Easy Allies Top 10s

  • Jones addressed this newest Top 10 and the response it received in his editorial at Cup of Jones just moments ago. So there's clarification now available.

  • I never really chimed in on this Top Ten Towns list but man - pretty confusing to me. I know art is subjective but I wasn't impressed by any town in Zelda BOTW when you can compare it to other classics in gaming like Oblivion or Final Fantasy.

    For example, Gerudo Town from Zelda BOTW is high on their list, but I spent 15 minutes trying to interact with anybody and anything in that town and there is little to do. I found maybe one side quest about a secret bar or something. The quest to enter Gerudo is unique - the premise of an all female town in the desert is unique and the denizens are extremely well designed, but there is almost no interactivity here. You show up - do your quest and leave. I think if they chose ONE from Zelda, I can buy it - but 4 from one game that has limited interactivity within the towns they list is really confusing.

  • September 2018
    Top 10 Unlikable Protagonists

    Youtube Video

  • This missed the mark again for me. A lot of these characters I would categorise as Hateful, but an unlikeable protagonist is someone you actively dislike. 3 is a prime example of this.

    If you "love to hate them" as the tweet says, that's not an unlikeable character.

  • I liked the list, definitely was nodding and laughing through most of it. #8 isn't a protagonist so that's a bit of a slip, but she's certainly unlikable in the game. I know the comment section seems to disagree with number 5 but I love the inclusion, absolutely deserves a spot on the list... and of course, that number one spot is earned.

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    @sabotagethetruth We were back and forth between her and another character from the game. We definitely broadened the definition a bit, but considering she's a member of your crew, we felt like she could still count.

  • @bloodworth Yeah, that's what I figured. The clip included shows off what makes her unlikable - I had actually forgotten she was in that game, so I hope I can get back to that mental state soon, haha.

  • I was kinda expecting a list of protags that weren't likable for more meta reasons rather than just "they did a bad thing," like Bubsy or Marche from FFTA. Wouldn't necessarily call it a bad list (though I can't get behind that #1 at all) but still.

  • I feel like a lot of these were "Of course!" moments for me as I was watching. #10 was forefront on my mind, but pretty much every entry I thought, "Yep. Oh definitely. I forgot about him/her! They're AWFUL." I was a little surprised #2 is as high as he is, ESPECIALLY directly ahead of number 3 (particularly with the reasons stated for number 3), but overall, I'm pretty much in agreement with the entirety of the list, even if my personal one would move around a few, but keep all 10.

  • Pretty good list, although i have to say that i have one big gripe with it...

    I wish they actually added Bubsy. i suspect Kyle has a hand in preventing that, lol

  • In one of the Q&A's someone asked about the towns top 10 and Kyle basically through everyone under the bus, i laughed so hard.

  • @a7x458 "Wait, there were 4 Zelda towns? Yeah, that's a bad list."

  • Yeah, Welch was definitely stretching it. She's not even a party member...heck she's not even physically there, just as a hologram.

  • That was some honestly scary shit among those ten games. I'm taking Kyle's path with these ones and never ever playing them myself.

  • I love how this list for me is an advertisement for: "Yeah, these games? Never play them. Ever."

    With that said, a lot of expected picks and I was surprised to see number 4 as high as it was. But I'm happiest that number 2 is there.

    And whoever thought it was funny to add the edit to scare the viewer in the transition, all I have to say is I'm EXTREMELY glad Youtube allows for viewers to scrub through so I could see all the video before being jump-scared. Your trick has been undone by technology!!! (But it's still a great scare)

  • @brannox said in Easy Allies Top 10s:

    I'm EXTREMELY glad Youtube allows for viewers to scrub through so I could see all the video before being jump-scared.

    Whaaat. Spoiling yourself like that, why do it?

  • @sentinel-beach Because I DON'T do horror/scary/etc. types of things, regardless of medium in part because I'm a wuss and in part of me absolutely NOT understanding why others enjoy having the ever loving (insert personal preferable noun here) scared out of them.

    So, while I may have tripped up knowing the order, I expected a lot of the entries before clicking the video, and I REFUSE to succumb to frights if the option of seeing anything coming is given to me.

    Thankfully, I don't foresee a fright focused topic for the next countdown, so I shouldn't have to scrub on the next one.

  • While I personally don't like number one or number seven at all, I can't fault someone for finding them scary. Played nearly everything on this list, woopwoop.

  • Thankfully this list does not seem nearly as polarizing as the last few have been. Hopefully the arguments in the comments are kept to a minimum, because some of the shit people were saying last time was... something else.