely lazy to a really mind-blowing degree. I'd rather them postpone the video to brainstorm more or enact a "1 per game" rule because this just feels so lackluster overall.

  • I disagreed with the list for the same reason as just about everyone else, but still liked the video. Was a nice surprise for me to start my morning.

  • At least the thumbnail is accurate. Hehehe

  • I, too, found the idea really neat, and the video was fun to watch as a produced item, but yeah, Breath of the Wild hogging so many spots feels really weird. This would've needed the guys to explore their memories a lot more. There are tons of adventure games and RPGs out there. And even something out of left field, like The Last of Us and Bill's Town. Aaaaand with ND I just remembered UC2 and the Tibetan Village. What a feeling to wake up in there.

    But yeah, my point is that the horizon could've been so much wider.

  • Pretty lacklustre indeed, it feels like the selection process was rushed. As much as I love Breath of the Wild and the 3 towns they picked, I fail to see how they deserve Top 10 spots.

    Of course none of these lists can ever be objective nor should they be taken seriously, but surely there was more variety to be found with this theme. Feels like a missed opportunity.